Homeschool author and convention speaker @heidistjohn is running for Congress.

Here's how @heidistjohn responded in 2014 when asked to speak out against child sexual abuse allegedly committed by a prominent homeschool family. @eve_ettinger @RLStollar… 1/4
Here's how @heidistjohn responded to a blog post criticizing her for helping to cover up the alleged abuse -- calling the authors "clever wordsmith[s] with evil intentions."… 2/4
Here's how @heidistjohn described an abuse survivor community: "just a bunch of angry kids trying to get back at their parents and take down other people who are doing the best they can." @lovejoyfeminism… 3/4
And here's the cartoon apparently humorously "depicting attempted marital rape" @heidistjohn posted on Facebook. In 2014, St. John was using this cartoon approvingly in one of her workshops for homeschool moms. @lovejoyfeminism… 4/4

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24 Jul 20
Congratulations to @strandsofpearl and @rachel_elisse
on the publication of their landmark study in @OEjournal on the educational outcomes of homeschooled children in Alaska!…
No study of this kind, with a large and randomized data sample, demographic weighting and a direct comparison with public-schooled children, has ever been attempted. The results are stunning and don't fit the established narratives either for or against homeschooling.
They find that white, privileged homeschooled children have worse outcomes than their public-schooled peers, while underprivileged, children, disabled children, and children of color have better outcomes than their public-schooled peers.
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10 Jun 20
New poll from @CNN shows Donald Trump losing to Joe Biden by 14 points. How many times has an incumbent president has lost reelection by over 10 points? Only three: John Quincy Adams (by 12), William Howard Taft (by 19), and Herbert Hoover (by 17).…
John Quincy Adams is a weird case because he actually lost the previous election by 12 points too, only to wind up president through a vote of Congress. It's pretty hard to build a winning coalition when 60% of Americans voted against you in the year you took office.
Taft gets an asterisk too. He was unpopular and likely headed to defeat, but it's not his fault the most popular figure in his own party, Teddy Roosevelt, ran against him in the general election. Woodrow Wilson, the winning candidate, only got 42% that year.
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18 May 20
Here's my list of the five best non-Disney animated film scores, non-musical edition. List is in chronological order, not ranked. Note that excluding musicals eliminated one entry: Jimmy Webb, The Last Unicorn (1982).
1) James Horner, The Land Before Time (1988): Horner wrote the best score of his prolific career for this Don Bluth animated classic. This is one of my top three scores of all time.
2) Harry Gregson-Williams, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003): A gorgeous set of seafaring themes make this one of Gregson-Williams' best scores.
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3 May 20
Here's the playlist you didn't know you needed: the ten best Disney non-musical animated film scores, as determined by yours truly. Ground rules: the score can be from a musical, but can't be written by the composer of the songs. List is chronological.…
1) Elmer Bernstein, The Black Cauldron (1985). What do you get when you ask a legendary film composer to score one of the worst animated films ever? A spectacular, overwrought, and wildly inappropriate horror score featuring an ondes martenot, of course.
2) Bruce Broughton, The Rescuers Down Under (1990). Broughton brought his A game to this lovable B movie, particularly the scenes featuring a soaring eagle named Marahute.
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17 Mar 20
We can now read the Imperial College report on COVID-19 that led to the extreme measures we've seen in the US this week. Read it; it's terrifying. I'll offer a summary in this thread; please correct me if I've gotten it wrong.…
The Imperial College team plugged infection and death rates from China/Korea/Italy into epidemic modeling software and ran a simulation: what happens if the US does absolutely nothing -- if we treat COVID-19 like the flu, go about our business, and let the virus take its course?
Here's what would happen: 80% of Americans would get the disease. 0.9% of them would die. Between 4 and 8 percent of all Americans over the age of 70 would die. 2.2 million Americans would die from the virus itself.
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16 Mar 20
In 2009, @horowitz39 and @TheRightsWriter paid me $500 to write a critical review of their book Party of Defeat. We ended up having a pretty revealing exchange about pandemics.…
In my review, I argued that @horowitz39 and @TheRightsWriter overestimated the threat of terrorism and underestimated other threats, such as "global climate change, epidemics of infectious disease, volcanic eruptions of massive force, the sudden impact of a large asteroid."
The response from @horowitz39 and @TheRightsWriter mocked my concern about pandemics as something out of Dr. Strangelove. "He advises we replace the War on Terror with the War on Tors. All that his list is missing is concern over 'the purity of our precious bodily fluids.'"
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