How to stop trying to escape and actually face your shit.

All of it.

Most people tend to be dishonest with themselves.

They give into small pleasure and seemless addictions that they start calling hobbies.

However, when one starts abusing anything, it stops being a hobby and starts being a venue for escapism before becoming an addiction.
Whether it's going to the gym, using drugs or playing video games all day long,

One starts taking pride from whatever they can't stop doing

Forging an identity based solely on the activity they use to escape reality.
Problem being, those people (you're probably one of them) will never admit that their escapism holds them back.

Instead they'll blame everything else then find excuses to justify whatever they're doing.

Hiding, escaping from reality.
At least they think they do.
This is how people get depressed and enter vicious cycles or dark thoughts.

Your worries and issues, those you try hard not to face, compound and grow in importance.

Until they catch up to you, because they always do.
Your hobbies are supposed to be activities you do on your spare time.

Not who you are and identify with.

There is no other solution but to realize whenever we're falling for escapism

It is so obvious to anyone that has this problem

As simple as, if you deny it, it's the case
Simple rule to take control of your life.

Easiest habit tracker ever.

Youe biological clock.

Spend 8 hours sleeping
Spend 8 hours producing/working
Spend 8 hours doing all the rest

Disrupting this balance is the best way to live a miserable life.
PS: Stop seeing work and being productive as negative things.

You were not born to consume all your life.

Make, create, produce and add something to this world.

• • •

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19 Feb
Meditation made simple.

Many people (including me) will tell you to start meditating in order to gain control over your life.

However, most people have no idea on how to meditate and how to get the most out of their meditation sessions.

In fact, most are unable to focus and properly meditate.
What you need to understand is that meditation is more about getting comfortable with your thoughts than how you do it.

While positions of meditation will affect the energy levels generated, it is useless for you (at this stage) to focus on this particular aspect.

Just start.
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18 Feb

Why it's of paramount importance and how to achieve it.

Self-awareness is the first step one should take in their quest to self-mastery.

People who are self-aware fully comprehend and understand the reasons that drive their behavior.

They know and realize everything right and wrong about themselves.
If you can point out what you do right, you can build your self-confidence around those positives

On the other hand developing awareness of one's weaknesses and insecurities sets you on the right track to improve and change

Self-awareness sets a starting line.

A guiding light.
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17 Feb
How to live a miserable life.

Let people influence your decisions

Make sure you never make a decision on your own.
Always consult other people and follow their advice.

Whatever your gut tells you, ignore it.
They probably know better than you do.
Expect the best from everyone

Always expect people to do right by you, even if they have no reason to do so.

Whenever your hopes are tied to someone, don't make sure to have insurances or a plan B.

Count on them to do everything correctly.
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How to become a social chameleon.

A social chameleon is someone able to fit wherever they go.

Someone so socially skilled that they can find the right words and actions that appeal to ANY interlocutor or social circle.

That, without losing their own sense of identity and character.
The most important characteristic of the chameleon is that they are able to go unnoticed.

They do not draw attention on them, yet people are amazed whenever they find one.

It is through your silence and detachment that you can cultivate the same vibe.
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14 Feb
If I met my younger self, here is what I'd tell him.

Little boy..

Keep your love for yourself.

They don't want it.

They'll play with your emotions and throw you out.

All of them.
Little boy...

Take care of your family.

They're the only ones that won't let you down.

Don't make their lives harder.

They love you.

You love them.
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14 Feb
How to find the meaning of your life.

What most people fail to realize, is that finding a purpose isn't as half as complicated as we make it seem.

In fact anyone asking:

How do I find purpose in life, or how do I give meaning to my life..

Is simply wondering what beneficial use they could spend their time on..
Your meaning in life comes down to very few questions:

-What are you good at?
-What do you enjoy doing?
-How can the answers above have an impact on YOUR world?

That's it.

Notice that the common denominator here is: YOU.

Do not get it wrong.

Your purpose should serve YOU.
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