In 2008, the day Obama first becamePresident, I sst overexcited at my computer in Karachi and created "My Kitchen Garden Project | Pakistan", a #foodgrowing movement. In 2013, deep in climate depression & ill, I started "Online Farmers & Artisans Market Pakistan" while in #Hunza. ImageImageImageImage
Through this platform, we introduced many farmers and artisans -- hobby, professional, novice, experienced -- to each other and to potential buyers and markets. I gave free coachings and trainings and set the framework and guidelines.
In 2016, ill and out of personal funds, I handed this project over to, a talented and heart-centered lady who I met in person only years later in 2019 for a few seconds! Our sisterhood & mutual backup blossomed online; we met via the group only.
ASIDE: As the group attained traction, and just when I was still co-admining it with Fatima, I decided to support myself by starting a small business of healing crystals, later herbs.
Tragedy soon struck in the face of @mahrukhbeg, owner of #HaryaliFarmersMarket, who noticed us
I had no other relateable friends (on Facebook). I have an MBA degree and tech and media background. My pals and family didn't care about ecology and environment as I did. So I basically hid my new interests in Arts, Farming, Ecology, Women's Wellness, Spirituality from them...
And so I relied heavily on these unknown people I had gathered in several Facebook forums:
💥MY KITCHEN GARDEN PROJECT had already been handed over to Salma K in 2010ish.
💥ONENESS BREAKFAST had taken a backseat to 'practical work'.
In 2016 when I felt like I could not physically go on, I sought a couple of co-admins of which Fatima was one. (She remained; others left due to other commitments.) A dying friend requested healing #gemstones, and I got some for myself too... shared that on the group, got orders!
That is how #betterbonds, my ultramicro online business, was born. 🙏💓💥🗻🌹 At first I, due to my own poor mobility and for bonding, was seeking #babycarriers. I intended to make and launch some. Idea postponed, name chosen for babycarrier brand, "BetterBonds", used for new biz
The decision process was, as one may gather, chaotic. I'd been researching herbs for my own wellness and severe health issues. A cancer-struck friend's request for some gemstones reconnected me to #Hunza where I had had traumatic experience with a rapist host/guide, @chapursani.
Despite shocking hostility & painful experiences in (Upper) #Hunza that included assault by @chapursani and an attempt to systematically harass & malign me, I had a will to undertake a nature-centric project. Hunza was an accidental destination; original was #Turkey or #Morocco.
Either way, my brain was completely shot; memories very limited. In short, while in Islamabad confined to a room with a baby, I reconnected w/ friends in Hunza (who didn't yet know the details of my ordeal at the hands of rapist @chapursani of @PamirSerai) and asked for gemstones
LOTS of things were going on concurrently. I had run out of inheritance money given to me circa 2010. My health had crashed. I had extreme paranoia of #climate collapse. I sufferer from postpartum depression and psychosis. I couldn't walk or move well. I thought of suicide.
But a part of me remained alive & INSISTED I seek help. So in 2016, I soft handed the group over to a then co-admin, I began my shop to earn for me & kid and to regain interest in life. I kept my work nature-centric AND it would help communities. And I shared with MY OWN GROUP.
THAT'S when a group member, Muhammad Umer, alerted his friend Mohtarma Begum @mahrukhbeg that a new fly had dropped in the milk of farmers markets (we existed since 2013, but Mahrukh took a leap to start a store in 2016) and Mahrukh went on 💥💥MODE: ENVIOUS DESTRUCTION💥💥😧😯😢
@mahrukhbeg .@mahrukhbeg started with low-key spying on me and my life on the pretext of being interested in my gemstones business -- butbshe ended up probing me about my education, shift in career/life, personal life, relocation and so on. Instead of lifting me up, this is what she thought: Image
Compare that to the fact that, despite my abject misery, I SUPPORTED the vile creature @mahrukhbeg on my group ONLINE FARMERS AND ARTISANS MARKET. (And my FB profile pic of then aptly captured my life then: sickly mom with lovely child.) Image
Nothing captures the essence of @mahrukhbeg's personality, inherent venom, mood, spite, grudge and thinking than this photo she proudly displays on her FB. There are two snakes in this picture, and the one that is non-poisonous is not wearing blue! 🙏 Image
I would like some witnesses to this yet unfinished thread. @gilmour_wendy @azadjami1 @diaahadid @GermanyinPAK @jnovogratz (Folks who are doing development work, plus journalists/media persons I have shared some of my story with. It's OK if you want to be excused. I get it. 🙏🌹)
Such an incredibly sad story that my face burns w/ invisible flames when I even THINK about it, what to speak of being the main character of this drama!
Thank Goodness due to profound psychological traumas I am actually shielded from reality; can no longer grasp it.
I can no longer fathom that this abuse is actually occurring to me. In fact I stopped feeling this long ago... ever since I gave my heart out to the catastrophic tragedies occurring around me since so long. I am speaking of non-personal tragedies. The 2005 Earthquake for instance
I will continue this thread in a while, InshaAllah. I also just want to thank the just-passed almost-saint, #AliSadpara. Crying excessively on his passing has apparently dissolved the many barriers and blocks in my brain, and I am better able to YET again tell my story. Amen. 🙏
May be I'll write about how gruesome criminals like @chapursani, a rapist & child molester based out of #ZudKhun village @Chapursan valley, #Hunza #Gojal, are misusing the goodwill generated by honest and good porters, guides, hosts.
#AlamJanDario has raped many guests & locals.

• • •

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10 Jan
Behind our backs, world travelers are using Pakistan's unfrequented North as a pretty comfort couch while badmouthing & resenting the rest of Pakistan... without going in depth about our crises and issues that require an extensive attention and compassionate intersectional look.
So I called this kind lady traveler out. The casual disregard that the hedonistic, escape-seeking mostly-Western travelers flick towards "South Pakistan" is chilling in its disrespect and almost unintentional but certain cruel outcome. (See next).
CC: @samirashackle
Continued from previous.
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10 Jan
@deputy_hunza @RandhawaAli @HomeDeptGB @USMAN_GILGIT @pamirtimes @Dailyk2_GB Hi. I would also request you to please pay attention to the criminal record of tour guides who are openly raping, abusing and assaulting their guests in the valley,are in the knowledge of agency and administration but no action is taken. There are enough GOOD guides remaining 1/
@deputy_hunza @RandhawaAli @HomeDeptGB @USMAN_GILGIT @pamirtimes @Dailyk2_GB if the bad ones are blacklisted. Consider the case of #AlamJanDario, notorious rapist and child-rapist from #Chapursan. He is trying to excite a hundred fires from ethnic to sectarian merely to hide his crimes of sexual assault. 2/ ImageImage
@deputy_hunza @RandhawaAli @HomeDeptGB @USMAN_GILGIT @pamirtimes @Dailyk2_GB What's more, according to both locals and agencies, AlamJanDario of @PamirSerai also uses foreigner friends to assault and abuse whoever leaks the word on him. Are we that helpless so as to be held hostage by a few thugs? One of those thugs is @BernardGrua. See his threats: 3/ ImageImageImage
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5 Jan
"Never use your main account to counter a stalker. You would spoil it, bother your audience and promote your tormentor." Beating yourself up again after a bad binge, @BernardGrua? 😂😅
Life in lockdown/curfew with your business #BestInventory now reallocated to Pedo Image Management Services...just because you are a spiteful pygmy with no class, no knowhow, and a murderous rampage waiting to be delivered by your unhinged self... is getting to you. Take ur meds.
People in #Nantes have heard about the psychopath amongst them, who poses a serious risk to open fire one day out of rage&madness. You are a standing risk Mr. @BernardGrua and your anti-Sunni, anti-Pakistani rants have been passed onto concerned authorities in Pakistan AND abroad
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4 Jan
Hey @BernardGrua. These tweets by your alternate, troll account @NoToStalkers finally lay bare your hidden fangs of hatred: Not only you consider Southern Pakisis inferior (while milking our hospitality) racially, but you alao insist that #Sunni are "radical" and terrorist.
That is enough proof of how you, @BernardGrua, a lone wolf typical of demented Western males who eventually open fire on the innocent to satisfy the blood-curdling medieval bloodlust you have, are using absolutely innocent targets for your public jerking off and catharsis.
You, @BernardGrua, a lone wolf madman who travels under the disguise of a (shoddy) photographer, are supporting #pedophilia, #rape, #extortion, #trafficking and #terrorism offshore. This is typical of you hate-filled middle-aged conservative men who never grew beyond your bubble.
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4 Jan
Real Story: the man on the right in the video (with the drum) is the infamous r*pist tour guide/host @chapursani from @Chapursan valley, man behind @PamirSerai and #PamirTrails. His exploits of women & girls are legendary, wifely condemned locally. 1/
Today he is supported by French troll and blackmailer, @BernardGrua, a man who is seen touring Russia and Muslim nations while writing extensively against... Russia and (Sunni) Muslims! 🙏😅👍

Photos description in next tweet 2/
In the previous tweet, in photo 1 Grua is seen rabblerousing in France, in poorly-attended anti-Russia rallies. In the second, Grua is threatening me for exposing a chat in which @Chapursani is grooming a young girl ... for sex.
According to Grua, I have no *right* to do this.😮
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4 Jan
"Divide and Rule", the colonial policy. Once again, colonial ghosts are resurrected as rejected-at-home White people descend on developing nations like Pakistan, backing fascism, local goons and other ills. Here, @BernardGrua quietly suggests that Hunza not marketed as Pakistan😠
Elsewhere in his essay he also goes explicitly racist and mentions that Hunza/Northern people do not even *look* Pakistani! (Aha. Here the penny drops. It's about the WHITE skin which "makes them looks European".)

@bernardGrua You fkking #racist!
You @BernardGrua come to Pakistan on a visa granted by the state of Pakistan, and you go around slipping in the poisons of racism, colorism and sedition based on sectarian differences in our country? You back a family (@PamirSerai) of RAPISTS? Wow.
@FranceinPak @ForeignOfficePk
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