10-Truths You Aren’t Ready To Admit
(Reading this might hurt)

1. You can’t force people to change

Think about how hard it is to make a change in your own life.

After you realize how hard that is, you’ll realize you have no chance of changing someone else.
2. Your life is a result of the decisions you make

Start taking responsibility for your actions.

If you’re always placing blame outward then you’ll never realize your mistakes & grow.

Always be accountable.
3. People less qualified than you are living the life you want because they took risks & you didn’t.

Wanna know the difference between you & someone successful?

They believe in themselves no matter what & know they’ll achieve success by any means.

Bet on yourself.
4. Reading books will not change your life

You can read all the books in the world & your life will still be the same if you don’t apply that knowledge...

Successful people are the ones that can utilize the information they learn to the fullest.
5. You go to work in a suit to make money for someone chilling at home in pyjamas

You think the CEO is waking up at 5 am to get ready to clock in?

Hell no, that’s your job.

Your 9-5 fuels someone’s luxurious lifestyle.
6. Appreciate what you have before it’s gone

This is said all the time but it’s the truth.

Things can be taken away from us in a split second. That includes your own life.

Make sure you always make enough time for the people you love & the things you love to do.
7. Just because you’re super busy doesn’t mean you’re getting stuff done

Make sure you’re always completing your important tasks first

Many people get caught up in menial tasks & never end up finishing the ones that matter.

Work efficiently, never confuse motion for progress.
8. You’ll never be wealthy until you control your time

You can have all the money in the world, but what does that bring you if you have no time to spend it?

True wealth comes from the ability to spend your time how you want.

Money is not the end goal, freedom is.
9. Those who fail to learn from their past are doomed to repeat it

Fool me once? Shame on you

Fool me twice? Shame on me

Never let a failure go to waste, there’s always a lesson you can learn

The longer you take to learn it, the more times you’ll end up failing because of it
10. Failure is inevitable

It’s impossible to be perfect, failure is bound to happen.

Stop thinking of success & failure as mutually exclusive, the truth is they go hand-in-hand

Failure is part of the process.

Success is inevitable too if you keep going!
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Never rely on 1 source of income...

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1. Amazon FBA - Private Label

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This means that Amazon fulfills every order on your ad.

It’s their job to package the item, ship it out, and ensure the customer receives it...

Basically all the hard work!
This is amazing because theoretically you never have to see your inventory!

The opportunities on Amazon are endless and only expanding

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Let’s continue...
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There are exactly 36 days left in 2020 ⏳

Why wait to start that business?

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& have BOOMIN’💥

Going into 2021!

1. Amazon FBA - Private Label

My personal favourite & my main income stream at the moment🔥

Amazon continues to grow and the possibilities are endless

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If you don’t know what “FBA” stands for, it means “Fulfilled by Amazon”

This means Amazon fulfills every order that is placed on your ad. They package it, ship it out, and they make sure the customer gets it.

If you want to learn more I’d suggest you check out: @andyisom100K
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