This is where Democrats are taking us if we don't find the courage to stop them in their tracks:…
Get a box of paper tissues before you start reading the article. You're going to need it.
Communism and Nazism are twin ideologies. If you thought only the Nazi got rid of the "undesirables" and the children with "defects", you are wrong. Communists did it too.
Yes, It was that horrific for the abandoned children. But very few people in Romania actually knew what was happening in those orphanages from Hell because the Ceausescu regime kept a tight lid on it.
My aunt Eugenia (my mom's older sister) was a Director and documentary film maker for Sahia Film studio in Bucharest. She was married with a pretty famous doctor and they lived in a nice, large apartment in an old, elegant pre-WWII apartment building in the capital Bucharest.
They had a comfortable life by socialist standards. Doctors were casually accepting 'gifts' from patients as it was customary at the time - so hard to get foodstuff, contraband Western cigarettes, booze and gasoline was never an issue for them.
Being a movie Director, my aunt had a good salary and benefited from perks like the use of one of the movie studio black Volga automobiles which came a driver.
My mother (middle sister) was a jurist and she divorced my father after which she had to start all over again, moving back from the capital to her hometown. She wasn't well paid and her profession didn't came with any perks so she always struggled.
After her divorce when I was 5 years old she was forced to leave me in some sort of children house. It wasn't exactly an orphanage for abandoned children but for me it certainly felt like it was.
The house was designed for children with single parents who for one reason or another couldn't provide care for them during the week when they were at work far away from the capital, but came back to pick them up Saturday afternoon to spend the weekend with them.
I lived there for almost an year. There is very little that I remember, except the fact that I hated every minute I spent there, and to this day I hate "ghiveci" - a vegetable stew that came from the factory in glass jars with brown labels.
They were feeding us ghiveci at lunch every single day. And when I say every day, I really mean every day.
Sometimes my mother was picking me up on Saturday and sometimes my aunt.
I always preferred my aunt because she was the one with the nice house in which I had a room of my own, a TV, chocolate, Pepsi-Cola and sometimes bananas and oranges.
And my uncle had a real side by side IJ-Bok Russian shotgun which was my favorite thing to play win the whole world. And sometimes if my aunt was filming during the weekend she was taking me along for the ride in her film studio black Volga automobile with her driver.
So wherever I was visiting my "rich" aunt and uncle it was like visiting Disneyland. Of course I didn't knew what Disneyland was, but I imagine now my happiness going to my aunt over the weekend after a week in the children house was equal to American kids visiting Disneyland.
One time my mother's younger sister came to pick me up for the weekend. She had two boys 10 and 12 years older than me and was living in the same city as my mother with her husband who was a carpenter in the merchant marine.
She never brought me back to the children home. She consulted with her husband and her older sister, then told my mother she'll take care of me as one of her own, until my mother was back on her feet and able to take care of me.
So that's how I got out of that place and came to have two mothers and two fathers because my mom's younger sister and her husband took care of me for 4 years, and that's how I got used to call them: mother Adele and father Piki, not uncle and aunt.
This was a kind of long introduction but I think it was necessary to understand the main story I want to tell you.

Years after all this happened, my "rich" movie Director aunt Eugenia and her doctor husband Dorin decided to adopt a child from an orphanage.
They could never have their own children and my aunt always had a soft spot in her heart for me over my older cousins - for her I was always the "abandoned" child who was crying when the weekend ended and she had to bring me back to the children home.
So he and her husband went to an orphanage and adopted a beautiful little girl. My uncle's name was Dorin-Mihai (Dorian-Michael) so they named her Mihaia (Michaela).
My grandmother went to live with them and help them take care of the child.
My aunt was so heartbroken of the things she saw in the orphanages she visited when she adopted her daughter, she decided to make a movie about the abandoned children languishing in the State child care system. That was a very bold move.
Making such a movie showed that in a communist workers paradise such as Ceausescu's Romania, some people were abandoning their children because they couldn't afford to raise them.
This was contrary to the communist Party propaganda which told us only in the capitalist West poor exploited people were abandoning their children. This wasn't supposed to happen in our country where everybody was equal and the State took care of every family and their needs
This is why the communist authorities kept a tight lid and no information was ever coming out about children orphanages and the hellish conditions the abandoned children were living in.
Not a word was ever printed in the papers - either the official central Party paper, or the smaller local ones. No TV news segment was ever allowed to be broadcast on national TV. It was like those children never existed.
So my aunt went back to the orphanage where she adopted her daughter from and somehow got the authorization to shoot a documentary movie there.
I guess the "powers that be" thought she was a trustworthy comrade because she did a few propaganda movies before about the heroic working class men and women before such as "The Journal Of Viorica S." (which to my amazement I found and watched on the Internet recently).
She named her new movie about the orphaned children "We need love too" and when she finished it, she submitted to the studio censorship commission for broadcasting authorization.
The movie was rejected and was never aired in Romania.
Around 1978 my uncle defected to the West. He took a job as a doctor on a fish processing vessel and the first time the ship made port in Canada for refueling, he went down the ship stairs onto the harbor dock, then into the nearest police station where he requested asylum.
A year later he was approved an American legal immigrant visa and went to live in San Diego. He filed papers with the State Department requesting the American government to put pressure on Ceausescu to allow his family re-unification.
It took five years and many interviews in which my aunt was threatened by secret police interrogators to reject and divorce her husband and abandon the idea to follow "the traitor" to the US.
They told her they were going to take her daughter, they made sure she was fired and they took her home - she was allowed to stay in one room and pay rent in the house she used to own, and in the rest of the house they put other families to live there.
After four years of this nightmare, my aunt and her daughter were finally allowed to leave Romania - not before se was taken to the secret police headquarters one more time and told:
"You better watch what you are taking about our homeland over there in America - always remember that the long arm of the people's Securitate can reach you anywhere, anytime"
So they left and went to live in San Diego, then while my uncle was studying to get his medical license and become a doctor again they moved around to New Jersey, LA, Denver, back to San Diego and Las Vegas where they bought a big house with pool and tennis court.
Meanwhile, their daughter Mihaia became a teenager and like Izidor in the OP article, she was getting out of control. She became a "rebel without a cause", started getting in trouble, smoking weed and hanging around with anarchist kids in school.
Then her father passed away and she went completely off the rails. She ran away with a surfer dude from San Diego, made a child with him, started drinking and doing drugs, abandoned her boyfriend and daughter,
became homeless and slept in a tent in Mission Beach or occasionally with other homeless men in dilapidated RVs parked in the area.
I went to San Diego looking for her several times and when I found her roaming the streets I begged her to live with us in Los Angeles, but she refused. She was manifesting signs of mental illness and all she wanted from me and my wife was to buy her booze.
Then she made another child, this time a boy with another homeless man, which she abandoned too when she decided to go with yet another man to Florida. That's when I lost contact with her for a couple of years.
I later found out that once she arrived in Florida she made another child which she of course abandoned. Then she did a couple of months in prison for forging checks, after which she lived on the streets homeless again for a couple of years.
Finally, one day I get a call from a hospital in Florida, Mihaia was in there for liver failure and the nurse told me the news was not good- if she quit drinking, she could live another couple of years with regular visits to the hospital for treatment.
I begged her again to come to Los Angeles but she didn't wanted to. Finally she passed away 6 years ago in her late 30's, and her mother who decided to return to Romania just passed away last December at the age of 96.
I don't know if she was she was a victim of being abandoned and neglected in one of Ceausescu's orphanages from Hell or not. I've met other people who were raised in them and were normal, functional guys you'd never knew what they went through in their childhood.
But I've also seen thousands of dysfunctional kids, lots of them mentally impaired who were living in the streets of the capital years after Ceausescu died, addicted to getting high by breathing paint vapors from plastic bags and begging on street corners, buses and trains.
What happened to these children was a tragedy. Not only they lived their childhood communist orphanages from Hell, but thousands of them got infected with AIDS because in orphanages they were vaccinated or got shots with reused needles and transfusions with contaminated blood.
Ceausescu was of the opinion that AIDS cannot spread to Romania because homosexuality was against the law, so there were no gays in Romania. Or so he thought. Turns out, they were, and all it took was for a couple of them to donate blood.
At the time, donating blood was a patriotic duty - in the military you were forced to participate in blood drives twice a year. As a civilian, you could get extra ration cards by donating blood.
The blood of course was not checked for diseases like AIDS because again, the disease couldn't spread in a communist country that officially had no homosexuals.
Doctors were not even allowed to talk about the disease never mind request single use syringes and needles, or ask laboratories to test blood used in transfusions.
So that's how after the death of Ceausescu, when the foreign humanitarian organizations came to Romania and their doctors started checking kids in the orphanages they found out around 15,000 of them were having AIDS.
It was the largest number of children recorded in any country in the world diagnosed with AIDS, while the number of adults carrying the disease was quite small. It was a monstrous scandal that was all over the media, but who could the people blame?
The ones responsible for what happened Ceausescu and his odious wife Elena were pushing daisies in an unmarked grave the Central Cemetery in Bucharest.
Now you know why I hate all socialists, communists and any other proponents of "isms" with every fiber of my body.
Not only I consider the first 26 years of my life as hopelessly wasted youth struggling to survive though communism, but I also remember what happened to tens of thousands of children that were less luckier than I was, and didn't make it, or got mental scars for life like Izidor.
Now you know why I hate all socialists, communists, Obammunists, Berniesheviks and all sorts of social-Demonrats imbeciles with every fiber of my body.
If I would wake up tomorrow morning and hear they all had a collective heart attack and died last night, I would go out to the nearest titty bar and buy drinks and lap dances for everybody.
Not only I consider the first 26 yrs of my life as hopelessly wasted struggling to survive though communism, but I also remember what happened to tens of thousands of children that were less luckier than I was, and didn't make it, or got mental scars for life like Izidor.
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@SvrncTprunkov At graduation, a "repartitie" form was handed with the diploma. Within 30 days the newly the newly graduate engineer or doctor or teacher or agronomist was required to report to the new work place, usually hundreds of miles away from his home and family.
@SvrncTprunkov The requirement was to live and work there for minimum of 10 years. Being married and your spouse having a repartition order in another part of the country was not considered reason for not obeying your own order. Many newly wed families with small children had to live separated
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