Twitter friends,

It appears that cancel culture is now knocking on my door. In advance of a school newspaper article, I wanted to share my thoughts here in a way that they would be unfiltered.

Even if you don’t know me by name, you may know that I am a fulltime mathematics professor and also a baseball coach. You also know that I am a passionate advocate of reason, individualism, and laissez-faire capitalism.
This makes me somewhat of an outlier in academia. The reason why I kept this account and use nothing under my name is because it kept me semi-anonymous. And I always made sure to keep politics out of my classroom and dugout.
Well it seems someone from outside the University has made the connection and circulated screenshots of tweets among students that he/she claims are of a racially biased nature.
These here were brought to my attention (including one retweet of someone else); it includes additional commentary added at the bottom, presumably by the person trying to ruin me:
Of course, those conclusions are silly, my policy stances do not show racial bias, but the opposite. Many other recent tweets of mine were deliberately ignored by this person who wanted to establish a false narrative, because that narrative would have been thoroughly discredited
Here is user name “karl marx” (u can’t make this up!) bringing them to the U’s attention. This is now something w/ which I have to deal even though these are opinions as a private American citizen. A review of my writings do not show anything but respect for people of all races
In fact, opposition to racism is *inherent* in being a principled individualist.
I also have a well-documented employment record, in form of stellar performance reviews & student evals that show nothing but respect for all students and care for their well-being. Therefore, I am confident that a full and fair review will ultimately put this to rest.
Cancel culture is very real and very sad. It creates an environment where the free expression of ideas is stifled and many people are afraid to be themselves. And it is often fueled by people motivated by vengeance if not retribution.

They do it simply because they can.
Go back and look at the commentary added to my tweets. Does that really look like someone who is genuinely hurt by my words? Instead, it seems to show someone gleefully celebrating what they think will be another cancellation.
Now to anyone who is genuinely hurt or confused by these tweets of mine, I would simply say: let me explain why you shouldn’t be. I can do that. And I would also point out why they are regretfully being used by someone with ulterior and malicious motives.
This is why I intend to fight this. This is why I leave the account public and keep up these tweets. We have to take a stand against this awful and destructive trend in American life, where many people with non-leftist political beliefs are made to live in fear.
Also: a sincere thanks to the former student who anonymously brought this to my attention. I don’t have Instagram and would not have otherwise seen all of what was being circulated. I don’t know who you are, my friend, but this is also for you.

You shouldn’t be afraid, either
In closing, read my op-ed. All my writings are consistent w/ it:

REASON: reject contradictions

INDIVIDUALISM: Judge a person by their character, not immutable physical traits

CAPITALISM: equality before law, leave people free to pursue their dreams…
And here is an op-ed about reparations by the aforementioned late Dr. Walter E. Williams, written while Full Professor of Economics at George Mason. Those of us who fight for liberty miss him every day.

I will keep you posted. Thank you for reading.…

• • •

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