The U.S. has many of the worst health outcomes in the world:

54% of kids with at least one chronic illness;
worst coronavirus outcomes;
among the highest autism rates in the world.

Imagine thinking that the remedy for these huge problems is just more censorship of critics. 🤔
We make fun of the widespread censorship because these people are clowns. But there is a serious problem here. The social media giants engage in "logic & reasoning" that any 12-year-old could dismantle. The CDC engages in "scientific reasoning" that any 15-year-old could destroy.
Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Wojcicki, Pichai, Fauci, Collins, Gates -- these people are not serious thinkers. They are hacks, stunted children in adult bodies, damaged, broken, soulless mercenaries for capital. No society should let these people lead because they are not fit for purpose.

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22 Feb
Yeah see that's the thing: not only were the initial coronavirus vaccine clinical trials scientifically inadequate, but they are now going to reformulate these vaccines to address new variants with no further safety reviews. Humanity is completely f'ed.…
Genetic manipulation of the majority of the world's population on a yearly basis from conception until death with no clinical trials to assess safety. That's the world that we live in now. It's the Nazis wildest dreams come true. The undesirables will be genetically re-written.
The totalitarian mainstream position is now complete. They believe that 'anyone who dares question the safety of these vaccines is crazy and deserves permanent house arrest or worse' -- and the mainstream view of vaccine safety is based on literally no clinical trial data at all.
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16 Feb
For the last 200 years, society had a method for arriving at the truth: have an open & fair debate. Big tech & the minions they own have a new approach: a vast Stasi-like network of private thought police grouped under the Orwellian term misinformation/disinformation studies.

What's fascinating about these efforts is that the news is more corporatized than ever. The big 3 PR firms each have more than 100,000 employees each. And a vast network of private intelligence agencies have emerged including Archimedes Group, Black Cube, & NSO Group...

So one *would think* that "misinformation/ disinformation studies" would have their hands full working to illuminate the dark ops techniques used by giant multinational corporations to distort the news. But that's not what they do at all.

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4 Feb
I got hit by two reporters, @shayla__love & @annamerlan, at today. They are apoplectic because the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting system is showing so many deaths & injuries from coronavirus vaccines and they have volunteered to hide Pharma's crimes. 1/
Let me set the record straight because neither of these reporters contacted me for a comment (even though I'm easy to find). They quote a tweet where I point out that VAERS data “represents an estimated 1% of actual vaccine injuries." They then label this as "false" & then... 2/
they call Paul Offit who claims to not understand where this 1% number comes from. Paul Offit is of course lying (natch, that's what he's paid to to). If these reporters would have contacted me for comment I would have pointed them to... 3/
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12 Jan
This is the video that is causing any pro Trump narrative about the siege of the capitol to evaporate. It's sickening. Not staged, not scripted. Not Antifa nor BLM. Not 'just a few people.' Not Viking guy nor podium guy. An angry Trump mob lynching a cop.…
Here is the video without needing a subscription. We do not know the name of the officer. It was not Officer Sicknick. Metropolitan Police are declining to release the name (which I think is wise). Sickening.

Newsweek has the story:…
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27 Dec 20
Ruh roh: every article in the NY Times Sunday Review today is about how normalcy will never return. They are right... but their reporters are unaware of the actual underlying reasons. The U.S. is entering the 5th year of its Weimar period. Structural weaknesses are everywhere. 1/
American workers produce a lot of wealth... about $20 trillion a year. And most of it goes to 10 oligarchs who control the political system. So the average citizen is left struggling in spite of doing good work. This has been true for 50 years & is getting worse. 2/
Every year the U.S. sacrifices half of its children to the Vaccine God. It's a level of human sacrifice unparalleled in human history (the Aztecs were amateurs by comparison). Pharma so completely controls the system that few realize we are in the midst of The 2nd Inquisition. 3/
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23 Nov 20
15 days of prophylactic hydroxychloroquine would have ended the pandemic in March.…
We could have stopped the pandemic for $300 million (2 doses of hydroxychloroquine each, 50 cents a tablet, 300 million people). Instead the U.S. set $16 trillion on fire and that number is still growing -- with ZERO impact on coronavirus cases.
It was within Trump's power to make this happen. Fire Azar, Fauci, Redfield, Adams, & Bright on March 15. Hire Atlas. Explain it to the nation in a televised address. Release the national stockpile. Business as usual would have returned in early April. He can *still* do this.
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