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A thread about Federalism, and why you should not be afraid of it but instead seek it out. This will put an end to all your fears about "needing a visa" to visit your friend, or any sort of lies you've been fed about it.
1-Development of Areas far from Beirut:

Think of the centralized styate as a wifi router, the further you are from the signal source, the weaker your reception is. This is what has caused areas like Akkar, Tripoli, Hermel, Baalbek and others to feel neglected & rightfully so!
Politics have proven that having "good MPs" from an area will not make any difference to said region. Thus by federalizing, or "installing more routers" and dividing the metaphorical wifi spread, this will be remedied & these areas will start to experience investment & care.
2-Decentralization inside federal units themselves:

Under federalism, it's also possible to implement localism. Giving more freedom to municipalities to have their own police force, to be able to develop their roads & networks independently from approval of the central state.
3-Cultural Expression:

Since the inception of Greater Lebanon in 1920, and after over 100 years of trial (& error), forcing a very diverse population to abide by 1 cultural standard has been detrimental to the success of multiculturalism + a cause of resentment between groups.
Federalism will allow each federal unit to express its own identity, all while remaining under the union. Which brings me to the next point, Federalism =/= Separation, in its definition it's a union but with more autonomy for each unit of this union.
Also culture is not synonymous with sect, cultural expression can very through many fields be it religious ofc, but also linguistic, social, regional traditions and others.
4-Limiting corruption & defense behind religion:

Instead of hiding behind sect to evade being prosecuted, politicians who will solely represent a region instead of the whole country, will now be judged upon their developmental & ecnomical policies. No more "3am jib 72ou2 el x"
5-Healthy Competition:

Motivations of representatives will be to please their constituents as stressed in the earlier point. If Region X was able to succeed in procuring 24/7 electricity or high internet speed for ex., it will spur a healthy jealousy in Region Y to do the same.
6-Fair Tax distribution

One of the most major factors that inspired Catalans to seek independence from Spain is that they pay the most taxes and get the least in return. A phenomenon not so strange in Lebanon.
Feeling like your hard work & investment are being put in the right place is a great boost for morale and for motivation for continual growth & creativity.
7-Less Road Congestion (& death):

By installing many routers in the house, there will be less need to rush to the central rooms with your phones to sit next to it for good signal. Instead, you will be using the newly installed router that is conveniently in your own room.
By this I mean a huge number of people will return to their towns/villages of origin without having to flock to Beirut to make a decent living. Which in way will benefit road congestion & limit reckless driving that is so often fueled by the need to get to work on time.
8-Developed Transportation

With less dependency on a corrupt central state, regions & municipalities will have the freedom to invest in their own public transportation methods that are fitting to their geographical & topographical surroundings.
Less dependency on the state means more freedom for private investments which have been offered for projects like these for decades but were always deterred by the central state when they can't find ways to make personal benefits out of them.
9-Regional specialties

What we could've learned from the French is how to encourage regional specialties. Under federalism, each region will be able to develop its specialty industries & services again according to its geographical, topographical & cultural surroundings.
I could add a lot more points but for now I will leave with a final word about foreign policy, currency, and other matters that might still require some intervention from the central state. A senate!
The best (and only good) part about the Taef accord that was never put into place, is the Senate (مجلس شيوخ). A Senate with representatives from every federal unit + the federal capital of Beirut to oversee national issues which could not be solved on a federal level.
Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my thread.

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