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ok but back to that clip of taehyung sleeping with namjoon for the first time & asking to hold hands or hold each other in bed
maybe some canon divergent AU where they go on a trip to an island (being me, i wanna make it costa rica or jamaica) & vmon share a room together in the villa. joon is resistant to tae's wanting to cuddle up for the first 3 days--but then one night tae is stressed out
with filming and misses home & it's clear not being able to cuddle with someone at night to decompress is shit icing on the shit cake of the entire experience so joon is like c'mere, taehyung-ah, and scoops him close. and it's amazing, actually, how NJ can feel every muscle
in taehyung's body relax when he holds him. how he lets out this heavy breath as if it'd been burdening his lungs the entire day. and namjoon... likes that. how taehyung nuzzles up and dozes off instantly, slurring out a husky, "th'nk you, hy'ng." he likes being able to do that.
so. it's compromise, right? namjoon realizes he can do this. he can bring taehyung comfort in a way he hasn't been able to receive since they began filming in this foreign country. and every night since all namjoon has to do is open his arms and taehyung cuddles up instantly.
how it turns into sex happens so gradually that namjoon couldnt even tell you. some nights taehyung flops onto the bed after his shower and his face is all wet and flushed from the hot water, yes, but clearly from crying. namjoon doesnt know what to say, but he can offer his arms
there's a night that taehyung is sore from the rock climbing activities they did early that afternoon. despite the copious amounts of sunscreen, there's a light burn on the back of his neck and shoulders, too. namjoon quietly massages taehyung's shoulders while reading
one hand on the book, one hand digging into those knots in taehyung's back. and th relaxes as fast as he's always done, except now he's making these little, sleepy whines and groans, like joon is massaging his dick and not just doing him a favor
but namjoon tries his best to ignore it and keeps massaging until taehyung's chest rises and falls steadily, eyes closed and body completely slack as if he'd fallen asleep. & nj puts his book down and settles under the covers to go to sleep, too. except tae /is/ awake & he turns
over to latch himself to nj's side like they'd been doing all week. except except. except. he's half-hard, and it's pressing into nj's thigh. and /nj/ realizes he's hard, too. and taehyung is suddenly /not/ sleeping and is watching namjoon through the dark.
"hyung," is all taehyung has to say. just a low, rumbly 'hyung' that nj can hear and feel where tae's chest is pressed to his side.

NJ turns his head to look at him, too, tries to say something,maybe, he's not sure; he just knows he opens his mouth and suddenly he's kissing tae
two things namjoon realizes that night: 1) taehyung is loud during sex. how namjoon didn't know that before, considering they lived together for most of their time in BTS, who fucking knows. and, 2) the walls are thin in the villa. very thin.
he couldn't fully enjoy taehyung taking both of their dicks in his hand and jerking them off together because he could hear the thumping and giggling of jungkook and hoseok next door. he could almost hear their /conversation/ through the walls. but there taehyung was,
groaning and gasping as if he was getting the best dicking of his life. completely ignoring the fact that /jungkook and hoseok could almost most-definitely hear them/. and every time namjoon tried to tell him to shut the fuck up he'd open his mouth and moans would pour out
so namjoon did the next best thing and slapped a palm over taehyung's mouth, essentially muffling him despite the fact that he was still loud enough to get them caught. thankfully, it didn't take long for either of them to come—but damage already done.
namjoon spent the rest of the night & well into the morning regretting it. it was a stupid fucking idea to have sex with taehyung (his /bandmate/, as the /leader/) to calm him down. as some sort of cure for homesickness. it's taehyung. even if taehyung behaved as he always did
brushing his teeth, getting dressed, going out to shove his way into jungkook and hoseok's room to tackle them on the bed—namjoon felt that crushing feeling of guilt and regret through his own routine.
anyway this wasnt supposed to be some ~official~ tweet thread but i sure have been thinking about vmon a lot recently

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20 Feb
reading lots of literature of all kinds (academic, medical, non-fiction, fiction, fanfiction, etc.) has definitely helped my writing—but i think the #1 thing that has helped has been listening to and observing real person-people interactions
the different inflections in voices, the way some people speak so quickly they fumble over their words, how some people need time to process & collect their thoughts to convey them. how some people squirm or flail their arms in time with what story theyre retelling
& then more specific things—like how those that know multiple languages & speak english as a 2nd/3rd language directly translate from their native language (such as my mom saying "lock the door" instead of "close the door" bc lock vs. close aren't two diff ideas in her lang)
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