One thing which was one of the main reasons why Mahabharata War took place was Bhishma Pratigya, his vow for celibacy.

Everyone knows about Bhishma Pratigya, but not many ppl know that he was cursed to suffer a long & lonely life.

So let's find out about Bhishma🤷🏻‍♂️
To understand this we have to understand the events of the past.

I am sure many of u must have heard of Ashta Vasu

Prithvi = Earth
Anala = Fire/Agni
Anila = Wind/Pavan
Apa = Water/ Varun
Pratyusha = Sun/Surya
Prabhasa = Sky/ Akash
Soma = Moon/ Chandra
Dhruva = Stars/ Nakshatra
Now Ashta Vasus are part of 33 Koti Gods

12 Adityas
11 Rudras
8 Vasus
2 Ashwini Kumar
= 33

Koti in Sanskrit means types.
So its only 33 not 33 Cr, pls keep this in mind

In this thread we will focus only on Ashta Vasus

Now, let's see how Ashta Vasus are linked to Mahabharata
Ashta Vasus were once wandering in the forest, there wife of Prabhas(sky) saw a beautiful cow.

This cow was Nandani, she is believed to be daughter of Kamdhenu, who is the special cow who emerged out of Sagar Manthan, churning of ocean. She is considered supreme cow

Gau Mata 🙏🏼
Nandini was as beautiful as her mother & Indra had gifted Nandini to Sage Vashishtha. Wife of Prabhas insisted her husband to get this cow, Prabhas knew Vashishtha won't give him, hence he denied. Wife of Prabhas tricked him with lies, to please his wife Prabhas agreed to steal.
Prabhas convinced his brothers, other Vasus to aid him in stealing Nandini. Sage Vashishtha asked his shishyas, no one knew wat happened, they searched, didn't find her. Later Sage Vashishtha used his divine powers to find out & there he saw it was Ashta Vasus who had robbed him.
Vashishtha visited Vasus, took Nandini back & he cursed Ashta Vasus that they will take birth on the Earth & suffer a life of mortals. This was huge & Vasus are now pleading for forgiveness. Looking at sense of remorse, Sage Vashishtha decided to reduce suffering of 7 Vasus
But the one who organised this steal & convinced his brothers will have to suffer a long & lonely life on Earth. He will be without a wife and will not have any children. Vashishta said he can chose when to end his suffering.

Thus the punishment for Ashta Vasus was decided.
Meanwhile in Bramha Lok, there was an event which was attended by all Rishis & Devas. There was an invitee called Mahabhisha who was successful king who conquered world & did many Rajasuya Yagna which made him immortal & a special place in Dev Lok

So something unusual happened
There was unusual wind blown, due to which clothes of Goddess Ganga were lifted in air. All Devas immediately put their heads down but Mahabhisha kept starring at Ganga. Bramha noticed & got angry, he cursed Mahabhisha to take birth on Earth as Mortal & he will be heart broken
Bramha asked Ganga to take birth and break the heart of Mahabhisha.
In the process, Ganga was also cursed to take birth. Now Ashta Vasus approached Ganga & told her about their curse & asked Ganga to be their mother for their birth on Earth. Ganga would kill 7 of them after birth
One had to live, as per the curse, so all other Vasus decided to give 1/8th of their energy to eight one.

Ganga approached King Pratipa while he was doing his Surya pooja in the morning. She sat on his right thigh. Pratipa said right thigh is only for daughter or daughter in law
He asked Ganga to marry his son. Mahabhisha took birth as Shantanu, son of King Pratipa. Shantanu saw a beautiful women on banks of river & approached her for marriage. She was Ganga & she put one condition that he will never question her actions, the moment he does, she leaves.
Shantanu agreed & they both got married. After birth of their first son, Ganga drowned the baby in water. Shantanu was sad, disheartened but didn't say a word. This went on, every time they had a son, Ganga would drown the baby in water. 7 sons had been drown & Shantanu watched
Shantanu was grieved but as per the agreement with Ganga he swallowed the sorrow & maintained silence.

Ganga gave birth to 7 Vasus & released them frm their curse. Now comes the 8th son, like previous 7 instances, Ganga went to the bank to drown the child but Shantanu intervened
Shantanu asked her why would you kill all my sons? Ganga said you have broken your promise, you have questioned my actions, our relationship is over but since you asked I will not kill this son & I promise he will return to you one day.
Prabhas had taken birth as her 8th child.
Ganga named him as Devrath & took with her to different lokas. Devrath was trained under diff Gurus like Brihaspati, Shukracharya, Indra and finally Guru Parshuram.

Devrath returned to his father after 25 years. Then Shantanu fell in love with a Fisher woman called Satyavati.
Satyavati's father said he will allow Satyavati to marry Shantanu only if Satyavati's son will become King. Devrath promised that he will never become King, then Satyavati asked wat if your sons claim stake to the throne, then Devrath said, I will never marry, so no sons
Then Satyavati asked, wat if my sons are not able rulers? Devrath promised to be the protector of Hastinapur. Devrath went on to be known as Bhishma & this was the Bhishma Pratigya. Looking at his sacrifice, Shantanu blessed him with a boon saying he can chose time of his death.
Thus Prabhas, a Vasu suffered the curse in the form of Bhishma which he had got from Sage Vashishtha.

Mahabharata is like ocean & its very difficult to capture such stories in short threads.

Apologies for long thread, hope you liked it, let me know your views in comments 👇🏼🙏🏼

• • •

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