*stares directly into camera*
Yeah, he “embraced” it alright. 🙄
I told everyone well before the election. That Flynn was cooperating with Jim and Ron Watkins in private DM chats.
I even made a meme. We kept killing their LARPs so Flynn just dropped the kimono when he got pardoned. 🤷‍♂️
TO BE CLEAR, Michael Flynn has been architecting this psyop for a LONG TIME:
This fucking traitor has been ANNOUNCING HIS PLANS for at least five years:
I started seriously investigating QAnon on 8/2/20. Three days later it was obvious what was happening here. This doesn’t make me Nostradamus, it just means I was *paying attention*

Glad that a few journalists are finally doing the same.

• • •

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More from @jimstewartson

22 Feb
myfascist.com CEO Mike Lindell is a narcissist, a racist, a fundamentalist, an ex-addict and an idiot, all of which makes him vulnerable to believing bullshit.

I hope Dominion has a big pillow burning party with all his money. But dude is in the cult.
If you don’t believe he is legitimately mindfucked I invite you to witness this and still tell me he is rational:
Three days after the insurrection he was still COMPLETELY CONVINCED:
Read 5 tweets
21 Feb
💔 This is brainwashing in action, being passed down. 💔

When the “QAnon” operation ended, the indoctrination did not end. The trauma did not end. The horror of undue influence did not end.

We are going to have to decide as a *society* that this IS NOT OK and FIX IT.👇
What these cults did to this mom and tens of millions of others is to traumatize and indoctrinate them online, creating a dissociative disorder related to identity.

The reality where you can burn snow is JUST AS REAL to her as your reality is to YOU.

She believes it. For real.
But the “she” that believes you can burn snow is not really her. It’s a her that has been replaced by the cult. Her values, lack of critical thinking, personality and motivations are all manufactured.

The cult installs phobias that separate and suppress the real her.
Read 12 tweets
19 Feb
Ron Desantis is a sociopathic negligent mass murderer. Sadly he stayed in office when his cult leader got the boot.

Desantis allowed TENS OF THOUSANDS of his constituents to DIE in order to placate ONE person who lives in Palm Beach.

Fuck him.
He let the virus infect his citizens for months before he did ANYTHING AT ALL.
He is still trying to kill his own residents.
Read 4 tweets
18 Feb
I am going to lose my fucking mind.
“Once investigated” 😑

Roger Stone STARTED THE PROUD BOYS with Gavin
Roger Stone confessed that he *planned the coup with the Proud Boys* and PAID them
Enrique Tarrio was basically his POOL BOI

What do you mean “once investigated”? JFC.
Hey @FBIWFO I “once investigated” Roger’s connection to the Proud Boys.
Please “once investigate” Roger’s Twitter Guy who was running like half of QAnon. 🤷‍♂️
Read 14 tweets
18 Feb
📌Um, I’m just putting this hashtag here because
#SABMYKwtf 👀

This thing is ridiculous but no joke. Highly organized network pulling in lots of dangerous propaganda, including QAnon.

Several of the telegram channels I was watching turned out to be part of this thing. UGH.
This is not the half of it.

When I posted this I didn’t realize that this **enormous QAnon channel** is actually just a honey trap for QAnon victims looking for a new cult leader.
Read 4 tweets
16 Feb
Ali “Alexander” Akbar is having a normal one.

Look @telegram. We keep having this conversation. You are allowing all sorts of dangerous radicalization to run free on your platform.


Please address this. Thanks.
How about this vicious wannabe cult leader who bailed out Kyle Rittenhouse, was responsible for a huge amount of the disinfo leading to the insurrection and has EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND FOLLOWERS.

Just below this message he DOXXES the members of the State Bar investigating him.
Or this vile, anti-semitic Roger Stone stooge - Jordan Sather - who has been grifting off QAnon from the literal beginning. He’s tryna keep the good times rolling for over 40k followers. No problem for @telegram.
Read 6 tweets

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