My son just said that my hand is proof of everything and I was like, “no...well...I mean — fuck man, maybe.”
I told him that the universe is just itself over and over again infinitely and then I sat down in the car and stared at nothing and he was like, “why aren’t you driving??”
We talked about this this morning and, after a pretty long discussion, I discovered that he meant that skin is waterproof. 🙃

• • •

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20 Feb
Glass is not better for the environment than plastic,
it’s just bad different.
And if the complexity of this is annoying...yes. It is. Asking consumers to decide what is and is not green is a marketing tactic...a way to make consumption feel virtuous, not a path to sustainability.
We can make significant impacts with our choices, but they have much less to do with virtue-packaging than just decreasing the amount of stuff that gets created and shipped around.

Buying frozen concentrated OJ instead of the not-from concentrate stuff is an A+ alternative.
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4 Feb
I've been wrong before, but I'm feeling more and more confident that colleges and universities are going to lose their strangle-hold on higher ed. Not that they're going away, but it will be shared with new institutions that are not like anything we currently have.
Also, I'm not saying this will be good. I think the sexist of the new institutions will largely be interfaced with by people who are comfortable enough to be risk-takers. And so these places (physical or not) will consolidate the affluent to enjoy each other's sameness.
And those kids will feed off of each other's affluence and end up really powerful and successful, which will devalue the educations being received by people who worked their asses off to do exactly what they've been told to do for their whole lives.
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30 Jan
I’ve been asked a bunch why “shorting” (betting against companies) exists, and also seen a bunch of people call for it to be banned (or some such). I did some asking and here’s why shorting can be good:
When someone is able to bet against a stock (rather than just sell it) that provides incentives for them to find problems with the company. Are they reporting fraudulent numbers? Mistreating workers? Creating dangerous or faulty products?
Shorts are, in the best light, the highly paid hawks of finance. Scouring companies for lies, misdeeds, and shitty products. This is why lots of billionaires really really hate them.
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20 Jan
Ok, thread.

I believe that we shouldn’t hold platforms accountable for decisions their users make. That would break a lot things.

But there is a sense that that means platforms are free from wrong-doing because they don’t create content...they just host it.

Platforms create billions of hugely influential pieces of content per day. Far more important than any individual creator. Maybe more important than all of their users combined: Recommendations.
“But a recommendation isn’t content,” you might think. But hell yes it is. A recommendation is an editorial decision. Through recommendations, platforms don’t just determine what gets seen, they determine what gets made (because creators make way more of stuff that succeeds.)
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18 Jan
I just looked at eyeglasses with my microscope and I would like to formally apologize to everyone in my life.
Do you want to know the most upsetting thing I saw?
It was the visible droplets of oil apparently left behind when a skin cell slid across the glass to come to a stop. It was like skid marks.
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10 Jan
Splinter platforms like Parler always suffer from a malady I’m calling it the “worst people problem.” Basically, a platform that exists to provide a home for those who’s shitty behavior was unwelcome elsewhere will be composed almost entirely of people who are...just the worst.
This was a problem with every YouTube clone. And it’s more than just “ugh, these people suck.”

They are assholes, so they’re hard to make a product for. They’re always angry and always on the hunt for ways that they can manipulate, and that means often turning on the platform.
They build a culture of being mean and combative, of course, but it’s actually only fun to be mean to people who are behaving like normal humans. It actually isn’t any fun to be a total shitbag edgelord when everyone around you is also a total shitbag edgelord.
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