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21 Feb, 34 tweets, 6 min read
One day Lwj is going on his daily jog when he finds a bunny directly in his path. A small, fluffy, slightly drunk looking (is that even posible for bunnies?) black bunny, that hops over to lwj’s feet then parks it’s round bottom on his shoe as if staking it’s claim on lwj
Hm. Interesting.

Lwj has two pet bunnies, so he is not unaccustomed to how to care for the furry creatures.

But something about this bunny is... different.
It’s eyes - a startling grey which is in itself almost unheard of for bunnies - are too intelligent. They look at Lwj with an almost human like curiosity, blinking slowly in a way that feels almost like a grin when Lwj deliberates taking the animal home
In the end the matter is decided for him. The bunny sits on his foot and refuses to get off no matter how hard Lwj coaxes it. So he scopes it up in one hand, small body fitting easily in his palm, and continues home.

It’s too cold for bunnies anyway.
Once at home, he encounters another problem.

The rabbit refuses to leave his hand. It clings with its tiny rabbit paws like a koala to lwjs wrist, ears flopping as its small body dangles.

Lwj is simultaneously endeared and very, very confused.
He deposits the rabbit on his shoulder, for he needs his hands free to work, and proceeds to go about the rest of his day with a fluffy counterpart nestled against his head

The rabbit chatters, if rabbits can chatter.
It makes clicking sounds with its mouth and tiny gasps that fill the usual silence of the room.

“Ssh. I will feed you later.” Lwj gently berates his new friend after the fourth time whiskers tickle his face. The rabbit chirps - Chirps?! - in response
A strange rabbit indeed.

It refuses to eat unless Lwj feeds it. It insists on using lwj’s lap as a napping spot. Lwj allows each & every indulgence, spoiling the bunny with extra tummy tickles. (Out of the sight of his other rabbits, because Lwj doesn’t want them to be jealous)
“A-Ying.” Lwj decides to name the bunny, because it does act like a baby rabbit. Always tumbling over itself in excitement, scoffing down its food so quickly that Lwj was worried for its stomach.

“Do you like that name?” Lwj asked, and a-ying booped his hand with his small nose
“Good. A-Ying is very cute, and his name suits him.”

No Lwj did not feel strange for talking to a rabbit. They were better company than most people anyway.

He was rudely brought back to the present when A-Ying suddenly fell off his hand, landing with a tiny plop
Worriedly Lwj scooped him up again, but it appeared A-Ying was okay. More so, he seemed...


Small paws and large ears covered the bunnies face, shielding it from lwjs view.

Was his own rabbit hiding from him?
“A-Ying, little one, are you okay?”

The bunny just burrowed further into lwjs palm.

“Would you like some treats? Would that make you feel better?”

Now, Lwj ensured a healthy diet for all his rabbits, but an extra cucumber or two wouldn’t harm anyone.
A-ying paused, deliberating, before - finally! - a tiny little nod.

“Okay then.” Lwj set his bunny on his usual resting spot on the top of his head. “We will have a snack.”

A-Ying thumped his foot in enthusiasm at the top of lwjs skull
Days went past, which turned into weeks, which turned into months.

Lwj did not outwardly have favourites, as that was unfair... but internally A-Ying was his favourite. No competition.

The bunny slept on the pillow next to lwjs head, or more often than not on lwj’s chest
It was one such night, a stormy night, when Lwj awoke to a loud clap of thunder that echoed through the room.

There was something wrong.
“A-Ying?” He called, for his bunny was missing. Gone was his light weight from lwjs chest. His fluffy belly and fluffy ears and fluffy tail.

“Yingying?” He sat up, feeling an odd resistance pulling at his sheets.
A sharp tug and the resistance was gone.

It was dark in the room, and Lwj squinted into the corners, hoping to see a smudge of black fur.


Lwj was reaching to turn on the bedside lamp when:

“Wh- what time is it?”
Immediately on high alert, Lwj turned his head and saw...


Or more specifically: naked skin.

Lots of it.

Naked skin on the naked person in lwj’s bed.

Did he mention they were naked?
‘Who are you?’ Lwj should ask. ‘Why are you here?’ ‘Do you want to get married?’

All valid questions.

What comes out is:

“You- why are you naked?”
Quick reference for bunxian! ImageImage
“You can /hear/ me?” The stranger gapes.

He is very pretty...

Lwj cannot afford to be distracted.

“Yes. I can hear you because you are speaking. Now, who are you and why are you... “ he gestured at the man’s everything “indecent?”
“I-“ the stranger looked down at himself, a wicked grin on his face when he raised his head back up. “Does gege like it?”

Lwj is sure he hears a ripping sound that must be the bedsheets.

‘Yes’ he thinks.

“Shameless!” He says
The man throws his head back and laughs, and Lwj Struggles.

His neck... is a very nice neck.

Lwj needs to focus.

“Shameless!? er-gege, how could you be so cruel to your A-Ying?”
“You are not A-Ying.” Lwj scowls “you are human and A-Ying is a rabbit.”

“But am I human though?” The stranger says, before he’s turning so his backside faces Lwj and Wow This Situation Is Escalating Quickly.
The view he gets is an unexpected one.

There is a tail. A real tail. A ball of fluff situated where the tailbone would be. It quivers slightly as Lwj observes, almost as if it’s waving hello.

Lwj forbids his gaze from dropping any lower, however much he may want to
“See! Not human! Well- not completely.” The man chirps, turning back around. Those grey eyes are startlingly familiar now.

“A-Ying?” lwj whispers in disbelief.

“That’s me!” The man (lwj’s bunny??) cheers, then throws himself in all his nakedness into lwj’s lap
Lwj catches him, and A-Ying fits himself not unlike he did when he was a rabbit in lwj’s arms.

Lwj has so many questions. But A-Ying’s hair is tickling his cheek and he is talking, something about Lwj saving him and now A-Ying is indebted to Lwj
Unfortunately, and despite his firm thoughts against such inappropriate actions, he feels himself begin to grow... interested.

It doesn’t help that A-Ying keeps squirming on his lap.

“Stop moving,” Lwj demands, grabbing A-Ying by the waist
“Why gege? Am I heavy? I can get off your lap if I’m too heavy - ooh!” a-ying shifted again, a fatal move, and his eyes went wide.

“Is that... do you want me to deal with that, gege?”
“We should be married first. I will take responsibility for A-Ying, as my... bunny.”

“I’m yours?” A-Ying looks as if Lwj has just given him the worlds supply of cucumber slices.

“Mn. Mine.”
And then because they’re wangxian they get married like, 3 days later .

Lwj discovers very enthusiastically how sensitive wwx’s tail is 🙈

Wwx often transforms into his bunny form so he can be carried around on lwj’s head.

Wwx still likes cucumber sticks
Bonus before the end, another A-Ying!!

1st picture @ VyVy_13 showed me and I cried 🥺

2nd pic is A-Ying napping in lwj’s hands ImageImage
That’s it!! I’m very tired so I’m gonna end it here but I hope you enjoyed A-Ying and Lwj! Thank you for reading, and here’s a link back to the top if anyone wants 🥰🥰
Also disclaimer- I unfortunately do not have a bunny, so if any of this is wrong factually I apologise 💙❤️

• • •

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15 Jan
Wangxian post canon where one night, Lwj is late home. Wwx knows Lwj has been teaching today, so he goes to find his husband instead. When he reaches lwj’s classroom and slides open the door he sees Lwj, and in his arms is a gently snoozing baby disciple
Lwj blinks slowly in a gesture to tell Wwx to move quietly, but Wwx is already barely breathing in fear of waking the sleeping little one.

The little body rises and falls with each slow breath, and lwjs hand is a cradle on the back of the child’s head
‘How long have they been sleeping?’ Wwx mouths at lwj, who replies ‘since the end of class’

The child’s breath catches and they both freeze, then let out a silent sigh when no further reaction happens.

Wwx treads carefully over to the pair
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14 Jan
This xz with this yb
YB picking xz up on his motorcycle. It’s a cold day, and xzs cheeks are flushed red as he hurries up to yb. YB smiles as he takes off his helmet, hands reaching up to tug at the edges of xzs beanie and pull it further down to cover his face.

“There, now you won’t be cold”
Xz laughs and tries to wrestle Ybs hands away but it doesn’t work so he just carries on giggling, and YB is so endeared by him and basically what I’m getting at it is that they’re soft and in love
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14 Jan
Wangxian post canon where it’s snowy in CR, and Wwx decides a snowball fight is in order. He gathers all the juniors, lays down the basic ground rules “no concealed rocks in your snowballs” and then they’re off!

It’s utter mayhem. LJY is screaming, Lwj is trying to protect Wwx-
Wwx gets a snowball thrown at his backside that Lwj destroys with wangji. LSZ is holding his own and both wangxian are very proud of their son. LJY is still screaming. And then Lwj gets hit in the face with a snowball.

Uh oh
There’s silence for a moment whilst snow slowly slides off lwj’s face.

“Well,” Wwx laughs nervously, “that was fun but I think it’s time to go home-“

“Wei Ying.”


“Hold wangj.”
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13 Jan
Lwj has been royal guard to the crown prince for years. He has accompanied the man to the ends of the kingdom, kept him safe and free from harm, and he has loved the man for as many years.

Now Wwx has been taken, and Lwj does not know what he will do if he doesn’t get him back.
Their relationship has always been... different. For one, Lwj will not allow anyone besides himself to guard the Prince. Besides his brother, there is no one he trusts enough with Wei Ying’s safety. Whenever they go to the town, Lwj is a steady presence behind the princes back -
money bag ready to hand for whenever wy would see something interesting.

“Tanghulu?” Wwx would call over his shoulder, eyes bright and smile wide. Lwj could refuse, he should refuse. But he cannot risk losing that smile. So he nods and accepts the candied fruit
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19 Nov 20
Lwj has noticed wwxs propensity for just throwing himself on the bed after work and falling fast asleep, still clad in his work clothes. He’s worried for two reasons- 1) the wrinkles 2) it mustn’t be very comfortable. When he talks to Wwx about this, the man just blinks at him -
“Sorry Lan Zhan” Wwx yawns. “I just get so tired yanno?” Lwj does not know, because he sleeps at 9, but he nods along anyway because Wei Ying is Wei Ying.

A solution presents itself one evening when instead of the bed, Wwx crawls onto lwj’s lap.
“Mm, you smell nice” Wwx mumbles, head nuzzling into lwj’s neck before his breaths even out and he falls asleep. Lwj holds him for the hours he dozes, one hand stroking over the curve of wwxs spine.
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18 Nov 20
Following a series of unexplainable events, 6 year old dragonji wakes up one morning with a warm head.

A very warm head.

There is also fur tickling his nose.

He thinks he might be wearing a hat, but then his hat snores and lwj realises that his hat is in fact a little fox.
Little dragonji doesn’t know what to do.

The fox is snoring gently, with occasional hiccups that make his entire -tiny- body shake.

Lwj decides to let him sleep.

The fox lets out a little sleepy burp as if in thank you.

Lwj smiles.
Luckily dragonji only has small antlers at this age, otherwise his new companion might be more uncomfortable.

As it was, one little paw was wrapped around where lwj’s antlers were just beginning to grow out of his head, as if making sure Lwj didn’t run away.
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