i opened up the journal at the start of edith finch and saw that edith was born in 1999. “ah, so she’s like 9 years old,” i thought, followed by “oh no”
girl what do you mean your family’s 6 bedroom estate in the woods has just been sitting here untouched for years. have you never heard of zillow
“there are 3 dead gerbils in our pet cemetery” yes that does tend to happen when you keep them in a drawer
wait. is the fact that Edith is pregnant supposed to be a twist? you can literally look down at her model and see the baby bump lol
everything about this game is so nice and tactile and thought out for the controller. i have been meaning to play it bc i love Unfinished Swan for the same reason. i had started it on PC already but it’s not quite the same experience without a controller IMO
ok so Edith, i’m halfway through this game but i think i figured it out girl. the problem is that your family has real hobbies like hunting and acting and shit and they keep dying doing them. i am gonna introduce you to a little thing called final fantasy xiv. you’ll live forever
ok between leaving an infant unattended in the tub and putting holly (which is toxic) on a 10 year old’s windowsill can someone please teach this family what a child is
“we had no room in the house for mom to live in any of the 294 existing bedrooms so we built what is definitely an unpermitted extension on top” Image
in case it is not clear i am only memeing on this game because i’m enjoying the hell out of it, honestly
if your psychiatrist hears about your mental illness devolving into a kind of mind palace situation and is like "yes, more fodder for my fanfiction hobby, gonna write to your boss and then your mom in that order" it's time to change psychs perhaps
i don’t think the ending is meant to be totally satisfying. still, would have loved to see who edith’s partner ended up being. there’s such an emphasis on “just being near this family causes death” and it seems like that would make you pretty careful about who you choose to love.

• • •

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23 Feb
hi, survivor of several game studio layoffs (and reorgs) here! let's talk about some ways you might identify whether layoffs/reorgs are coming for your studio-- and if so, what you can DO about it, so that you are not powerless in this process.
a couple notes up front: first, these signs in and of themselves may not signal a layoff, especially if only one of them is true for your situation. sometimes they're just signs that your studio is in a temporary rough patch. but if most of these boxes are ticked? be watchful.
second: at very large companies, they may be labeled "reorgs." sometimes reorgs aren't actually layoffs and nobody loses their employment status-- but you may lose the position you had and were happy with as you are moved to a new team. this can feel like a confusing loss, too.
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16 Feb
when discussing game projects with folks, i often see them struggle with the same problem: how do you know what to build first, and in what order? how do you know "how much" game you need for a first playtest?

one answer to this can be a minimum viable product (MVP). 🧵
a MVP is the smallest possible "core loop" of gameplay that feels representative of its final intended direction. this means you strip away any features that aren't absolutely critical to understanding what the basic game experience looks like; you only build the very foundation.
note that i said a MVP is *representative* of the intended final direction. for perspective, on the left is a MVP of a Burger Experience™ and on the right is the full Burger Experience™. left burger is the smallest possible amount of work which validates "burger taste ok."
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15 Feb
nobody ever told me that baywatch is amazing? saw some reruns were on today and have been glued to the tv. pamela anderson is giving mouth to mouth to a magician who chained himself to the ocean floor. last episode featured beach horse cops. i feel like i am in a fever dream
there have been two extended combination dance/romance scenes so far and both were set to pounding 90s synth i will die for this show
HELP what do you mean david hasselhoff is a singer and his character performs in rock concerts in this show
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30 Jan
saturday design dump: today we're gonna talk about "celebration." this is a term designers use when referring to "feedback which reinforces that something a player just did was important," and it's a way to make your game feel ~amazing.~ (thread)
it's a thing i often see missing in games, and it's also a critical part of *teaching* the game to players. if players don't understand when something important happened-- and if they can't evaluate important moments against each other-- it's harder for them to learn how to play!
often as designers we'll look at a system or a feature and say "you know, the feature is good, it's working as intended, but players aren't feeling the magic or don't understand what the system is doing. i think we need more celebration at [moment.]"

so, how do we do that?
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25 Jan
something i struggle with a lot when watching design talks is understanding which ones are broadly popular/talked about. so, here are 5 mechanics-focused talks i see often-discussed among designers in AAA, to the point where i'm like "don't you dare link that damn talk again":
(worth noting that the speaker pool here is extremely non diverse. please don't take this as an endorsement of the current state of game design as a discipline and talk circuit, i don't get to pick and choose the state of popular AAA design discourse) (yet)
this Path of Exile talk. a lot of game companies have to do live content or post-launch content. if you want to work at a company doing live content, this is one you should watch.

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24 Jan
can we talk about how budding designers of marginalized genders are disproportionately encouraged towards narrative design bc other branches of design tend to be actively hostile to them, or are we not ready for that one yet
i realized circa 2018 that i'm not really a narrative designer-- i love doing narrative design, sure, but i'm much happier in systems, gamefeel, and AI. if i could have seen literally anyone who looked like me doing this kind of work i think i would have figured this out faster
i also think narrative is one of the few ways new designers can easily envision themselves having impact on the game's overall direction, bc it's hard to imagine success via any other route if you see no one who looks like you in those roles (e.g. broader design leadership)
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