Covid is weird. It doesn’t behave like the flu.

Outdoors is relatively safe. Even in large numbers, especially when people are circulating around, as you would during a street party.

Or a protest.
The only reason police and National Guard tend to get Covid during protests, btw, is that they stage indoors, often without masks.

I remember seeing a number of masked MPD climb into a van. Once they thought they were out of sight of the public, they took their masks off. 🤦‍♀️
To which one of the protesters shouted to the last police officer climbing in: “Don’t get into the Covid van!”

When it comes to Covid, outdoors good, indoors bad.
One other odd thing about Covid: About 20% of cases are responsible for most of transmission.

I’m not a scientist but I wonder if that will lead to vaccinations having an outsized impact on Covid rates.
These superspreader events that are responsible for most of transmission tend to happen in places like nursing homes and hospitals.

Two of the places where we’ve vaccinated the most.
Counterpoint: Restaurants, conferences, and churches also lend themselves to superspreader events.

If we go back to normal too soon, before widespread vaccination of the public, we might prolong the pandemic.

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More from @LiteraryMouse

22 Feb
One of the questions I’ve been researching regarding #Jan6 is why the insurrectionists didn’t storm the Capitol with guns.

Short answer is that they were aware of DC gun laws. They understood that bringing guns into the Capitol would automatically result in serious jail time.
That said, there is significant evidence that they brought guns to DC and were prepared to use them if the opportunity presented itself.

These guns were stashed in cars, hotel rooms, and in the case of Eric Munchel (aka Ziptie Guy), likely placed in a bag on the Capitol grounds.
There are also indications that whatever plans the insurrectionists might have had were disrupted when Trump supporters started storming the Capitol earlier than expected.

They had to leave their weapons behind to attend Trump’s speech, then didn’t have time to retrieve them.
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9 Jan
In regards to the #CapitolCoup, I’m in a unique position. I monitored forums ahead of time and then was present for the coup itself.

These are my observations based on what I saw and the evidence that’s been collected so far. I reserve the right to adjust my analysis as needed.
Let’s talk about the organization of the coup first. Seeing some people insist that the coup must have been highly planned and coordinated.

Yes and no. This was a #StochasticCoup. We’ll see little evidence of direct communication between Trump and the insurrectionists.
Within the insurrectionists, there was not one group that executed the storming of the Capitol.

Rather, there were a number of smaller groups working independently towards the same goal. I expect you’ll see little evidence that these various groups communicated with each other.
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8 Jan
First call of the day is to my Congressman. He was reluctant to support impeachment last time around.

This time, he’s already signed onto articles of impeachment.

You can use to call your rep and see where they stand.
My two senators are next. One has a full mailbox, for the other, a staffer picks up.

I ask them if they’re all right (they say they’re OK). I tell them when impeachment gets to the Senate, they need to support it and that they also need to call on Hawley and Cruz to resign.
Heard impeachment won’t start until next week and called my House rep right back.

Emphasized that for the sake of the republic, Dems must do it today.

Then called Pelosi’s office and left a message, emphasizing that point. As long as Trump is in office, we are in grave danger.
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7 Jan
I know you all meant well, but don’t ever tell me to stay home again.

PS-I didn’t stay home.
Standard disclaimer applies: Some people can’t come out to protest due to health concerns, disability, or financial limitations.

As I like to say, there are many ways to fight fascism.
Most of those who told me to stay home were fellow liberal activists.

To my fellow libs: You’re already doing the good work. We flipped two Senate seats in Georgia. You guys are brilliant.

Just take that same energy and apply it towards fighting fascism. We need your help.
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2 Jan
I keep seeing tweets by progressives urging local DC activists to stay home on January 5 and 6.

I’m going to attempt to explain why that’s problematic.

Standard disclaimer: I’m a white lib. I live in the DC suburbs. I speak only for myself.
DC activists aren’t dumb. We know when a faction of Trumpers say they’re showing up with guns and storming Congress, that they’re setting themselves up for a world of hurt.

To quote Sun Tzu: When your enemy repeatedly punches themselves in the dick with brass knuckles, let them.
The Minecraft faction, as these Trump supporters are sometimes referred to, are directing their violent intentions towards 3 groups:

1) Congress
2) Local cops
3) DC residents

The first two are probably going to be just fine. It’s the third group activists are worried about.
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