astrology placements don’t cancel out okay it’s not PEMDAS
and no, it’s not the PRNDL either
example: your mars being square to saturn but is trine to jupiter does not cancel the square to saturn out. both things are true at the same time
sidenote: pls tell me you guys get the PRNDL reference

• • •

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22 Feb
astrology is great, but having additional interests on top of astrology and cultivating those is great too
i think it’s my fault, but astrology is a very... consuming hobby? it’s one of those hobbies that devours other hobbies. this 12th house year and jupiter return pretty much revived everything i was interested in BEFORE astrology
in other words, don’t feel guilty for attending to other interests instead of astrology. doesn’t make you a bad astrologer. makes you human. it feels lonely and empty to be a shell of astrology information. that’s what it felt like for me for awhile.
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21 Feb
Hellenistic astrologers had another name for mutable signs: Double-bodied signs. So Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are considered double-bodied.
However, I think there are other signs that aren't necessarily double-bodied, but there's an obvious dual quality of them that needs to be talked about.

And no, this isn't the dual "good" or "negative" qualities.
Also, this is my personal theory so you can go ahead and debate, but I personally think I'm onto something lol
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3 Jan
trines and jupiter - ignorant bliss (a thread)
According to the Thema Mundi, trines are in the nature of Jupiter. Jupiter in our chart shows what parts of our lives come easily to us, and the positive opportunities we can take to grow.
However, Jupiter can also show what we’ve taken for granted, and due to that, Jupiter can also show our ignorance of the important details that demand to be seen.
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2 Jan
💔 tough love for the rising signs 💔 (use whole sign houses, a thread)
♈︎: Is impulsivity a sign of freedom, or is it just another prison you refuse to admit you're in? Is it worth it to go out there to prove who you are when no battle will ever be enough? Stop fighting to survive a single moment. Invest in yourself so you can last an eternity.
♉︎: Do you fear moments that call you to be flexible and adaptable because you see it as a chance for failure? There's a difference between stability and continuity. Stability will always eventually fall, but continuity accepts failure and actually stands the test of time.
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1 Jan
🌿 the signs as vietnamese food (a thread) 🌿
Aries: Banh Mi Image
Taurus: Che Image
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30 Dec 20
Capricorns will never admit why they’re powerful and successful. After all, they’re the prime example of a person who lets their results speak for themselves. Their results are usually loud and undeniable of the fact that Capricorns are hardworking and resilient.
But everyone knows that about a Capricorn, because that’s what a Capricorn wants you to know and see about them. But have you ever wondered about a Capricorn’s origin story? Have you ever looked past the success and asked why Capricorns are the way they are?
Ironically, a Capricorn’s hard work and resilience will tell you what a Capricorn will never tell you unless they're close to you: They’re soft, raw, and vulnerable - and this fact needs to be hidden away with success and power, which are good distractions.
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