"We would love to integrate our town, but you see we have this system of building wealth that relies on segregation."
Ken Jackson worked on "Crabgrass Frontier" for years and she just...tweeted it out
Having spent time in West Hartford there is a quality to it where it represents like the purest distillation of the suburban project. There is no aesthetic appeal to those weird mixed brick-and-wood colonials. It is all about the fact that It Is Not Hartford.
Like Newton Highlands represents the same terrible dynamic but at least the houses look nice

• • •

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20 Feb
I should probably have more of a sense of solidarity but I can't believe the NYT ran an article on how in a different doctoral field people are now not getting placements 100% of the time
Humanities PhDs are like zoning in that if you explain the basic framework of the system to someone who isn't already familiar they refuse to believe you because it sounds so ludicrous
As someone noted there is a predatory aspect to what’s happening with MDs where people are getting enticed into enrolling at foreign medical schools that are seen with skepticism by American employers. But if anything that only highlights how crazy the humanities situation is...
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20 Feb
When driverless cars were discussed 50, 60, 70 years ago, the idea was always that at low speeds they would be human controlled but once on the highway you could put them on a sort of autopilot and it strikes me that this is still fundamentally what we're going after.
I could see the biggest thing driverless cars replacing being short- and medium-haul flights
I think what we're realizing is the amount of inherent danger in mixing cars and pedestrians is so great that it is tolerated only informally and if you actually try to program the same amount of risk tolerance into an AV no lawyer will sign off on it
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15 Feb
Lewis Mumford on the highway bill: "The most charitable thing to assume about this action is that they hadn’t the faintest notion of what they were doing. Within the next fifteen years they will doubtless find out; but by that time it will be too late to correct all the damage."
Mumford made the mistake of framing his criticism of "Death & Life" in incredibly misogynistic terms, instead of just panning its content like all of his friends did
Also I find Mumford's long-form writing style circuitous bordering on unreadable. But then again as you all know I am not a fan of D&L's prose either so...
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14 Feb
lol one preservationist saying the quiet part loud theeastsiderla.com/neighborhoods/…
The thing is I don't think most historic preservationists actually believe this. But what's certainly true is that their overriding priority is to preserve buildings, and any second-order goals have to be jammed into that framework
This is why preservation used to be touted as a way to raise property values and is now touted as a way to fight gentrification. People will say whatever needs to be said, so long as the outcome is that a building gets landmarked.
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12 Feb
Honest to god I do not understand the from-the-left critiques of the Klein piece
He's saying California is full of performative liberals! Isn't that what the left says on here every day? You're mad that someone else is laying claim to this 50 year old idea???
People need to have a politics that consists of more than triangulating away from people they've decided in advance they don't like
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12 Feb
The way the Greenwich Village preservation people are leaning on the old NAACP building to give a social-justice gloss to their fight to create a whole south-of-Union-Square historic district is really shameless
🤔 ImageImageImageImage
If the NAACP building is important because of its former tenant, why are they trying to diminish its unique significance by also claiming that various other buildings around it are also worthy of landmarking
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