@_MentalMama_ @ClareCAIS @batpatronum @XO83766320 The problem here is that gender identity - which is what these illustrate - is nothing to do with intersex medical conditions.
I applaud and recognise that you're trying to do the right thing by what you teach your children, but there are so many myths and misinformation 1/
@_MentalMama_ @ClareCAIS @batpatronum @XO83766320 about us everywhere - schools are even teaching nonsense about us - you will be hard pressed to get it even part way right.
It is not true that all intersex people are born with a penis and a vulva. In fact, virtually all of us have our sex easily observed at birth, just 2/
@_MentalMama_ @ClareCAIS @batpatronum @XO83766320 like every other human.
It is not true that intersex people are not part of the sex binary. We very much are. All of our conditions are sex specific, we underpin how strong the binary is.
It is true that not all women are XX and not all men are XY.
It is true that some (very) 3/
@_MentalMama_ @ClareCAIS @batpatronum @XO83766320 rare conditions mean the boundary seems a little fuzzy. But we still know the sex from how the body has developed.
It is not true that every intersex person has had unnecessary surgery. Most conditions do not produce ambiguities.
Unnecessary surgery (IGM) still happens and 4/
@_MentalMama_ @ClareCAIS @batpatronum @XO83766320 needs stopping.
What people with VSDs need most is the right information getting out, and proper instersex specific funding for support services. Because we're barely 0.20% of the population, there's a tendency to throw us in with other groups who do not share our needs.

• • •

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More from @RaeUK

21 Feb
This is Christine.
She is a software developer.
An entrepreneur.
A writer.
An AI engineer.

Christine is clearly very intelligent.
Christine thinks intersex people should have a third marker in the UK census, in case they don't know what they are.

This is untrue, but her heart is in the right place.
Christine is told by nice people her view is wrong.
She doesn't like that.

Christine thinks she is right and everyone else should educate themselves.
Read 7 tweets
19 Feb
I used to be a fan of @omid9. I say 'was' because, as he unexpectedly popped up on my TL, I went to see what all the fuss was about.
And, save for the mightiest of Reverse Ferrets and / or the most grovelling of apologies to those he's maligned, I can't see this ending well 1/
at all.
It seems he decided to stick his hand into the Woke Cookie Jar and, in doing so, managed to label women in general, and those working in academia in particular, as 'nazis'.
2/ Image
Unsurprisingly, he was taken to task about this. One of those doing so was @PankhurstEM. She went on to answer his charges quite fully.
I will add here that Dr EM has me blocked, and vice versa. We fell out over something I've long since forgotten. However, that doesn't 2/
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2 Feb
@Women___Exist @vampire_juice @KnownHeretic @elonmusk @clxxxxrxxxxxxx That's an old post. However, it's something that does come up a lot, so am happy to address it ...
It's a complete myth that all babies born with VSDs (Variations of Sex Development, the proper name for 'intersex') are subjected to unnecessary sex assignement surgery. In fact, 1/
@Women___Exist @vampire_juice @KnownHeretic @elonmusk @clxxxxrxxxxxxx the vast majority have their sex easily observed in utero or at birth - just like everyone else. A very small percentage of babies born with a VSD may have complex genital ambiguity. But, even then, the majority of those stll have their sex easily observed. It is only 2/
@Women___Exist @vampire_juice @KnownHeretic @elonmusk @clxxxxrxxxxxxx the very rarest who may have such complexity that unnecessary surgery has been performed. This is something that needs to be stopped, rare as it is. There is no excuse. Especially as, nowadays, there are thorough sex determination processes available, run by multi-discipline 3/
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31 Jan
I firmly believe it's in the interest of intersex organisations to solely focus on intersex issues, and for trans organisations to solely focus on trans issues.
We are losing potential funding, our voices are being drowned out, it is time for a parting of the ways.
The single 1/
biggest 'concern' from trans ppl that I get thrown at me is this: whaddabout intersex trans ppl?
Well, what about them? Think it through, they'd be in clover. Those rare few would be represented by both types of organisations. Not rocket science. /end
#Intersex #IntersexAutonomy
If we want our own organisations, we're the wrong kind of intersex and can be ignored ...
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28 Aug 20
@RFKHumanRights @KerryKennedyRFK, I read your statement, ref @jk_rowling, with mounting shock and horror.
In your wild dash to kneel at the altar of bigotry, you chose to take along intersex as your sacrificial lamb - like so many have done before you. 1/
The science is indeed 'clear and concise' - biological sex in humans is a dimorphic binary and intersex proves that. In fact, our medical conditions are sex specific which is how we can be diagnosed. By perpetuating the myth that sex isn't binary, you other us 2/
and feed directly into a climate of Intersex Genital Mutilation. Our blood is on your hands.
You link to an article by Fausto-Sterling who, in her own right, has caused us so much damage. This is the person who used our often traumatic medical conditions to 'prove' there were 3/
Read 8 tweets
8 Jun 20
@damienridge @Jessica12uk Hi Prof, have you read that thread? I have. It's using a very small number of intersex people as 'proof' of Sex Spectrum Theory.
We're not that proof. And, frankly, people who use and abuse intersex and our often traumatic medical conditions this way are no better 1/
@damienridge @Jessica12uk than the '1980s homophobes' you talked of just a short while earlier. Can you not see you're doing the same thing?
Look, Prof, 99.98% of all humans - including intersex - have their biological sex easily observed in utero or at birth. That's right, virtually every baby. For 2/
@damienridge @Jessica12uk the remaining 0.02% there's robust sex determination systems available.
That sex spectrum would, essentially, look like to long rugby posts next to each other and seperated by a golf ball.
Let's be clear, there is no scientific evidence to support that theory.
Biological 3/
Read 7 tweets

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