Kuroo and Daichi love each other and their love language is affectionate bullshittery
Kuroo: Daichi. Hey. Hey Daichi.
Daichi: what?
Kuroo: :)
Daichi: ...

1 minute later
Kuroo: Daichi. Daichi, hey. Daichi. Daichi. Daichi!
Daichi: What?!
Kuroo: I love you :)
Daichi: why are you like this
Kuroo: Hey Daichi?
Daichi: yes?
Kuroo: do you love me?
Daichi: yes
Kuroo: haha simp!
Kuroo: ow OW let go of my ear please I'm sorry!
Kuroo: Daichi Do you love me?
Daichi: if I say yes will you call me a simp again
Kuroo: no. But I will say you can have all of deez.
Daichi: lf you make a deez nuts joke, Is2g Kuroo
Kuroo, already running away: ALL OF DEEZ NUTZ HAHAA
Daichi: Kuroo?
Kuroo: yeah?
Daichi: you're beautiful
Kuroo: o-oh, thanks?
Daichi: I really want your kiss.
Kuroo: kiss? ////
Kuroo: if I had to assign you an emoji it would be the burger because you're meaty and delicious you have nice buns
Kuroo: what would you give me
Daichi: bone emoji.
Kuroo: wow
Daichi: because you're a bony motherfucker
Kuroo: yeah I think I got the point thanks
Daichi: okay sorry. It's the drumstick emoji.
Daichi: tasty and always makes me happy. Spicy, salty or sweet, depending on mood. I love to suck on the bone.
Kuroo: damn Daichi /////
Daichi: so Crispy too
Kuroo: ...are we still talking about me?
Daichi: comes with a variety of dipping sauces. Mm. I think I'm gonna get some fried chicken today....
Kuroo: I paid you a compliment and you're trolling me U_U
Daichi: okay, okay. Let's see... An emoji for you.... Potato
Kuroo: oh!! Versatile? Comforting? Tasty no matter what?
Daichi: all of that plus being very easy to roast
Kuroo: see if I ever let you eat my fries again
Kuroo, from the bedroom: if I told you I've fallen for you and can't get up, what would you say
Daichi: that you're a cornball
Kuroo: hahaha
Kuroo: ... What if I told you I fell off the bed and can't get up
Daichi: oh my god can you please ask for help like a normal person
Kuroo: ow i cut myself!
Daichi: Oh no let me get you a bandaid
Kuroo: please put it on for me?
Daichi: of course, sure
Daichi: ... this is ketchup
Kuroo: but i got you to hold my hand :)
Daichi: good bye
Kuroo: NO WAIT i really did cut myself it's on my other hand haha pls help
Daichi: ... this is also ketchup
Kuroo: Haha Daichi you're so easy!
Daichi: We barely have any ketchup left you shouldn't be wasting it like this
Kuroo: ...
Daichi: You used the last of it didn't you
Kuroo: mm. mmmaybee?
Daichi: Start running now
Kuroo: yes I think i will
Kuroo: I love you
Daichi: ...
Kuroo: Say it back
Daichi: No
Kuroo: Say it back!!
Daichi: no then you'll call me a simp!
Kuroo: but that's what you are! And that's what i am too! We're simps for each other
Daichi: whoever is teaching you these words, tell them to stop immediately
Kuroo: Daichi say you love me
Daichi: no.
Kuroo: I promise i won't call you a simp. I'm your boyfriend reassure me of your love
Daichi: fine, fine. I love you
Kuroo: Oh Daichi... I love me too
Daichi: Kuroo, are you up?
Kuroo: mmmghg
Daichi: Kuroo, come on.
Kuroo: noooo it's 3 in the fuckn morning Daichi
Daichi: yeah
Kuroo: hh well what is it
Daichi: I love you
Kuroo: .....This is payback isn't it
Daichi: yep :)
Kuroo: you absolute bastard. This is why i love you

• • •

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