Things You Know, But Always Forget.

(a friendly reminder)
– Thread
Time is finite. Start now.
Money isn’t the goal; freedom is.
If you’re not a predator, you’re prey.
You owe it to yourself to succeed. It’s ‘do or die.’ It really is!
You can’t save everybody. Some people don’t want to be saved.
You either have power or you don’t. The quality of your life depends on this.
You were born alone. You will die alone. You are all you have. Everything is secondary.
Family is your most important contribution to humanity.

We can survive without machines. We can’t survive without procreating; do it right.

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16 Feb
How to know if you're being manipulated.

— Thread
You find yourself justifying other people's actions and your response or lack of thereof.

This is a common way to get rid of cognitive dissonance.

You do something that doesn't align with your principles, so now you have to justify it so that you don't feel stupid
It's difficult getting out of cognitive dissonance clearing stage.

The lack of self awareness is usually a problem. Accepting your stupidity is usually required, and people don't like doing that.
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15 Feb
One of the reasons our educational institution is a massive failure is that the teachers/lecturers are insecure little twats

99% of them want to feel superior in intelligence to those they are teaching, which isn't always the case
Because of this, the intelligent ones are always the most hated

The teachers literally hate you for understanding it faster and easier than the rest and sometimes them

They hate novel ideas, labeling them as **arrogance**
Enjoying ego stroking, they like it when students don't understand, that way they can complain about how dumb the students are and how they have to repeat what they've taught many times,

but they actually like this.

Academia is a joke.
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15 Feb
Contrary to popular believe, you're in charge of the speed of your timeline

You can either choose to make things go faster or slower.

Of course there's a max speed, but that also changes with increasing momentum.

That being said, most people never reach mid-speed
If you want to increase the speed, then you need to increase productivity, and cut down on wasted time.

Need to fill in all **waiting time** with productivity.

The less waiting time you have, the more your speed.
You could go to $$M in 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, or it could take your whole life to get there.

People choose their speed, and don't even know it.

Tell a man if he doesn't raise $1M in one year and he'd be killed, and guaranteed over 50% would be able to do it.
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12 Feb
How To Win

(Life is a gamble. Nothing is certain. Increase your chances).

– Thread
Take More Risks

“If you don’t take risks, you don’t drink champagne.”
– Gary Kasparov

The more risks you take, the higher your chances of success. Playing it safe will get you security.
And freedom doesn’t coexist well with security. You can only have one, not both
Create Luck

Creating luck is simply putting yourself where you can get lucky. You can't get lucky with girls sitting on your couch, but you can at the bar.

You don’t get lucky with a $ MM business contract at a cheap restaurant...
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10 Feb
About Men

A lot of women are confused about why men are different from them, and some men conflicted about their nature. So, here are a few pointers.

(requested by followers)

- Thread
Naturally, men tend to be idealistic in love.
They form a mental image of the perfect lady, then project that image unto the woman they are with.

This effectively ignores all her flaws and puts her on a pedestal. This is why most men find it hard to believe when she cheats
Men communicate directly.

If a man doesn’t like you, he’ll tell you straight to your face, and if you don’t like how he says it you may as well throw a punch and let it roll. More confrontational and direct is why men start wars and not women.
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9 Feb
3 Things You Should Never Do

(neurotic behavior you need to learn to control)

– Thread
Never tell someone how much money you make or have because they challenged you or called you poor.

This just proves their point that you are insecure about your worth and thus are attempting to prove them wrong. Ignore them, and give no figures.
Questioning your worth in an unrelated topic is an offensive strategy, and the best way to defend is to do so without mentioning figures.

Let them shout and brag. Irks them that you refuse to play their stupid game
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