Hellenistic astrologers had another name for mutable signs: Double-bodied signs. So Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are considered double-bodied.
However, I think there are other signs that aren't necessarily double-bodied, but there's an obvious dual quality of them that needs to be talked about.

And no, this isn't the dual "good" or "negative" qualities.
Also, this is my personal theory so you can go ahead and debate, but I personally think I'm onto something lol
I think there's also a dual nature to Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius. But to be clear, they're not DOUBLE-BODIED like mutable signs. Three of these signs are cardinal, and I'll explain why they're still cardinal.
So the first thing I'd say is that the reason why I chose these signs is based off of the representation of these signs.

1. You can split the Cancer glyph in half (to where it's not a sideways 69)
2. Libra has two sides of the scale
3. Capricorn is part fish, part goat
4. Aquarius as the water bearer has a person and a jar. If there's no person, then there's the jar and the water.

So in the glyphs or the representation of the signs, you can definitely do a split.
To clarify on the Cancer one, I know that a lot of people tend to see the glyph as the "mother and child" so there's a dual nature to that too.
But the point I really want to make is that these signs tend to have an inner conflict or contradiction in them that may be understood as being scattered externally when really, it's internal. The range of expression for these signs can feel contradictory sometimes too.
For ex, a lot of people erroneously state that Cancers are just soft crybabies that expect comfort to fall on their lap. Cancers are not ONLY that, but they are simultaneously the ones who WILL work to feel the comfort they need. They don't just expect familiarity, they MAKE it.
The irony of calling Cancers soft is the fact that Cancers are represented by the crab, an animal with a hard exoskeleton. Cancers are simultaneously fragile and enduring. They are both the glass cup and the plastic cup. They break and don't break at the same time.
Also, the Moon rules over Cancer. I don't think it's completely right to classify Cancers as STATIONARY homebodies. I think Cancers are NOMADIC homebodies. The Moon is not static at all. It ebbs and flows, yet it seeks to be comforted in one spot.
And just so you know, it's not that this seemingly contradictory nature of Cancer is represented. The exoskeleton and the soft meat of the crab stay intact. All of this is in one entity. No external separation at all, but it could potentially be misunderstood that way.
The next example is Libra. I think the inner contradiction lies visually with the fact that there are two sides to the scale. Or multiple. Either way, it's more than two. Libras can mistake themselves to be one side of the scale, when they are the whole scale.
The easiest way to see this is seeing Libras fluster over whether they're a bad person, even though they try so hard to be the fairest people. The thing is, they're both bad and fair. They can be immoral while they are trying to be moral. They're not separate things.
I think it's terrifying for Libras to realize that their range of self-expression is actually huge. After all, when you're always trying to be the neutral party, the range of being right and wrong is both at its maximum distance, assuming that neutrality is the "middle point."
There can be this inclination to be like "No, I'm either perfect or not." When literally, you can be both perfect and imperfect. Immoral and moral. Fair and unfair. Pretty and ugly. Libras can be everything.
Lowkey, this is probably why people love to roast Libras so much. Everyone loves to point out the shadier parts of Libra. And it's funny because while Libra is so people-centered, the people themselves realize that Libra is multi-faceted (and sometimes, Libras can't see that!)
For Capricorn, they're represented as a sea goat. Most people get the goat part right. But people forget the fish part. The goat part is the part we all know: they're hardworking, responsible, and mature. As the goat, they can climb mountains and deal with harsh weather.
But what about the fish part? Well, if we look around, Pisces is represented by fishes. We tend to pin Pisces as the soft, slippery sign, but we would never think this way for Capricorn... right?

Well, Capricorns hate to admit it, but they're very soft too.
When I personally interpret the sea goat symbol, I see a personal attempt to belong on both the land and sea. I see Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I see someone who wants to belong to every world. Why? As a sign ruled by Saturn, they're lonely. They want to belong.
Capricorn is always known for knowing how to endure tough situations, but tough situations aren't the only situation Capricorns want to adapt to. They want to adapt to ALL situations. There's a desire to morph, but a fear that they can't go back if they do choose to change.
I always think Capricorn's representation is so funny because they're half goat and half fish. It's like they're frozen in a Sailor Moon transformation forever. They're always transforming. Sounds contradictory right? They always seemed like the most stubborn people to change.
Capricorns can stubbornly tell you that they know how the world works, yet will always do whatever it takes to change and adapt to that world if they realize that they're wrong. They just... won't tell you. Can't blame them. Contradiction is frowned upon in their world.
The last sign in this theory is Aquarius. The jar and the water. The person and the jar. Aquarius is all three of them: The person, the jar, AND the water. Aquas tend to think they're just the person.
Aquarius think that they're JUST the person because they always see themselves as the person giving wisdom, life, and nurturing to the soil and people they give it to. They bear water - they don't think they can BE the water. They think they can just suffer from the water weight.
This is where I think the whole "Aquarius is a humanitarian" argument comes from. I personally disagree with that statement. I think Aquarius CAN be a humanitarian, but they can also just destroy the world too. They have more range than just being a humanitarian.
I mean... remember. Aquarius bears the water jug. They can choose to not water the plants too. They don't just pour their water everywhere. They're Saturnian. They know that water is an important resource.
But for Aquarius, the split is this: You either get the water, or you don't and you bear it. Aquarius seems to think that they don't get any of the water. But they're the water themselves. What ever happened to just drinking the water?
In other words, Aquarius doesn't seem to entertain the possible reality that they too deserve a sip of the water too. They deserve a sip of the good nature and generosity they give to everyone else. They don't even tie the generosity to themselves, yet they ARE generous.
Aquarius can simultaneously be the person who builds the house and lives in the house. They can be the one to water the plants and be the plants. That's what Aquarius lowkey wants anyway. They want to be cared for just like how they care for others. They deserve care.
Anyways, the point of this thread was to show that feeling double isn't restricted to double-bodied signs. The difference is that double-bodied signs use their double energy for energy management while it looks like a contradiction to signs with other modalities.

• • •

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