Cw/ nsfw #OsaMei

The thing about being 197 cm tall is that everyone assumes you're a top.

Worse than that, no one even asks. They take one look at Meian's height, his broad, athletic build, his big hands and hairy chest, and well.
Suffice to say most partners are bent over before he even has a chance to suggest otherwise. 

So he's not expecting much when Miya Osamu approaches him at the bar the Jackals have occupied after their game. He's met Osamu before; he's got a cool confidence that Shugo has always+
liked, coupled with a wry sense of humor. From the stories he's heard about him from Atsumu, he suspects Osamu might have a short fuse that makes Shugo wonder…

Well. It doesn't matter. He's got 10 cm and at least a few kilograms on Osamu. Shugo knows how this goes by now, +
knows what to expect when Osamu sidles up to him at the bar with a grin.

To his surprise, Osamu is the one offering to buy him a drink, the one putting a hand on Shugo's lower back to lean in and hear him better over the noise of the bar, leaving his hand there even +
as he looks away to flag down the bartender. Osamu is the one gesturing towards the side door of the bar and suggesting they head outside to the alley for a smoke. 

Shugo waves him off. "I don't smoke, sorry," he says, reaching for his drink.

Osamu grins. "Neither do I."
Osamu keeps surprising him. Shugo thinks about everyone he's ever kabedoned against a wall in the alley outside of a bar and wonders if they all felt like this, if they all felt overwhelmed or like they just couldn't get enough air in their lungs.
Osamu doesn't seem to care a lick about their height difference, leaning into Shugo like he's entitled to his personal space, one hand on the back of his neck and the other curling around his waist.
Osamu kisses dirty like he's trying to win a fight, all aggressive tongue invading Shugo's mouth and teeth pulling at his lip until Shugo groans, sliding down the wall while his hands grip Osamu's shoulders. 

"Shit," Shugo breathes out, watching a lingering string of spit break+
between their mouths.

Osamu pauses, puts a little more space between them as he looks at Shugo's face. "You good? I can stop, if yer uncomfortable. We can go back inside and act like nothin' happened."
Shugo laughs at that, lets his hands trail down from Osamu's shoulders to his chest, feeling the defined muscle beneath his shirt and suddenly understanding why people do this to him so often. "M'good," he says. "Just uh. Not used to doin' things this way."
Osamu considers him for a moment, then breaks out into another cocky grin that Shugo won't admit he's into. "Oh, I get it. Bet people want ya to dish it out but don't think about if you'd rather take it, huh?" The hand on the back of Shugo's neck trails around to his front,+
Osamu's thumb dragging over his lips.

"I think you'd look real good takin it, Meian-san. If you'll let me give it to ya." His other hand slides down Shugo's waist, cupping Shugo's ass and pressing their hips together.
Shugo curses under his breath, leans in to kiss Osamu again. "Yeah," he says, smirking. "Yeah, alright. Try me." As if his heart isn't about to beat clear out of his chest at just the thought.

Osamu hums, his hand resting at the base of Shugo's throat. "Take me home, Cap."
Gimme a minute yall i need to make some coffee and wake up before i can continue this
Osamu likes to push Shugo back against things. He does it in the cab on the way to Shugo’s place, pressing him back against the window until he’s nearly laid out in the backseat with Osamu’s leg between his thighs as he trails kisses down Shugo’s neck and bites at his collar.
(This, too, is novel; after years of hookup partners climbing into Shugo’s lap in the backs of taxis, Shugo isn’t quite sure what to do with his hands in this position. As it turns out, tangling them in Osamu’s hair is a good option.)
(Osamu is also the one to tip the driver extra to compensate for the horny passengers: another novelty for Shugo.)

Osamu pushes Shugo’s back against the wall in the elevator, in the genkan as they struggle to take their shoes off without separating their mouths,+
against Shugo’s bedroom door when they finally make their way down the hall. Osamu pushes him back onto his bed, and Shugo gets to lean up on his elbows and watch Osamu pull his shirt over his head, revealing smooth, defined, frankly huge pecs to rival Shugo’s own.
Osamu’s hair is ruffled as he smiles when he catches Shugo looking and unbuckles his belt. Shugo is quick to follow, scrambling to shuck his jeans off and pull his shirt over his head just as Osamu crawls onto the bed, his knee between Shugo’s spread thighs.
Shugo keeps a running list of things he’s never done before: lying back on his bed and letting Osamu set the pace, resisting the instinct to take hold of Osamu’s waist and reverse their positions is definitely new.
He finds that he likes it, clings to Osamu’s waist and rolling his hips up until their cocks press together through their underwear. As it turns out, Osamu is even stronger than he looks, easily splaying his hand on Shugo’s hip and pressing him back down into the bed.
Shugo can’t help the way he gasps and curses into Osamu’s mouth.

Osamu laughs, the sound vibrating into Shugo’s mouth. “You sure no one’s ever had had ya like this?” he asks, leaning down to bite Shugo’s collar.
Shugo’s responding laugh is floaty. “Heh, not quite,” he says. Not since before his last growth spurt, when he was 16 and experimenting with his own high school captain.

“That’s too bad,” Osamu says with a hum. He slides his hands to Shugo’s pecs, cupping them and kneading+
the muscle until Shugo groans.

“I mean, yer daddy material and all, but,” he pauses, his fingers lightly pinching Shugo’s nipples and making him arch his chest into Osamu’s hands. “Daddies gotta be taken care of too, I think.”
“Fuck,” Shugo groans, long and loud and rumbling from deep in his chest. “If yer gonna do somethin, better do it now, Osamu,” he says, and Osamu laughs, sitting back on his heels and reaching for the waistband of Shugo’s briefs to pull them off.
“I hear ya. Grab me yer stuff, will ya?”

Shugo is quick to retrieve his lube and a handful of condoms from his bedside drawer, and Osamu laughs again as he reaches for the bottle. “Thanks fer the vote of confidence,” he says, setting the condoms aside for now.
He pauses to grab a pillow from the head of the bed, tapping Shugo’s hip in a signal to lift up so Osamu can wedge the pillow under him. He uncaps the lube, pouring it onto his fingers. “Have ya done this before, daddy?” he says with a smirk.
Shugo’s breath leaves him all at once, laughing as he drags his hands down his face. “Once, long time ago.”

Osamu nods, using one hand to spread Shugo’s cheeks as he leans down and begins massaging circles around his hole.
Sinking down to lie on his stomach, Osamu licks his lips, glancing up to meet Shugo’s eyes. “Anyone ever eaten ya out?”

Shugo inhales sharply. "No. Never."

Osamu tuts under his breath, the tip of his finger beginning to prod at his hole. "Their loss," he says, leaning in.
He licks a long, flat stripe between Shugo’s cheeks, all the way up to his balls, pausing to take one in his mouth and suck, his tongue massaging the skin all the while. Shugo has to actively keep his voice down as a long, drawn out moan punches its way out of him, his fists+
clenching until he can hear his knuckles crack.

It occurs to Shugo, for just a moment, that he hasn’t...shaved, or trimmed, in a while, and a thread of self-consciousness threatens to creep in, to have him tell Osamu to stop.
But Osamu doesn’t seem to mind, using his fingers to brush aside the dark hairs around Shugo’s hole and immediately digging in, his tongue circling Shugo’s hole with with enthusiasm.
Shugo whines, higher and louder than he’s ever heard himself, his hands scrambling for purchase on the bed. Seeing this, Osamu pauses, licking his lips and moving his hands to the backs of Shugo’s knees, pushing them towards his chest until his ass is on full display.
“Hold these fer me, daddy,” he says, and Shugo is helpless to comply, his fingers curling tightly around the backs of his own knees, holding himself open for Osamu.

Osamu, who now uses both hands to spread Shugo’s cheeks and get back to work.
His tongue is a wicked thing as it works to get Shugo’s hole all wet, filthy sounds echoing in the bedroom. Shugo’s legs shake when Osamu begins to work his tongue inside, leaning in to press his nose into his perineum, occasionally nudging up under his balls +
and making him whine again.

Another thing that’s new to Shugo: holding himself open to Osamu like this, as if on display, and just...receiving. Letting himself take without giving, letting someone take care of him unabashedly.
“Fuck, Osamu,” Shugo groans out when Osamu’s lips close around his hole, sucking gently until Shugo can feel his muscles begin to relax. Osamu pulls off, his mouth and chin glistening with spit.

“There ya go,” he says, reaching again for the lube. “Just relax fer me, I gotcha.”
Warming the lube between his fingers, he begins to prod at Shugo’s hole again, sinking in one fingertip while Shugo gasps. He pulls his finger back, sinking it in just a bit deeper on the next go while Shugo reminds himself to breathe and relax.
Osamu trails his tongue again from Shugo’s hole, over his perineum and his balls until he’s licking a firm stripe up the length of Shugo’s cock until he closes his lips around the tip.
Shugo can’t stop his hips from jerking forward at that, sinking his cock deeper into Osamu’s mouth while Osamu takes advantage of the distraction and slides the rest of his finger into his hole.

Shugo lets his legs go until they’re splayed out on the bed +
on either side of Osamu’s broad shoulders, one hand grasping the pillow behind his head and the other tangling into Osamu’s hair. Osamu braces his forearm across Shugo’s pelvis, holding him down as he sucks his cock and fingers him open slowly and thoroughly.
With three fingers steadily fucking into Shugo’s hole, Osamu pulls off his cock, kissing the head and licking salty precome from his lips. “Ya got a real nice cock, daddy,” he says, dragging his tongue firmly up his length.
“Nice an’ thick. I’ll have ta take it for a ride, one of these days,” he says. Shugo grunts, his fingers tightening in Osamu’s hair.

Osamu locks eyes with him, slowing his fingers down. Shugo finds himself chasing them, moving his hips to beckon for Osamu to speed up again.
“Listen, Meian,” Osamu says. “I don’t have to fuck ya, if you’d rather not. Can make ya come just like this.” He punctuates by angling his wrist and curling his his fingers, tapping against Shugo’s prostate and making his whole body jerk with a punched-out moan.
“Swear, if you don’t fuck me I’m never comin’ to yer restaurant again,” Shugo grits out between his teeth, and Osamu laughs again.

“Alright, I gotcha, Cap,” he says, pulling his fingers out and wiping them on his own underwear before slipping them off.
Shugo watches him with bated breath as he rolls on a condom, grips Shugo’s thighs with both hands and pulls him closer until his cock is sliding between Shugo’s cheeks. He leans down, resting one hand on Shugo’s chest, softly dragging his fingers through the hair as he leans in+
to kiss him again and lines up his cock at the same time.

The first push has Shugo grunting into Osamu’s mouth, hands reaching up to grip his shoulders and accidentally biting his lip, “Shit, sorry,” he says.
“S’okay, just relax,” Osamu reassures him, sliding his fingers down to thumb at Shugo’s nipples again. “Y’feel real good, daddy. Fuckin tight around my cock.”

Shugo curses under his breath, his hips jerking and towards Osamu, both groaning as he slides in a bit more.
“Fucking hell, kid,” Shugo says with a laugh, blinking through the stretch. They kiss lazily, tongues sliding wetly against each other as spit clings to their lips and Osamu steadily drives himself forward.
Osamu can’t help the way he rocks his hips once he’s fully seated in Shugo’s hot, tight ass. “Fuck, ya sure you’ve done this before? Gonna make me embarrass myself, m’so close already,” he says, rocking forward again.
Shugo tries to laugh, but it tapers off into a groan as Osamu’s cock drags against his prostate for the first time. “Told ya it was a long time ago, just--fuck, keep going,” he pants, his cock filling again where it had begun to soften against his stomach.
He braces one hand against his headboard and pulls at the short hairs at the base of Osamu’s neck, making him curse. He wraps his legs around Osamu’s waist, ankles locking behind him and pulling him in closer.
Osamu groans, the sound rumbling from deep in his chest. “Fuckin slow down, I’m gettin’ there,” he says, beginning to build up a steady rhythm of fucking and grinding into him.

“Hurry up,” Shugo says, already reaching down to jerk himself off. “C’mon, fuck me.”
“Yer real demanding,” Osamu says with a laugh. Osamu’s eyes darken as he licks his lips, bracing himself with one hand at the base of Shugo’s throat. “I like that.” He uses his other hand to steady his hips and pull them up to the right angle for his cock to drag +
against Shugo’s prostate every time he drives forward.

Shugo can barely believe the noises coming out of him, breathy grunts every time Osamu fucks into him, curses under his breath as his thighs tighten against Osamu’s sides.
“Fuck, Osamu. Gonna make me come,” he says, his hand moving faster over his cock.

Osamu grins, picking up the pace. “Yeah? Gonna come on my cock, daddy? Fuck, do it, wanna see ya.”
Shugo curses through his teeth, a moan tearing from his throat as he comes all over himself, spurting onto his stomach and chest while Osamu looks on with wide eyes.

“Shit, yer so fuckin hot, Meian. Almost there, fuck.”
He fucks deep into Shugo a few more times, their skin clapping loudly as they collide, and leans down to sink his teeth into Shugo’s shoulder as he comes, both letting out deep, rumbling grunts as Osamu grinds forward and fills the condom.
The moment Osamu pulls out, Shugo collapses onto the bed, rubbing at the spot on his shoulder that Osamu bit into. “Trying to eat me, kid?” he says, laughing.
Osamu’s eyes are still dark and hazy as he stares down at Shugo’s chest, at the come spattered all over the thick, dark hair on his chest and stomach. “Hmm, yeah,” he says, leaning in and licking it away, moaning as he drags his tongue through come and hair, smacking his lips+
as if savoring the taste.

Shugo looks on with wide eyes. “Fuck, Osamu, yer gonna kill me,” he whispers. “I don’t think I can get hard again that soon.” He laughs, near delirious, and drags his hands down his face.
Osamu laughs, leaning in to kiss Shugo again, letting him taste himself on Osamu’s tongue. “Don’t worry, daddy,” he says, his smirk already mischievous. “I can.”

i have been working on this for so long please

• • •

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13 Feb
Nsfw //

skts a/b/o, slight food kink?

A lot of omegas are soft. That's how media likes to show them, anyway--soft, nurturing, childbearing figures meant to elicit protective and comforting feelings.

Kiyoomi has met/been with enough omegas to know it's a bullshit stereotype, +
a harmful one that perpetuates antiquated view of omegas and alphas alike, a toxic mindset meant to keep everyone in their place.

Secondary gender theory aside, Atsumu is not soft. Kiyoomi's fiancé works hard to stay in prime condition, and the result is a body of hard muscle+
that Kiyoomi can't get enough of. Even when Kiyoomi takes greedy handfuls of Atsumu's thighs and ass as he prepares to mount him, the flesh beneath his fingers is firm and strong.

Kiyoomi doesn't think of Atsumu as soft. Not his body, not his ambition, not his sometimes abrasive
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