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21 Feb, 9 tweets, 2 min read
I want to address a tweet that I hastily sent out (& later deleted) this morning, now that I have time to respond fully

I suggested that Web 2.0 Silicon Valley values were incompatible with a regenerative & interdependent world. My tweet lacked nuance, and the tone was off
I'll start with the tone: it was needlessly inflammatory

I have been loudly & vocally salty about Big Tech Corporations on Twitter over the past decade; all the same that attitude is not conducive to the the expansive & supportive consciousness we are co-creating with web3
I want to directly apologize to @gilbertolenzi who did not deserve the language that I used directly to him, or indirectly in a later subtweet

I want to thank @iamharaldur & @alexoid for calling me out, and for giving me the space to respond (I was in class all morning!)
ok, so onto rephrasing what I said

the technology industry we have is not working. the model of centralized companies owning & profiting off of user data while keeping it in silos engineered to be anti-competitive is not working. we need alternatives
the alternative is a decentralized & democratic web that prioritizes & rewards the people creating works of cultural value, not the people creating platforms that syphon that value off from the collective
this is not about bitcoin bros who got in early & are now cryptomillionaires - I promise you I am not one of them!

it about rearchitecting our information economy around smart contracts (tldr: monetized, publicly-accessible RPCs) & prioritizing creators
people working in highly-compensated web 2.0 roles (especially at large corporations) are incentivized to not recognize this, because it is about more than their personal BTC wealth: it is about whether their job & company is a shattered illusion
this illusion is being perpetuated by the corporations, who by the means of golden handcuffs (which I personally have benefited from in the past!) keep technologists from questioning the foundations of their mythology too deeply
so yes, Web 2.0 / 2010s SF-Silicon Valley culture / Big Tech IS incompatible with the future we urgently need to build, because it is rooted in centralization & the syphoning of value from users

I will keep talking about this; I will use less antagonistic language in future

• • •

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19 Feb
you: “what’s stopping you from implementing [lofty interdependent artist utopia] with our existing system?”

Our existing system, in “the “most technologically advanced country in the world”” wants me write myself a CHEQUE to pay myself & closes down wire transfers on the weekend
Our existing system has shown that it crumbles in the face of crisis. It is broken. I have no faith in it for today’s needs, and I certainly have no faith in it for being able to support the vision of an equitable society I have in my head
Universal Basic Income (& other schemes of providing for people’s needs) will never come if we wait for failing governments intertwined with a corrupt economic system to build them. *that* is the fantasy

Supporting each other is always within reach

That is what we’re building
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19 Feb
great balanced article about the environmental impact of NFTs by @JoanieLemercier

mytakeaway, as ever, is that large open editions of NFTs have disproportionate impact on the environment, and something that I am committing to not participate in joanielemercier.com/the-problem-of…
this is the way I am balancing my impact, right now

I also still drive a car, but one that is relatively efficient

I've barely flown in 5 years and when things open up post-COVID, I will continue to do so sparingly

there is a huge range of nuanced action available to us
ELI5 on large editions: when you mint an NFT, some platforms give you the option to sell it many times to different buyers

many of the most shocking stats about NFT energy are about editions of, say, 500

me & the artists on @withFND are only selling 1/1s
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6 Aug 20
Taylor Swift as classic graphic design books, a thread

(ht @jeanqasaur)
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