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21 Feb, 13 tweets, 2 min read
getoita in a grim reaper!au where

Getou faces retribution. His sins are too great that he is put to work for millenniums to come - set to wander the earth, fetching the souls of newly-departed people.

He faces the giver of divine justice.

A choice has to be made.

Is he to lose his memories of his most beloved or is he to suffer all the years with them?

Despite the line of pleasant memories, the short but sweet history and the insurmountable amount of joy the man has brought to his life, Getou debates on the very question he never wants to think about.

"Do you want to forget him?"
It is one question Getou knew will come.

But no preparation can ever suffice for this moment. Nothing can ever attempt to ease the despair that clouds his vision as each tear streaks his cheeks.

His knees are painful from kneeling and his wrists are bound on his back.
And at the door of death, he hesitates.
"This is your punishment."

Getou knows. He knows all too well it is.

But he isn't willing to let go of the only person he loves. If only he can keep him alive, even just in his thoughts, he would.
"If you don't, it would pain you more."

Getou grasps the front of his shirt in attempts to grab hold and ease himself of the throbbing pain there.

It does him none of that.
He draws in a breath and whispers - one so low and so pained, Getou never thought he is capable of such sound.

"I don't want to,"

He sucks in a long deep breath, "but I should. I should set him free."

Even now, he only ever thinks of Yuuji. Only his beloved, never himself.
"Then that's enough. He will be gone. You will forget about him. And you will never cross paths again."
Getou hears himself wailing.

He screams so loudly as he feels himself empty, with each memory of Yuuji passing and fading like a smoke in the wind.
He slumps, eyes blank.

He's gone. He doesn't remember him anymore.

Or maybe his brain doesn't. But his hearts does.
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22 Feb
Yuuji being a model for roleplay costumes for this one big sex shop. It's a side job and his friends and colleagues do not know about this at all. It's not like he keeps it from them but he does not see the need for them to know. He's just getting extra cash on the side after all
Yuuji's chilling with Megumi on a campus bench one time and Yuuji gets sent an email containing files of his last photoshoot.

The photographer this time wants to hear which photos he prefers since all of them are good anyway -
- so he gets a say on which ones will go to the magazine and brochure.

He goes, "Wait, Fushiguro. I just have to answer this email."
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20 Feb
... i have to feed myself, that's what
my new (and only) achievement as a person who writes: being first to add a piece for a tag that has otherwise 0 works 😩🤧 I'm gonna be delusional and claim I made the tag too 😩
Ngl tho, still surprised this tag did not exist or had 0 works?? @.@ i was expecting a few works alr in there thooo @.@ but okay, I'll take it. I'll feel honored being the first one to fill it
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20 Feb
nanagoyuu where

Yuuji picks up two abandoned plushies, only to wake up to two towering men in his house.

a.k.a nanago turned into plushies, thank heavens yuuji picked them up 😩

Yuuji picks up two plushies from the street corner, where the trash are dumped. They're perfectly good plushies - one, a cute blonde-haired, suited, with weird looking glasses chibi plushie, and the other, a white-haired, clad in black, blindfolded chibi plushie.
He's thinking of sending them to laundry & cleaning them up to donate them to a nearby orphanage.

If they'll just get thrown, why not give them to kids who can use one or two more toys, right?

And besides, they're still in perfect condition. Even Yuuji finds them extremely cute
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19 Feb
goyuu with angel!yuuji and demon!gojou

Yuuji forces his way into a night out and despite a string of warnings from Megumi, he still falls into the trap of the morning star.

"They say Lucifer has the most attractive face."

And oh boy, does he do. He's exactly the one Megumi has been warning Yuuji about.
The repetitive "Stay away from him. The second you see piercing eyes staring at you, move, run, scramble away, do what you have to do. Just don't get caught into his trap," plays in his mind.
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19 Feb

CW || smoking , cigarettes

Yuuji realizes he's that one last drag.

Yuuji always smells cigarettes in Getou's breath. It has not been long since he started dating the man nor has it been long since the other started smoking. Whenever they kiss, it always leaves a taste in his mouth that has him cringing at first.
"How much do you smoke?" he asks him the first time he tasted them on his boyfriend's lips.

"Hmm? Not much. Just a few sticks through the day. Why?" The elder is dismissive at best.
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19 Feb
nanagoyuu in an AU where

a mole or freckle appears on the spot where you get lots of kisses from your soulmate. And the beauty mark - whether the size of it or darkness of it, depends solely on how much you have been kissed there.
Yuuji does not know of this phenomena, but oh boy, his body is littered with moles and freckles of varying sizes and darkness. This is what you get when you have two boyfriends (who are apparently your soulmates too 😩🤧)
And Yuuji, one time, goes to this university camp. It's at the beach so he has to take off shirt and even shorts sometimes, in favor for swimming trunks.

Everyone gets flustered upon seeing his body. Oh heavens, the number of them! Yuuji just looks at them confusedly
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