Ego is an evil, demanding dictator that finds it’s home in a section of the left brain. It demands that you act a certain way to be liked & attain more wealth but by listening to it, people end up broke & miserable.

The mind then becomes a barren, desert wasteland of misery & hopelessness instead of a luscious garden of happiness, love, life & hope which is God’s will for us.

The ego literally is the devil on the left shoulder.

The only way to get rid of it is to readjust the mind which leads to the luscious garden we all desire.

The instructions are in the “Course In Miracles” book.

There is a misconception of the ego where people think the ego means self confidence but this is not true. It represents the feeling of superiority/inferiority while, in truth, everyone is equally worthy which is explained in the book as to why.

Equality doesn’t mean everyone must have the same. It means everyone must have equal opportunity because, beneath the surface of life, we are all equal. This is complex to understand but the book explains it.

Ego is the opposite of God. We agreed to be born with the ego just for the joy of eradicating it which makes life MUCH, MUCH better when done. Ego also makes duality possible.

• • •

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21 Feb
Life, Universe & Oneness

Every being in life is a focal point of consciousness but all these sets of eyes are really part of the same head because life is one person.

Life is normally perfect but becomes much less than what it is in the universe with the goal of returning to what it once was: perfect Holiness.

The reason the same life harms the same life in the universe is due to pure confusion and ignorance plus ego.

If the dog thinks you are the enemy and bites, we say the dumb dog doesn’t know any better. Same with humans.

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20 Feb
Illuminati Movies

This 1970s film starring Sean Connery explains a lot about the elites & their overall plans that includes AI. The movie is quite entertaining.

Warning Spoilers

.... Image
Here’s what happens in a Tldr.

The elite separated themselves from society completely because they didn’t want to be a part of the suffering world. They used AI and other technology to control the world. They enslaved the people who they considered unconscious savages.

They made a giant flying stone head called Zardoz which looked like a God figure to fool the humans. This God head spoke to some humans & told them they are the chosen ones & their task is to destroy humanity by killing them with guns before they destroy the world.

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18 Feb
Dangers Of Selfishness

Self-absorption and selfishness is one of the most dangerous ways to live because all the effort put behind the energy usually leaves people broke, alone and abandoned in the end.

Also worldwide selfishness leads to hell on Earth.

The perfect way to be is balanced. We are our brother’s keeper when they are in our local reality only and we are also the keeper of ourselves. It’s ok to split the subway sandwich with another but don’t give him the whole thing & starve yourself.

You are an equally important person. If you sacrifice yourself for another, you harm yourself which makes bad karma. If you maintain balance where you help others only with the excesses of your collective gifts in life, then you are perfectly balanced.

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16 Feb
End Suffering

Suffering is resisting what is happening right now.

Don’t resist. Let it flow through you freely.Don’t fear it. Trust the process of life.There is a reason ecerything is happening. If you resist and suffer,you ruin your inner peace & manifest more suffering.

If you conquer the moment by establishing mental peace even in a seemingly bad experience, then you are manifesting a future peaceful experience. If you suffer, you instead manifest more suffering in the future.

It is more profitable to manifest peace by remaining peaceful.

To do that means to not resist and to trust God. Not all perceived bad things are bad. A man losing his job can be good because he ends up working for himself in a more profitable and fulfilling job.

The key is to trust God who made the process to begin with.

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15 Feb
Commie Tricks

The Commies learned the hard way that Karma is real so they cannot harm us directly. They must indirectly manipulate us to harm ourselves. To accomplish this, they use indirect threats usually in media.

For example they will make a movie on how a guy who didn't pay his taxes went to jail or they will pay a real life actor to pretend to be such a person. This way others get scared of jail and pay up yet they don’t tell you that only a handful of people ever go to jail.

This indirect threat manipulates sheep to go against their own free will and give their money for taxes which are all pocketed by the 1%.

The Commies then report that taxes are voluntary thereby keeping bad karma down.

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15 Feb

Life will never bring you a challenge you cannot conquer. The challenge is more often than not meant to unlock your own abilities to yourself.

A trial is a massive challenge that erupted after you refused to do something for a long time. For example, the refusal to drop human greed led to a worldwide economic catastrophe which we are still climbing out of since 2008.

A person who refuses to even try to get ahead can face a similar challenge that lasts for a few months where he has to try or he will sink his life.

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