Important pt

The English genius lay in seeking knowledge for the sake of knowledge, and a penchant for analysis / abstract thinking

They were interested in India, but in a "disinterested" way

It was not purely "matlabi" involvement
This culture is not exhibited by too many demographic groups in India

Even to this day, most groups in India have this "kitna deti hai" mindset

Even our religion has become "transactional" - let's do an offering at the temple before the day of exams
Lately I saw Modiji nodding when Vembu-ji spoke of shifting from "trader mindset" to "maker mindset"

Important yes. But for that shift to happen, you need to transcend this transactional mindset

Do things in a disinterested way with passion

Don't be "matlabi" w.r.t. everything
This can in part come from a religious revolution

Shift focus from "transactional" approach to life to a life of "pure devotion"

Focus on adding value to society after saying "sarvam kRSNArpaNam"
India is a land of millions of entrepreneurs

But they all get stuck at local maximas, and don't make it big

Largely because of this mindset of cutting corners, and seeking short term gain / comfort

Grand long term projects requires faith, devotion. Not matlabi calculation

• • •

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More from @shrikanth_krish

21 Feb
Have been a modest defender of gender roles myself

But I think what is missing in this thread is an appreciation of the changes wrought by two things -

a. Technology
b. Public schooling (as opposed to home schooling)

On a.

Technology has meant our households are flooded by labor saving devices.

Washing machines, vaccuum cleaners, micro-wave ovens etc

So cooking / cleaning is not a full-time job like it used to be
On b.

Schooling now is left to "professionals" as opposed to mothers

This may be sad in some ways

But a reality of the modern world

Public schools means - kids are not at home anyway after they turn 5-6
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21 Feb
This may seem old fashioned but I dislike art that depicts "multi-culturalism"

Be it fusion music
Or movies that depict characters from multiple cultures

I like to see cultures pristine
E.g. A movie set entirely in Hindi belt
Or a film with no non-Anglo character from 1930s
Nothing particularly "offensive" about this

We all live in a multi-cultural world

One interacts with people from N different cultures at workplace and elsewhere.

That's fair
But when it comes to watching something on the screen, I want the movie-maker to understand the culture he is depicting

When he gets into depicting multiple cultures, he can't do justice

As he understands everything half-baked
Read 4 tweets
8 Feb
So much of Russian society and history can be explained by its geography/climate

1. Russian soil historically delivered poor yields
2. Russia, with its long winter, has a short farming season (4-5 months a year)

Implications are huge as discussed in next tweet
1. Poor yields meant the focus was always on "extensive" than "intensive" agriculture, historically

So Russian farmers chose to move to new virgin lands to bring more land under cultivation, than in being rooted, and developing their original land

This meant colonization
So Russians have not been a settled, rooted people like the English

But with a constant urge to move out. Down south and east. Bringing in more and more steppe land under cultivation.

This explains the expansionist nature of Russian civ and state!
Read 6 tweets
7 Feb
Harivanśha is perhaps the earliest kRSNa-ite text in history - regarded as an appendage to Mahabharata

Likely 2000 years old at least

interestingly it also provides a glowing tribute to rAma-rAjya

This is from Chapter 41 of the first book of Harivamsha!
Attribution -

This is from Pandit Ramnarayan Datta Shastri's humongous translation of the Mahabharata + Harivamsha (Gita Press)

The extract I reproduced has the sanskrit verses along with translation into chaste Hindi
Now why am I sharing this?

Because it tells you how old is the veneration and idealization of rAma.

This is not vAlmiki rAmayaNa mind you. But an altogether different sAtvata text

Yet you see this idealization of rAma rAjya - 2000 years ago
Read 4 tweets
6 Feb
A tendency I see on H-twitter (esp the NRI section of it)

Conflation of a general rhetoric on decoloniality with Hindu nationalism - with the intent of creating a narrative of "progressive / Left-wing Hindutva"

With strained attempts to overstate the socialism of BJP
One should clarify here -

Hindutva is not merely about opposing "Eurocentrism" / "Anglo-centrism". Or promoting "rootedness"

Even Lohia-ite socialists, JP and others stood for all that
Hindutva is actually not as opposed to the "West" as some people think

In contrast it might even be inspired by many modern western ideas / movements

Its central goal is creation of Hindu corporate identity
And a deep awareness of demographic challenges to H-state
Read 8 tweets
5 Feb
In the old days of silent film, background music used to be "live" in the movie house. Not a part of soundtrack

We need to revive that model. Encourages so many musicians in small towns!

Technology has turned music into a "winner gets all" thing
Few superstars, rest languish
This is one area where technology clearly has not been a blessing

With the integration of music with the moving picture at the time of its making, you encourage big "music directors" to emerge

With outsized reputations

The lucky few able to penetrate movie-dom flourish
No wonder you see all musical talent making a beeline to head to Bollywood

In the alternative model of live music, the same film can have 10 distinct soundtracks in 10 movie halls!
Read 4 tweets

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