I invite you to read this article (if it's not paywalled from you). I'm going to hang a little personal thread off it. I'll include a couple screenshots of relevant points. washingtonpost.com/outlook/capito…
2. A little personal background: for a variety of reasons, I advocate that individuals and families adopt a slower, simpler, lower tech, less "modern" lifestyle.
Specific benefits would be more peace of mind and less climate change.
The typical response is "People won't do that."
3. So...
Last Wednesday I had, or felt, a need to go to the nearest major city "suburb" (more urb than sub) to shop in a big box home improvement store.
Liberty, MO. I-35 and MO-152 / Kansas Street.
There's a Home Depot on one side of the highway, a Lowe's on the other.
4. Since I would be buying, I thought, large materials (turned out not to, but that's a different story) I drove the Cowboy Cadillac with 16' flatbed trailer. It's a sumbitch in heavy traffic. Long as a semi trailer truck, almost. Maximum legal width.
5. In the article the author mentions the ill feelings these domestic terrorists have, how they feel cheated and picked on even though they have, by modern accepted standards, won all the prizes.
6. Now, at this point you're probably ready to jump on the "fuck these guys" bandwagon, and I sympathize, but try to put that aside for a moment.
They really do feel that they've been cheated.
And they're right.
All their modern success brought them ZERO satisfaction or happiness
7. When a successful realtor gets into HER PERSONAL AIRPLANE to fly to Washington to overthrow the government because her life sucks, whatever else you think, her life sucks.
Her fucking airplane was supposed to be the brass ring, the free ride, and she's still miserable.
8. She's miserable.
Believe that.
Don't tell her she's got it knocked. She knows what she's got, and she's STILL MISERABLE. Believe her.
All the promises were lies.
She traded her birthright for a mess of pottage.
Here's her birthright. Natural beauty.
There's none in the plane.
9. As I drove down that road, in the pic above, to ever wider, ever busier, ever newer, ever more developed, ever more "just what everyone wants" America, the higher my stress levels went. The more stress hormones in my blood. The more fear, the more tension.
This is modern life.
10. By the time I exited 65 mph, traffic jammed, road rage I-35 onto MO-152 at Liberty I was white knuckled.
It took me longer to get through the maze of traffic lights and concrete, across the interstate, and into the 60 acre parking lot where Lowe's is, than my 1st 3 miles.
11. And this was in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week. Not rush hour. Not a "traffic jam." This was As Good As It Gets™
This was the pinnacle of modern life.
No wonder they're so fucking mad.
12. That thing nobody would "sacrifice," the wonders of speed and power no American would give up in trade for a life that didn't kill the biosphere - that thing is the biggest con in world history.
The joys of developed living are a bigger lie than Former Guy's fortune.
13. I know, I know. "But our average age at death is so high! It's wonderful!"
Yeah. Right.
Tell these guys. They look happy.
14. There is essentially nothing going on in America today that doesn't piss off more people than it pleases.
And all I ever hear is, "People won't give this up!"
Poor fuckers.
What a con.
It's *seriously* not working.
But go ahead on.
--jeff out

• • •

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20 Feb
This fact is not because of some nefarious scheme by Capitalists. Many high energy systems cannot be built for 100% traffic.
Image an Interstate system big enough to carry all the cars. You'd have to pave the nation.
2. I can't concieve of the cost, bandwidth, and energy budget of a cell phone network that could carry 100% traffic. That one thing would eat the world.
It's not doable.
This is how high speed large scale systems work. All systems have operating parameters.
3. All the blaming and finger-pointing obscures the fact: these events are inherently outputs of this system.
Systems are a thing. The global high energy one is indescribably complex. I guarantee your government is planning what to do the day all the lights go out.
Read 16 tweets
19 Feb
Life and death is up close and personal in Texas today, and it's got a lot of people thinking. Being people, they are thinking many different things.
2. These are / this is a topic I think long and often about. Due to life choices I have made, I have seen a lot of both up close over the years. I went through suicidal years, but have passed them and am glad to be alive.
3. There are many people alive in the United States in particular, and other high speed economy countries in general, who are alive today due to the constant intervention of high energy machinery. This is the system we have developed. It is rarely questioned.
Read 12 tweets
19 Feb
We know that plastic is killing the oceans.
We refuse to even say the words "ban plastic."
We know that tire dust is in every waterway in the world.
We promise to fix climate with electric cars.
We know that if concrete were a country it would be the third biggest carbon emitting country on Earth after US and China.
We promise to build concrete infrastructure and combat climate change.
At the same time.
On the same planet.
If it wasn't tragic it would be amusing.
We know that the more "renewables" we install the more carbon we emit.
We know this. It's not in dispute.
Read 5 tweets
17 Feb
Climate change:
We're still talking about the future.
Look around you.
Think beyond temperature.
What is temperature? Temperature is the measure of energy in a material.
Energy makes stuff happen.
More energy.
More happens.
Temperature is only one measure, of many.
2. You can disregard the details. More energy moves stuff farther faster.
Like cold air. Cold air is stuff. Energy moves it.
Trying to understand it all through temperature is going the long way around.
On the same day there is 1.3 C more temperature than there was 100 years ago,
3. Energy is also expressing itself on higher average wind speeds than 100 years ago.
It can be no other way. People want to ask, "Did climate change cause this weather?"
Wrong question.
The climate is changed. The process continues, but the climate is greatly changed already.
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14 Feb
I'd like to remind you that nothing exists by itself. Today's fiasco did not occur in a vacuum.
All of America, and Russia, and Britain, and Hungary, and France... All developed societies - plus China, Bangla Desh, The Philipines, Vietnam... All one industrial system.
2. A handful of men own almost all of the productive resources on Earth. The other 7.99 billion scrap with each other for the crumbs.
This is a very strange way to arrange things.
3. The handful who own everything have made it a rule that they can spend infinite money arranging governments to their liking.
This is working out about like you'd expect.
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13 Feb
Well, now what. It's five o'clock on a Saturday night, His Madnesty has been affirmed in his Glory by Wormtongue McPutin, and the machine careens on, apparently out of control. What next?
I've got an idea.
Let's all slow down.
Like a general strike only actually doable.
5 under.
2. I mean, why not? What's to lose? I used to commute to Kansas City. I drove exactly the posted limit. Everybody hated me. They roared around me, leaving me in their dust.
I'd catch them at the stoplight 22 miles away.
3. You've got to be going real far to particularly notice the excess time between 70 and 65, or even 60 and 55.
And it really does save fuel. And fuel is what we make emissions out of.
It's free. Better than free. You do it at a net monetary gain.
Read 12 tweets

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