[15-part thread about parents, children, politics, history, Nazis, & especially about trauma]


There are ten million stories on TV and in film — good powerful stories — about how kids don’t understand the way parents love them until they become parents themselves.

being a child is not just “often” traumatic, but *usually* traumatic.

Kids are beautiful, kind, loving, brilliant, adaptable, weird, passionate…

…and nothing about the world let’s them stay that way.

But also, kids get beaten, starved, abused, ridiculed, neglected…
that’s why rich-white-kid TV dramas are so popular.

It’s not just dominant culture storytelling.

The WB/CW makes stories that ignore the worst realities of being a kid: Racism. Poverty. Abuse. Rape. Neglect.

They zero-in on all the *other* ways it still sucks to live…
…& I say “to live” seriously.

The general existentialist angst of being alive is its own crappy fucked thing.

It’s a relationship w/ reality, with mortality, with love & absurdity— a relationship you first navigate in your teen years!

Even rich white kids go through it!!
I think most of the discourse around most of the relevant cultural issues misses this.


Spoiled kids?

“Reverse” racism?

…these are all fundamentally conversations w/ a trauma impacted community (children) shouting angrily about their specific pain (living life).
We see similar fights break out between African American and Latinx activists in the US **constantly.**

Heck, the KHive “intersectionally” hates @AOC as a Latina and @ewarren as a woman, b/c they think (stupidly) those facts hurt Kamala as a prominent PoC woman.
The leftist internecine fights are legendary FFS.

But they are just traumatized communities fighting for scraps!

Growing up, being alive, is trauma in very real ways for MOST people.

It doesn’t need to be.

But it is.

That’s our system.

This is the heart of the issue.
And anyone operating from that type of trauma space — kids especially — is prone to lash out.

People, kids, everyone in that pain, will cling to any framework that helps them explain it or escape it.

Until we confront this root issue we are fucked.
I think it’s worth noting, I’m not trying to ignore the way that white kids have it ***comparatively*** easy.

There are unique & horrifying intersectional traumas that come from being young + PoC. Or young + poor. Or young + trans.

Etc etc.

& god forbid several at once!
But we will keep having kids take refuge in anti-social movements that claim to be taking down the system, until we talk the generic trauma of youth/life.

Fuck all of them.

It’s not “all lives matter” that we need, it’s “all kids are hurting.”
After WWII the (mostly Jewish) academics who devoted their lives to studying Naziism discovered a few things.

Hard core racism & anti-semitism were clearly related to Naziism.

But only *tangentially* related.

Related through child abuse.
The more you beat your kid, the more likely it is they grow up to find a worldview which allows them to think *that* kind of abusive power dynamic is good.

That’s how they find a way to survive.

(Because kids are resilient)

So— they become little Nazis through trauma.
One of the academics I read in college described it as:

“authoritarian thinking is a social disease passed on from adults (mostly parents) to kids (mostly children) through physical violence.”

That opinion has been empirically validated a thousand times since then.
My point is that there are lots of OTHER ways to be traumatized without being beaten.

[LOL Me]

In fact, without an absurdly loving, safe, kind, and stimulating *wonderful* environment, MOST kids will experience trauma.

It’s just hard to grow up.
The world sucks.
And since
trauma typically = adult conservative ideology.

And since
Conservative politics typically = traumatizing children

We need to invest every single possible resource into breaking that cycle at every possible level.

/end thread.
Fuck it
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21 Feb
Can I interest you in a little “hard negative” opinion having?

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Here’s Turner in 2015 as a major leader of the Ohio Democratic Party, and working with multiple Clinton Super PACs to advance causes for Democrats, hypothetically.
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Watching the SF #Lowell HS debate play out has been maddening because everyone is talking around most of the actually important topics.

Here’s a 10-point thread stating basic facts about child psychology, race, pedagogy, & intelligence which SHOULD NOT be controversial but 🤷🤯
1️⃣ IQ is real.

It describes a person’s measurable intelligence & aptitude in a stable way that is (mostly) set WAY BEFORE high school age.

There are some small cultural issues around how (some) IQ tests get administered. But the modern concept of IQ has scientific consensus.
2️⃣ Children who are more than 1 standard deviation away from the mean on IQ benefit greatly from being able to learn in classrooms exclusively of their own cohort at least SOME of the time.

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