10 signs that you will be successful in life.

-A Thread-
1) You control the joy in your life.

Some seek happiness, but happiness can come and go.

Joy is eternal, joy is a state of mind.

Do not seek happiness, seek joy.
2) You understand differences.

No two people are the same and no two people respond the same to different situations.

To enjoy life you must not let other peoples thoughts control your reality.

Respect yourself, respect others and agree to disagree.
3) You are comfortable with silence.

Alone time can be the perfect time to think, reflect, plan and meditate.

Master your alone time if you want to master your life.

Fall in love with being alone.
4) You accept more and fear less.

Understanding you do not control the world is the quickest step to loving life.

Fear exists only if you allow it to.

Be open minded and use fear to fuel you.
5) You prioritize sleep and health.

The quickest way to a loving life is to live in peace, full of energy and full of health.

Focus on your sleep, drink plenty of water and exercise daily.

You can not love life if you are unfit to live it.
6) You never judge others.

Judgement is not for you to pass, try to be understanding of all and very slow to judge.

Your emotions often want to judge and blame others but acknowledge these emotions as just that and rationalize the information.

Be slow to act on emotions.
7) You focus on your world.

Too many people want to save the world, but they forget about saving themselves.

You control your reality more than you think. Start from the bottom up and get engaged in your life.

Daily decisions dictate destiny.
8) You never force anything.

Actions are required for success, but forceful success is not success.

Focus on your actions and be intentional with your decisions.

Force leads to regret.
9) You understand that failure is necessary.

No one is perfect, no one gets a fast pass to success.

Embrace your obstacles, turn them into opportunities and take control of your own life.
10) You forgive all.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

Once you learn how to control the world around you and begin to let go of the things holding you back you begin to find yourself.

Forgive more to live more.
Thank you for reading.

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Guaranteed 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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2) Establish Trust

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Fear of Criticism

People often fear the thoughts of others and how it will impact their life. However, your thoughts are more important and making decisions for yourself regardless of potential criticism is how you truly become successful.
Fear of Poverty

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-A Thread-
1) Is it really a problem?

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2) If it really is a problem.

Why is it a problem?

What makes it so big that it is a "problem?"

Again, a problem is how you perceive something.

Change the world "problem" to obstacle.

Obstacles are ok, they help us get where we are going.
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