Worth a watch. @JolyonMaugham explodes @MattHancock's claims:

- ludicrous to think that a civil servant responsible for transparency obligations would have had to have been retasked from PPE procurement.

- Hancock's "technicality" defence is spurious, and disliked by the judge.
@JolyonMaugham @MattHancock Worth a watch /2. @JolyonMaugham explodes @MattHancock's claims:

- why did we buy so much PPE at all-time high prices?

- in every case looked at, the PPE was duff - either unsuitable, or non-sterile

- price; quality; quantity: all are dubious.

@JolyonMaugham @MattHancock Worth a watch /3. @JolyonMaugham explodes @MattHancock's claims:

- High Court supporting GLP's 'standing' makes it possible to bring future cases.

- the matter got profile on #Ridge and #Marr

- the 'crony' msg is resonating across the media spectrum.

@JolyonMaugham @MattHancock Worth a watch /4. @JolyonMaugham explodes @MattHancock's claims:

- Hancock said, this morning, that he had done nothing wrong. No real conception of public service.

- there is a live issue over the contract given to Hancock's publican mate.

@JolyonMaugham @MattHancock Worth a watch /5. @JolyonMaugham suggests that @UKLabour @Keir_Starmer should be doing much more to expose corruption failings (and JM does use the word).

If Judicial Review is closed down by HMG in E&W by statute, GLP could well sue in Scotland - a different legal system.
@JolyonMaugham @MattHancock @UKLabour @Keir_Starmer Worth a watch /6. @JolyonMaugham: something like £1.3 Billion has been awarded to consultancy firms.

He suggests that this is because the civil service is so "hollowed out" that it cannot manage these contractor relationships properly.


• • •

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20 Feb
Express, so not factually reliable about "expats" in Spain, though there may be an exodus.

But it ends thus:

"You no longer have the best of both worlds, and people can't rely on speaking only English to get by."

>> If you go live in another country, *learn the damn language*.
I have some sympathy for those who struggle to learn another language at a fairly advanced age, having never done so before.

None whatsoever, though, with the Brit 'just speak English, but speak it louder' brigade.

And I assure you they do exist.

But you can be assured...
... You can be assured that, in Spain, you will not get easily formal residence without being able to speak Castilian to a level where you can hold your own over quite complex legal and process matters.

Or if you have a friend or an adviser (€€€) who can...
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25 Jan
@DLidington 1/n


And that is my issue with it.

Set aside the Parl 'binding' red herring, because we are talking about *govt* being bound, not Parl.

Do you agree govt could have used 2011 AVRef (which you do not mention!) as a template to make EURef binding *on the govt*?...
@DLidington 2/n

That it did not follow the AVRef approach was productive of ambiguity.

The ambiguity? A Ref result which was (a) legally not binding on govt; but (b) understood to be *politically binding*.

An ambiguity which Leave used to good effect....
@DLidington 3/n

My questions:

1) Why did govt not use a 2011 AVRef approach?

2) Were you, and govt, aware of the ambiguity of holding an advisory Ref, and that that might lead to a marginal Leave result having to be treated as...
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25 Jan

I know it’s a recollection from 2015, and I know that some people rate @DLidington quite highly.

But I, for one, will never forgive or forget the hoax perpetrated on the British people, arising out of his 16 June 2015 HoC speech as Europe Minister.
@DLidington 2/4

As a result of his words, a (legally) advisory referendum (with therefore no supermajority or national locks) was held – for it only to become (politically) mandatory, once Leave had won.

And, as the unfolding dire export situation now shows, the national shafting began.
@DLidington 3/4

Either Lidington knew this would happen, and was in on the gerrymandering. or he himself was duped.

I do not think he has ever said which of those unpalatable options was the case.
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19 Nov 20

@pritipatel is - and has been found to be - a bully.

On her public utterances alone, "kind" is the last word anyone would apply to her.

@TomTugendhat used to be so much better than this feeble submission to all things neo-Tory.

What happened to him?
@pritipatel @TomTugendhat The only reason Patel may have some support across parts of the Tory bedrock vote, despite her incompetence and bullying, is that her unremitting xenophobia appeals to part of that increasingly UKIPified constituency.

@pritipatel @TomTugendhat And, after her frankly subversive Israel meetings, she should never have been appointed to a senior or indeed any govt post.

The only reason she was, was her hardline Brexiter credentials.

Mr Tugendhat does himself no favours in supporting her.

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18 Nov 20
Such a vile tweet, which implies that you cannot be both Muslim and British/English.

This tweet is reported to @Conservatives @10DowningStreet @amandamilling and to @HoCStandards.
@Conservatives @10DowningStreet @amandamilling @HoCStandards @Mike_Fabricant To be scrupulously fair, Fabricant did also tweet as below a little later.

But the tweet at the head of this short thread has not been deleted, or apologised for. Image
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23 Jul 20
.@LindsayHoyle_MP now has the summer to contemplate what the future for HoC is to be, and what he wants as his legacy as Speaker.


1) HoC becomes a fossilised institution, honoured in the breach by a rampantly authoritarian Tory government....

@LindsayHoyle_MP ...Gradually, HoC offers less and less scrutiny over runaway Executive power-grabbing.

To achieve this, Sir Lindsay needs to do... precisely nothing. Carry on turning the creaking Parliamentary cogs, as if nothing were wrong.

@LindsayHoyle_MP Option 2) HoC revivifies itself as a (even, the) wellspring of democracy in our country.

To achieve this, Sir Lindsay will need to be bold. With others, he will have to find new ways of working...

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