Ever notice how political pundits in the media attribute American crimes to Russia and its intelligence services but Germany is never mentioned? Now that Biden is in office and has already paired up with Merkel, it’s the right time to start speaking about the Gehlen organization.
Wehrmacht General Reinhard Gehlen oversaw military intelligence operations in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Via contacts within U.S. Army Intelligence, and later the CIA, Gehlen escaped prosecution, and then on to found the Gehlen Organization. Kind of a big deal.
After Nazi Germany's defeat, Gehlen was working for the Americans leading the Gehlen Organization, and then from 1956 was the director of the German Federal Intelligence Service. These semi-secret agencies were working hard to dispel the negative image of post-Nazi Germany.
One of these German intelligence officers and also a former Nazi, Alfred Benzinger, is credited with the invention of the term “Polish Concentration Camps” used by the media for decades until the current ruling party in a Poland finally forbade it. This happened pretty recently.
After WWII, the U.S. began a Cold War with the country that defeated the Nazis and to this day Russia is considered enemy number one by DC’s elite crowd. Think about it. That is some freaky shit right there. It puts people like @anneapplebaum in a spotlight. The kind at prisons.
Was Vichy France an American project? This becomes a fair question.
The recent coup has left the Nazis in DC feeling pretty smug. I suspect we will continue to see them drop their masks now, in their arrogance, with the confidence that they believe they have succeeded.
For nearly two-thirds of its existence, the German Democratic Republic (1949–90) as a state was a nullity for U.S. policymaking. GDR’s role for the U.S. was a strategic-military one, stemming from its location on the frontline of a worldwide confrontation with the Soviet Union.
Now that Biden is in office and we’ve established that America is run like an empire, we need to reconsider Germany. Broad popular enthusiasm for the Nazi regime, and the sense of belonging the regime engendered appears to have not died. ghi-dc.org/fileadmin/publ…
Has America become the global empire that Hitler envisioned? There is no question that there is a global strategy afoot that oppresses non-white people the world over, Slavs included.
I spent the better part of last year writing about the Anglo part of Anglo-Saxon. Now it’s time to look at the Saxons and patriarchy. Calling any of this Nazism, fascism or even white supremacy is wrong. This is imperialism in its truest form.

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21 Feb
American imperialism went corporate in 1945.
If you look at the end of 1945, and you add up everyone who's living in the U.S. colonies and in the U.S.-occupied zones (Japan, South Korea, Germany, Austria), there are more people who are living outside of the States but under the U.S. flag than who were living inside America.
FDR was our last vestige of freedom. blogs.mediapart.fr/nicholas-molod…
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20 Feb
Patriarchy is a word that up until today I had never used outside of the Orthodox Christian Church. Intellectuals throw around such words needlessly and I did not want to contribute to that fool’s game. Plus, I thought the idea was old timey and antiquated. Turns out I was wrong.
The deeper we dig into the suicidal political ordeal we are all struggling with today in America, the more prevalent timeless ideas like patriarchy become. But they’ve been diluted over time, so they need a “reset,” to use another annoying intellectual term that is bandied about.
We’ve established that the U.S. has been run like an empire since 1945, so now we are at the perfect juncture to speak of patriarchy. Because the struggle against patriarchy and racism is inextricably intertwined in America, and subsequently the foundation of the “global order.”
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20 Feb
I’ve been saying it for years and years. Madonna has been at the center of geopolitics since she came on the scene in the 80s. She was a tool of American imperialism. Now they’re trying to silence her and make her recent tweet look like Russian propaganda. rt.com/usa/516118-mad…
My next essay is going to be about @Madonna and what’s going on with the American Empire today. I am so excited I cannot even tell you. Since September of 1983 when I first heard her at Odyssey in Los Angeles, she’s been my lady.
I will sort of pick up where I left off last year. Madonna was clearly a CIA asset like her mentor Martha Graham and her boyfriend Jean-Michel Basquiat. blogs.mediapart.fr/nicholas-molod…
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20 Feb
The U.S. has always had imperialist potential. It began as a British settler colony. After the revolutionary war, it colonized westward, destroying peoples and cultures along the way. But its extra-continental imperialism did not begin until the end of the 19th century.
U.S. imperialism ripened with WWII and in the context of the Cold War and its aftermath with the culture of fear it promoted in Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. The Cold War began a period of hot American imperialism. Primarily, dominance via fear of the alleged enemy.
Americans lack knowledge about the Philippine War following the U.S. occupation at the turn of the century, the Korean War of the early 1950s, the early Cold War, and even the Vietnam War. Each of the wars shows different uses of terror to achieve imperialist aims.
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19 Feb
Don’t Worry, It's Just Corporate Fascism @BlueBoxDave thefederalist.com/2021/01/19/don…
Author overlooks one huge thing, as does everybody. Since fascism fell in Nazi Germany in 1945, America has been run like an empire. Thus, the fascist corporatism is deadlier than he admits. Ask the millions of innocent people who have died in America’s forever wars. @BlueBoxDave
Economic fascism is the underlying disease of our time. Just as smoking needed to be considered a disease before many people acted on it decisively, so it is with economic fascism. In fact, it made smoking possible.
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19 Feb
“Corporate incest” once described the kind of corporation relationships that existed in the 1920's where everybody swallowed part of everybody else, and companies bought each other's shares, and the resulting monstrosity went along weeping streams of stock at every joint.
The problem never went away. It just got worse. Monsanto makes an excellent case study. aljazeera.com/opinions/2013/…
“The introduction of fascist corporatism in the mid-1920s appeared as a cooperative yet expert-driven alternative to laissez-faire capitalism and socialism.” blogs.mediapart.fr/nicholas-molod…
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