Thread. I was a CGSC student in 2009. This past week made me recall a media panel we had in Eisenhower Auditorium. 2 reporters from MSM, a reporter from Wired, and an international correspondent composed the panel (2M and 2W). Each panelist spoke. 1/
One spoke of being embedded with the Army in E. Afghanistan in 2002. The unit linked her crew up with a PA officer that everyone referred to as "Pap smear" ostensibly because of the O's last name and what everyone thought of him. 2/
That was the introduction an internationally respected reporter at a major news outlet had to our war effort. When she told the story, most of the 100s of MAJs in the auditorium laughed. It would get worse. 3/
During Q&A, a MAJ, speaking in Spanish, asked the Brazilian journalist out. Only a few knew what he said until she dunked on him -- and the school. 4/
Her response was basically, "First of all, I am Brazilian and although I happen to speak Spanish, I speak Portuguese. Second, this guy just asked me out. I am a serious journalist and only accepted this invitation because I thought this was a serious institution.” 5/
Have no idea who the MAJ was, but recall going back to my staff group embarrassed, while others (a majority I would say) thought it was funny. I heard there was an investigation but believe he continued in the course—we said it was ok. 6/
From 2012-14 I taught at CGSC. Once students get to know you they feel as if they can push boundaries. My staff group ended a brief with a slide showing a woman in a bikini. I went off for the 1st and only time. 7/
My mistake was that I didn't use it as a chance to talk about a cultural problem—I honestly didn't think about it probably because it never happened to me—and in the circles I ran in, we never talked about SA and SH. 8/
There was one woman officer in the class—many of the men used her as an excuse for poor behavior. "She doesn't care," they said. Oh yeah, I doubt that – it was 1 vs 15 and she had likely been subjected to worse. BTW, she was selected for O6 this year and is awesome! 9/
Fast forward to now. DMs from a current CGSC student. Trust me, every year students complain about the curriculum. In this case, the MAJ wonders why we are still teaching Tailhook in our Leadership modules and not addressing contemporary challenges. 10/
The student and his peers discussed mentorship of women and “Male Fear.” Another topic I did not understand until Squadron Command. My S1 was a woman and an exceptional officer. I was taken aback when I counseled her. 11/
She came in the office and first thing she asked was if I wanted the door left open. Asked in all the counseling she observed if I ever had the door opened and she said no. Guess what, we had a great counseling session with the door closed. 12/
At the end, she thanked me profusely. It has since dawned on my naïve ass why. She was used to being ‘othered.’ The opened-closed door was symbolic of her treatment. Good enough to do the work, but not fully trusted or effectively mentored because of some arbitrary “fear.” 13/
Anyone out there – probably us so-called “olds” – ever receive a counseling with various subjective measures such as “takes the shot,” “answers the mail,” and “audio matches video?” 14/
Right now, audio doesn’t match video – we’re saying all the right things, but some “leaders” are impediments to cultural change. There is an entire report that informs this statement. END/
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19 Feb
I've struggled with what to say about our SA/SH problem over the last 24 hours for a couple of reasons:
1: What can I add that victims have not been telling us for years?
2: I do not want to take the spotlight away from victims so I've chosen to RT/amplify their voices. 1/
I'll add that I'm from a family that help build the foundation of the AVF -- between my dad, brothers, and myself we have 120 years in uniform and 9 years in combat from Vietnam-DS-OIF-OEF-OIR. Yet I found myself this year telling women I love...2/
that them choosing to serve may not be safe for them -- I am not attempting to diminish the men who are victims so pls to not take it that way. I'm not proud of that, but I don't see an institution that is serious about the problem of SA/SH. 3/
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19 Jul 20
RIP SGT Dale Lloyd (L) and PFC Charles "CC" Persing (R) B/1-32 IN. Dale and CC were KIA 19 JUL 2004 during a mortar attack on FOB Chosin in Iskandariyah, Iraq. A lifetime ago, I was their Company Commander 1/
Pics shows the physical aftermath of the attack. Company living area was destroyed, as was much of our individual equipment—resupplied within a week through Army Pre-positioned stocks. I dug through the rubble and found my Randall knife. I dug it out this morning to remember. 2/
Dale Lloyd was a Team Leader. A history buff, he planned to leave the Army after the deployment and go to college. He did a spot-on imitation of me to keep morale high. The kind of young NCO you build around. 3/
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9 May 20
#miltwitter Before COVID, I planned to spend time w/my best friend this weekend. Arlington is closed, but I want to tell you about Michael Yury Tarlavsky.

“As long as we live, they too will live; for they are now are a part of us; as we remember them.” 1/
Mike commanded an ODA in 1/5 SFG. He was KIA on 12 AUG 2004 while leading a raid in Najaf against a JAM strongpoint. Mike was posthumously awarded the Silver Star. That is what he did—let me tell you who he was. 2/
Mike was born 46 yrs ago Sunday in Latvia— and immigrated to New Orleans when he was a young boy. He never said much about this time in his life, just mentioned once in passing that no one in his family spoke English when they arrived. We called him "CPT America." 3/
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16 Apr 20
THREAD. #miltwitter has been abuzz as of late with talks of haircuts, wayward LTs, and the TR. The TR frankly seems like a lifetime ago. Mike Nelson provided his succinct thoughts on judgement and leadership to the LT. 1/
@jimgolby @ahfdc and @lindsaypcohn have weighed in on the TR and the competing loyalties of commanders.… 2/
@JackieGSchneid had a great thread on the culture of equating hair length with discipline. 3/
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12 Apr 20
#miltwitter Because of my OIF experience, I now associate Muqtada al Sadr with Easter. Bear with me. I was a Company Commander at FOB Chosin in Iskandariyah during the rise of the Mahdi Army across large swaths of southern and central Iraq during April, 2004. 1/
FOB Chosin was constructed at the Musayib Power Plant—at this time, the biggest threat we faced were IEDs across the AO—and the rockets/mortars emanating from Jurf al Sakhr (below), which the nascent insurgency used to operate with impunity as it would take 45 minutes.... 2/
for a patrol to move through Musayib (below), cross the Euphrates, and arrive at the point of origin. We were also hampered in that we had a company detached to 1-505 PIR in Fallujah, and therefore did not have the combat power to allocate to Jurf. It was an economy of force. 3/
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24 Dec 19
Was fortunate to be one of 8 @NWC_NDU students who conducted research under the mentorship of DASD Amanda Dory. Output was a U.S. Strategy towards Africa. DASD Dory put together a Red Team consisting of Africanists from throughout the USG to shoot holes in our product. 1/
Leaders such as GEN (Ret) Rodriguez, AMB Yamamoto, and many others. Key was defining importance of Africa to US National Security. Oftentimes, importance is tangential - such as indirect impact of migration. 2/
For example we determined, "Competing security priorities stretch the finite resources of European allies, many of whom are confronting domestic concerns with immigration. European allies view mass economic migration as a security threat...." 3/
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