Wasn’t this also the problem also with “Russian collusion?” Not much critical analysis?

Take Felix Sater for example. I’ve researched him now off/on for years. I could have written a book less than 100 people would have read. 😆 Point being media “taught”you he was bad news. 🤔
Felix was in almost every article — and there have been many — portrayed as a convicted felon, a guy who slashed a guy’s face, a Russian mafia boss, or all of those things plus throwing in the fact he was a confidential informant. As if that was always a bad thing.
The public was basically taught to hate him. Despise him. Whatever.

I was one of the rare few asking why.

Why about a lot of things.
Even if they happened to inform you former President Obama’s own AG spoke on Sater’s behalf in 2015, and that his unsealed records post-Mueller report confirmed much of what was earlier mocked as likely his own lies or exaggerations, he was never portrayed very positively.
Some have been convinced he was a source on the Steele dossier, which was disproven.

Some were certain he’d roll over on Trump and testify against him. This didn’t happen, either. Yet most, if they even recognize the name, react negatively. It’s what they’ve been told to do.
Felix Sater was recruited by a DIA asset in 1997 because of his close Russia contacts. He obtained bin Laden’s phone #’s by ‘98 through Ahmad Shah Massoud and Evgeny Shmykov connections; Massoud was assassinated by al Qaeda two days before 9/11.
Felix Sater had provided serious intel on al Qaeda.

This received very little media attention. About 3-4 days max.
But what’s most interesting is what took place btwn 2004-now.

The narrative being Trump/Trump Org worked w/ Bayrock, Sater’s co., while Trump was working w/Putin (and maybe since 1987). AND Sater was working w/FBI (?) and/or another US Agcy on Russian 💴 laundering ntwks...
during same years.
Setting aside it would be odd to have Sater assisting w/ Russian 💴 laundering ntwks while just being blind/ignorant to other Russian money being laundered into Bayrock Trump-licensed properties same time, it was FBI keeping Sater’s files sealed...
during these years which enabled Sater to be employed at Bayrock selling Trump licensing RE deals. A convicted felon would have a hard time finding employment. It’s not like the FBI was having Sater infiltrate cybercriminals who were Russian and Ukrainian in 2005...
w/ Agent Leo Taddeo if they didn’t even know where he was working at the time. 🙄 After all, he was working with Tevfik Arif, whom he testified under oath (and is in Sen. Rep. Vol. 5), trafficked women from Ukraine. The FBI isn’t completely oblivious, last I checked.
Perhaps soon I’ll put together entire timeline of Sater’s life with serious records, not just media articles telling you what to think of him. What most have been taught or told to think for years now does not make sense. It’s never enough anymore to simply read the news.
We must question. Analyze. Dig for more. Ask why. Take a second look. Question ourselves. Question the narratives. Refuse to be mindless robots being fed stories we accept without any critical thought. Whether it’s Russia collusion, Covid, or whatever comes next.

• • •

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22 Feb
The Curious Case of Felix Sater -
The Long research thread

The number one question I am repeatedly asked is why did you research Felix Sater so much?

The number two question is are you a Russian troll? 🙄

What a journey it has been since early 2017. ➡️⬆️⬇️🔀↩️⤴️↖️👀
Over the next few days while I’m off, this rolling thread will become the entire written Felix Sater story on Twitter to the best of my knowledge based on hard core research, determination to find truth, and a stubborn open mindedness some of you love and some of you hate.
In no time during these yrs of research have I once assumed Felix was the mobster he’s been made out to be, and frankly everyone should regard each other w/the same level of civility and presumed innocence. Sadly, this isn’t reality. But you should read what I have found. ⬇️
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20 Feb
The left and the media as well as those in national security fields are now very concerned about conspiracy theories. Yet when one scrolls through Prime Video, Netflix, or even cable, so many movies+Tv shows depict conspiracies of many kinds. What has been the impact?
I’m not sure why I started thinking about this last night, but consider it. People have watched many kinds of conspiracies and the line has blurred between reality and fiction. I’d guess many people find conspiracies to be somewhat plausible at times because of what they’ve seen
or even read. There are conspiracy books, too. Fiction and non-fiction. This is the first time conspiracies have been considered a threat. This Qanon is considered a threat. But no one is blaming Hollywood. No one is suggesting banning movies. But what led up to this?
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20 Jan
They blatantly interfered in our election for their client, being Hillary freaking Clinton, and because they saw Trump as their "main opponent" and were "fearful" of Trump presidency and what it could do to the US-UK special relationship.

There it is - black and white!
It'd be really great to know what Steele meant by Manafort getting "the whole thing started."
Hill and Igor both worked at Brookings Institute these yrs. It was Fiona who introduced Steele to Danchenko. July 2010 is when Russian spies were removed from US and also when FBI considered FISA on Danchenko. Believing he left US, investigation closed. washingtonexaminer.com/news/steele-do…
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19 Jan
I realize many of you right now are feeling upset, angry, confused, frustrated, unheard, wondering where the F #declass is, and so much more. I’m right there with you. But hang tough and focus on yourself. Do something that makes you happy. Take a break. Read a fiction book.
Watch a movie. Eat something you shouldn’t. Drink if it helps numb the pain, but don’t be stupid. Don’t do anything to further hurt this country or divide this country. Who knows if what took place at the Capital changed everything for Trump. It feels like that, anyway.
We have to suck it up and accept it. Regroup. Recharge. Politically prepare for what lies ahead. Stay loud. Support each other, not turn against each another. If Capital attack didn’t show you they win when we divide, it should have and while RINOs unmasked themselves, others...
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19 Jan
Luke is happy to report this from Comey with no evidence just like he’s happy to ignore the facts/timeline of Felix Sater detailed in 5K1 letter because he can continue this Russia charade, ruin more lives and make more MONEY. That’s all it is about for him.

F*** You Both.
If Luke even wants a critical thinking person like myself to buy anything he’s selling, he must first(at very least)attempt to explain how Sater was helping USG w/money laundering ntwks during Bayrock yrs w/ Trump, yet never targeting Trump. Ever. Govt who spends $$$$ on nat sec.
Because don’t forget — Harding has never pushed that Russia only compromised Trump in 2013. He’s pushed, using circumstantial facts and magic to paint narrative he knew would sell, that Trump has been a Putin asset for DECADES.
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19 Jan
Unbelievable. @felixsater has been proven to be the closest link you’d ever establish to Putin tied to Trump and he didn’t even know Putin. By now you should have been fully briefed on the work Felix did for this country. Stop trying to divide 🇺🇸 further, you evil, evil, woman.
If there should be any commission established, it should be to investigate why the fuvk, when Eric Lucas was writing about Russia and a new Cold War, you were then pushing Russia Reset and Skolkovo, asking Silicon Valley to share high-tech and then crying later for 4 YRS+COUNTING
that Russia hacked you! When it turns out it’s in the unsealed docs it was KNOWN you had brought about this Russia narrative to distract from the clear fact, also in unsealed files, you had SAP-level files on an unsecured private server. Files the IG’s team had to get special
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