A witch is a person who practices witchcraft. Witchcraft is made of two words that are witch and craft, so witchcraft is a craft of using spells to manipulate or influence nature. It has always been there in the world but not all people are skilled in this craft coz not all are..
Spiritually gifted. Those who could not learn the craft wanted to control those who knew about it.....sadly they couldn’t easily do so cos duh 💁🏽‍♀️ spiritually inclined people could detect things from afar. Sadly sellouts sold out the secrets of this craft and the..
Bad guys managed to penetrate through into the systems of people with this craft and made the knowledge work to their advantage. Christianity or religion is one of the ways they have managed to convince people that this craft is very bad and they used the term in a bad way....
Until masses got used to the “uncrafted “ people’s definition of what a which was or is. Proud witches are alive till date in Europe, that’s where this word was coined.
Of course there are people who use such crafts or knowledge to hurt or harm others but this craft...
Was never for that. Well I used to use the word the way I was taught too in church but a lil bit of research helped me. The same “uncrafted” people came to Africa and told Africans that their spiritual powers were evil and that they must shun then....little did they know...
That by doing away with African spiritualism they were doing away with their power and the spiritual systems guarding them as people. Traditional and spiritual healers in Africa were killed or arrested coz of this and Christianity among other religions was forced on Africans...
Now Africans themselves are the ones running away from African spiritualism calling it evil and using the term “witchcraft “ to refer to it. ...........tired of typing.

Lemme sleep......goodnight

• • •

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21 Feb
The real Egyptians were Black people ......fragments their cultures, practices, values etc are found all over Africa today.

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21 Feb
Did you know :

On this day of February 21, 1965, our comrade from
Struggle, revolutionary Malcolm X, one of the most powerful figures of the black movement was murdered in the United States with the complicity of the American terrorist government.
African American black nationalist Malcolm X was shot dead by three extremists during a speech in front of about 400 people including his wife and children. After the first shot that hit him in the belly, two gunmen approach and fire between 16 and 20 bullets to finish him off.
This is a man who spent his whole life fighting for the freedom of the black man. Talented speaker, with a brilliant and intuitive mind, as well as great moral and intellectual probity the great Malcolm X fought tirelessly in the service of the black community and human rights..
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16 Feb
Did you know:

Before Moshoeshoe and his Basotho nation of Lesotho, Basotho people were there. Moshoshoe didn't find Basotho, but he founded a nation made up of Sesotho speaking people from different Sesotho speaking clans in which the British imperialist in Southern Africa...
erroneously called the Basotho nation cutting them off from the rest of other Basothos outside Lesotho in the Orange Free State and Transvaal in present-day South Africa, Botswana as if Moshoshoe and his people were unique from other Basotho people.
Basotho people were there before Moshoshoe the son of Mokhachane of another Basotho clan of Bamokoteli clan, united the smaller and vulnerable clans of Basothos under his Bakwena clan leadership during the Shaka wars of difaqane after other Basothos had migrated to different...
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BaPedi, Do You Know One Of Your Own - Thabo Patrick Sefolosha?

Born on May 2, 1984, Thabo is a Swiss-South African professional basketball player who last played for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association (NBA).
He has also played in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls, Oklahoma City Thunder, Atlanta Hawks, and Utah Jazz, in the Turkish Basketball League for the Fenerbahçe, in France for Élan Chalon, in Italy for Angelico Biella, and in Switzerland for Vevey Riviera Basket.
In 2006, he became the first player from Switzerland to play in the NBA, and in 2013, he was labelled the best Swiss basketball player of all-time by Swiss newspaper Freiburger Nachrichten.
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Also known as the Northern Sotho or Basotho ba Leboa and the Marota or Bamaroteng, are a southern African ethnic group that speak Pedi or Sepedi, a dialect belonging to the Sotho-Tswana enthnolinguistic group.
Northern Sotho is a term used to refer to one of South Africa's 11 official languages. Northern Sotho or Sesotho sa Leboa consist of 30 dialects, of which Pedi is one of them. BaPedi are almost exclusively found in South Africa's northeastern provinces which are Limpopo, and..
parts of northern Mpumalanga. Other Northern Sotho tribes can be found in South Africa's northwestern provinces, and speak various other dialects. Examples of tribes with variations of Northern Sotho are found in Ga Mamabolo, Ga Mothiba, Ga Dikgale and Ga Mothapo.
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BaTalaote People

They are an ethnic group found in the central district of Botswana and south-western parts of Zimbabwe in Mthwakazi/ Matebeleland South Province . They are part of a large group of ethnic groups called Bakalanga. Over the years Batalaote lost their language...
and adopted Kalanga for those in Zimbabwe and Sengwato, which is spoken by the Bangwato, for those in Botswana. The Talaunda and the Wadoma could share a common ancestor. Both tribes have significantly high cases of ectrodactyly.
Batalaote (sometimes spelt "Talaunda") meaning glance back while trudging on, are a very large tribe even though they are divided & live in various parts of Botswana & Western Zimbabwe. They are Lozi people and their totem is a heart/pelo/moyo and they do not pierce their ears.
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