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21 Feb, 4 tweets, 2 min read
All of @NarendraModi's bombastic plans are empty blabber without any real vision... After "Make in India"... the latest farce is "Atmanirbhar" (Aka Manufacturing Hub now) ... Other than chest-thumping and sloganeering.. there is no flesh to the skeleton.. trib.al/BQsNe7H
All that I see is every minister has been ordered to utter "Atmanirbhar" some 5 times a day like "Azaan".... so even if they go to the bathroom they claim it was "Atmanirbhar".. Such childish nonsense is "Govt Policy"..
1. You need a certain level of "expertise" before you talk such things... a "Vision" is a very "Individualistic" thing... and seen only by ONE person... no one else can see your vision or share it... "Mission" can be shared..
2. A leader may not be able to explain his vision ... any company that drafts "Vision document" is bullshytting you... Only Mission can be shared... If Modi cant get guys to join & execute his mission.. then thats HIS problem..

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22 Feb
Im warning Hindus... Modi SHOULD NOT be seen as an OBC guy & therefore deserves concession in his stupidity... ABSOLUTELY NOT.. It has been the BANE of India.. that morons parading as supporters who compromise thinking "Oh hes a chaiwalla".. NO.. WE gave him a chance.. HE FAILED
Its also a WARNING for stupid Hindus.. A self-deprecating guy.. who plays victim all the time will never make a leader for everyone.. We DID NOT ELECT a PM.. We just washed our GUILT of feeling "Okay.. we washed our sins by electing this OBC guy"...
There is no third... Modi has to go... there is no third time lucky.. PERIOD... @narendramodi should resign and quit honourably... or he will be replaced by Sickulars... He should make way so that @BJP4India retains power... Maybe Gadkari or someone
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22 Feb
You cant build planes of the future by funding punchurwalas.. LOL!.. I question the morals, integrity and knowledge of @narendramodi when he blabbers just to fool Indians.. Talk like Moses.. act like Moinuddin.. he is DUMBING DOWN Indians to MEDIOCRITY...
Im the happiest man in India... I care 2 hoots for petrol price or what GOI does.. doesnt affect me anyway.. but what @narendramodi is doing is generously LYING to cover up his INCOMPETENCE... He needs to change his WHOLE TEAM for a better India.. SOON...
Despite all her popularity, winning a war, getting extraordinary mandates.. Indira Gandhi did not do much to raise the standards of performance in India.. She turned Indians into a "Lobotomised Labuchak".. thats exactly what @narendramodi is doing too.. Very sad for his voters..
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22 Feb
Modi is FOOLING INDIA again... Indians were used as LABOUR to produce weapons... they werent DESIGNING the weapons... @narendramodi doesnt know the difference... LOL!.. Its like CocaCola bottling plant.. You just bottle it.. you dont have the phormoola...
Maybe @narendramodi should watch "Schindlers List"... he too produced stuff for the Nazis using Jewish labour... Jews were used to produce weapons and cars for the Nazis... Will anyone please educate our PM? That labour and "designing" are different?
Dear @narendramodi .. Mercedes Benz used Jewish labour to make cars WITHOUT payments... their abuse resulted in a case in the US 50 years later.. Mercedes settled with payments .. Brits used Indians as worthless labour.. NOTHING TO BRAG ABOUT
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22 Feb
This DAILY BAKWAS is just to divert you from thinking anything sensible about the economy... There is NOT ONE CRAP under Atmanirbhar that anyone can list... its nothing but a PLACEBO tablet like the ones quacks use for sexual disorders... LOL!
Just look at this tweet on stations on a metro by @narendramodi.. This is not even the Rly Ministers job... Its the job of a junior level PRO guy.. But the PM does it... Then Modi claims Babus are useless.. while he is busy doing the Babus job.. LOL!
From freight trains to new suburban stations to water and milk plants... @narendramodi wants to inaugurate and announce all of it... Did someone give you the job profile of the PM?... And then you work like a babu and blame them for being useless?
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21 Feb
After the R-Day riots.. Delhi police filed FIR against 37 riot-leaders, including Rakesh Tikait, Yogendra Yadav... But they arrest some dullard like Disha Ravi while these bigger criminals are floating around? Some courage this... @AmitShah @NarendraModi.. indiatoday.in/india/story/r-…
I REFUSE TO believe that all the R-Day violence and mayhem, defiling the flag. drawing swords was caused because some Little Disha made a #Toolkit document.. Seriously.. A whole country has to be dumb to believe that.. LOL! @Timesnow @Republic @Indiatoday
Larger Team? You sound like Nidhi.. Let the cops first arrest those who actually led the riots> Tikait, Yogendra, DarshanPal.. they have filed FIRs..Why no arrest? Bec they are "Pavitra Andolinis" acc to @narendramodi?... What kind of joke is that? LOL!
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20 Feb
Legally speaking.. You are WRONG! .. Disha or her lawyer is NOT obligated to provide any toolkit or even ONE SHRED of Evidence.. Its the prosecutor's job to do all this... Why should the accused provide anything?... LOL!..
That is not correct... Judges arent as dumb.. just not very smart as we hope they would be... but they can surely understand conspiracies... Remember... at the beginning of modern forensics judges had a hard time understanding the double helix of DNA too..
You are arguing the wrong point... Disha or her lawyer may agree to something.. that doesnt mean they are liable to provide any document.. and YES Disha is ENTITLED to delete any document she makes.. Just as you do... Its for the cops to prove their case..
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