Good morning. I chose not to give up my Saturday yesterday to go into a retirement home to immunize. It was disorganized (again). We were asked last minute, exhausted. Family docs are fed up. Time to disabuse the public of the notion that we are part of #COVIDVaccine plans. 🧵
In #Ottawa, @OttawaHealth told us they still have nobody appointed as the lead for #CovidVaccine rollout. They are tired, doing this off the sides of their desks. They say it is a nightmare, but they’ve gotten no supports from Ontario. They are at the mercy of provincial whims...
Ottawa tell us that we *may* get to put our names into a lottery to work at mass vaccine clinics, but we won’t get to immunize our own patients. They tell us we can’t help register our patients. Then Ontario announced that family docs are supposed to help 80+ register online...
Our colleagues in primary care in other regions who say that they are involved are an example of how UNEVEN the #COVIDVaccine rollout is across Ontario. There is no “best practice.” Some public health units or regions are either better organized, or more willing to push back...
Just to be clear, we could get this done like the professionals that we are, efficiently and equitably, in partnership with public health and community pharmacists. We’d do so happily. There is NO REASON for this disorganized mess. Ontario is setting us up to fail, you to suffer.

• • •

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More from @nilikm

5 Nov 20
WOW. Remember when I was interviewed live on @CBCNews I called out sexism & dismissiveness of family medicine? Well, I just got a call. The man has formally complained to @cpso_ca for my calling out his behaviour. Do the thousands who were outraged have my back? Won't be bullied.
Every single person who was upset by his behaviour, who saw it for what it was, who thought he was inappropriate (including CBC senior producers) should speak up. I call upon every doctor to complain to the CPSO about HIS professional conduct. Turn it around; I did nothing.
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1 Oct 20
I am shaking with fury. I challenge Canadians to watch what just transpired on @CBCNews between my colleague and I - that is the sexist, hierarchical crap women have to deal with every day in medicine (alas, in every field). This specialist in a suit challenging my credentials??
Hey, @CBCNews, where’s the link? I took one “for the team,” said what needed to be said, and now we have to show others what it takes to advocate for what matters (even though it meant going up against a sexist colleague).
Here it is, the link to my attempt to stand up for women physicians, family docs, and what matters to each of you during the pandemic:…

Women can and must continue to speak with authority without being belittled, bullied, or told to watch their tone.
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30 Sep 20
Damn it! It was only a matter of time, @fordnation

Got this today: Covid in my child’s class!!

I’m told my child needs to isolate at home x 14 days. My child should be tested 5 days after they last attended school, even if they don’t have symptoms.

So cancelling clinic now?!
This was predictable. Preventable. Does NOT justify all those home schooling pods that make public education even more of a challenge for people without the means. Close the bars and gyms. Provide paid sick leave. Make class sizes smaller!!!

Fix this, #Ontario.

#onpoli #onted
Oh this is going splendidly - they just told me that I can’t get tested in line with my daughter. They want me to stand in line with my daughter who had a high risk contact. Then I’d have to go to a pharmacy?! No, that’s not going to happen. They chose the wrong GP to argue with.
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16 Sep 20
No seriously, this is nuts: My patient with a sick baby stood for 6 hours today, in line, for covid testing in #Ottawa. We’re failing our community. Surely there’s a better way to do this, @ottawahealth, to help those responsible people who are trying to test...
I had to tell a teacher to go for a test, too, and what if she can’t get tested tomorrow because of the long lines?? So that’s a supply teacher until we have a negative result
Every time demands outstrip capacity, our recommendations change about who to test. Every time, it is like we were caught by surprise. Nothing’s happened that we couldn’t predict. Then there’s talk about how hospitals are busy, instead of talk about support for primary care. Ugh
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14 Sep 20
Doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers. All of us, worked to the point of burnout, are subject to criticism if we say that we aren’t able to do more, that we need more support, that there’s a problem with the system. All the talk of ‘heroism’ is demoralizing for that reason.
We can turn demoralization into a push for change.

In the most recent episode of our podcast, Jill Promoli tells us how she turned tragedy into activism with @4jude4everyone. It was an honour to speak with her. Subscribe, share…
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4 Sep 20
When I was at @Yale_Anthro, the tenured faculty were almost all male, very conservative. I was told my research on Australian Indigenous self-determination in health wasn't real "ethnography." My supervisor stood up for me. David Graeber also spoke up.…
At the time, @Yale grad students were advocating for a union, and there was serious push-back. After I finished my PhD, I came back to Canada to study medicine. As resident, I was well aware that we had maternity leave & limits to lengths of on-call shifts because of our union.
I was frustrated with unhealthy, sexist, racist, hierarchical institutions when I was a med student & resident. I channeled energy into collaborating with women across Canada to write Women Who Care, & Much Madness, Divinest Sense. Now, we're co-hosting
Read 4 tweets

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