A read of Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 -- only law I find relating to "lockdown"--restrictions require Justice of the Peace. Health Minister, scientists/advisory group, Boris Johnson,CANNOT enact these restrictive measures alone. Am I right? legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1984/22
2/ UK, it appears that you may be being held hostage without an actual law permitting or allowing this. Can a barrister/UK legal scholar pls pin the law that allows these restrictions? Coronavirus Act does not, I read it all the way through.
3/UK has statutes, case law; people can't just do
s---t; leaders can't just crush businesses and hold you hostage, even absent written Constitution, even w monarchy. Plus you have ECHR: basic human rights...this appears to be completely unlawful, the situation in UK. Barristers?
4/ But where is the law or secondary legislation that allows any of these lockdown restrictions? I don't see it in either of these bills in the UK. The language just is not there.
5/Terrifying addendum allowing "lockdown", found by a non-barrister (citizen, just as good). Mar 2020. Also it MUST be reviewed every 21 days. But wow it targets restaurants, retail. Good news: it's only England. Wales, N Ireland, Scotland are free to go. legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/350/…
6/By what mechanism was this terrifying, totalitarian addendum made law? Did it pass or bypass Parliament? Can it not be judicially challenged? It violates every human rights law the British still are covered by. Esp the section on restrictions on movement. Parliamentarians?
7/ Post-Brexit you still have access to the European Convention on Human Rights, which this terrifying addendum above appears completely to violate:. fedtrust.co.uk/they-come-to-b…
7/ Yep, you in UK still have access to the European Convention on Human Rights, even after Brexit. Matt Hancock's terrifying totalitarian Mar 2020 addendum allowing "lockdowns" appears to violate your rights under ECHR. blogs.lse.ac.uk/brexit/2021/01….
8/ UK, please listen. This is "guidance." As I understand your system, this is not a law. And it should not be in the gov.uk site implying that it is a law. That is shockingly misleading. You can ignore these guidelines if you wish. gov.uk/guidance/natio…
9/ Wrong to say "find out what you can and cannot do." Guidance is just -- guidance. Outside of laws, you can do whatever you like. What sh---y treatment of citizens, lying to them like this, honestly. Barristers, "guidance" has no force of law, right? gov.uk/guidance/natio…

• • •

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19 Feb
I confess I've socialized every day and every night for three months with reasonable care and w/no mask, and I am fine. Grateful certainly but not surprised, having read through the actual science. Now I know that if you are basically healthy that is the safest thing you can do.
2/I should add details so no one takes risks. I'd never go out if symptomatic in any way. I sit diagonally from people rather than face to face, as in Japan. I open windows. I meet outside when possible. I wash hands and sanitize. I never go closer than six ft to strangers. But..
3/ that is how you behave if you read the actual peer reviewed studies, as I did. I also walk in sunlight, take 3000 units of Vit D (Vit D Calculator is on Dr Thakar's site, so ck your needs), C and zinc. But human contact boosts immune system and gives greater chance of immunity
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19 Feb
1/MUST-READ. THIS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING. 1995, "CDC Foundation" created. Allows Pharma to $$$ CDC. $28 million in ONE YEAR from Pharma, $13.5 million in ONE YEAR from @BillGates and Melinda Gates Foundation. CDC IS IN PART INVESTED IN PHARMA via foundation...thecovidblog.com/2021/02/12/pee…
2/ Thus FUNDING what CDC says to US. I am furious:my state, synagogue "await CDC guidance". Also support vaccines. BUT CDC IS PROFITING AND FUNDED BY BILL GATES AND PHARMA. CDC inflates COVID data too, per peer reviewed study.COMPLETE CIRCLE OF CORRUPTION. Needs criminal charges.
3/ BINGO. TOTAL CORRUPTION. CDC Foundation "invested" ONE BILLION in "lifesaving programs" worldwide; millions of its funding from Pharma, Gates. "PARTNERS" WITH FOR PROFITS (as does NHS dashboard). SO CDC IS INVESTED/ALIGNED W FOR PROFIT COMPANIES and its guidance is corrupted.
Read 7 tweets
19 Feb
1/This concerning email from Columbia County NY: "Recent positives were feeling ill and continued to go to work and/or socialized and potentially exposed many more people, putting them on Mandatory Quarantine for 14 days." Who is following "positives" around in my county? What is
2/ "mandatory quarantine"? What CT levels were used to identify these thoughtless, hedonistic "positives"? How is "mandatory quarantine" policed? Also: "Please continue to practice social distancing and wear your mask!" Where is peer-reviewed science from NYS Bd of Health about
3/ why this is Bd of Health policy esp now that data are in showing these don't make a measurable difference, but traumatize kids? And lastly: why are they reporting CUMULATIVE totals? 83 people in Columbia County NY died from COVID ( or "with COVID) SINCE THE START OF THE...
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19 Feb
Can @nytimes pls stop assailing Orthodox Jews? I have loved ones in this community; when I spoke to them about how they are, I was impressed that of ALL communities in NYS, this one was creating bottom-up, nuanced solutions right for them. Is that why they are so targeted?Enough.
2/ Also I longed to join my orthodox Jewish loved ones for Shabbat because unlike my secular friends in NYC, my orthodox loved ones have a rich social and emotional life, human touch and contact, they are not depressed or isolated, elders are safe, kids are not being traumatized.
3/ No disrespect to my secular friends. It's just really hard in NYC right now if you are not part of a vibrant community that is defying the dystopian "rules."
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18 Feb
1/ Had a lovely chat with an unnamed MA local public health director. She says they are not arresting people in their town for not wearing masks outside, that there is no science to support wearing masks outside that she has seen, and that you can contest your fine if you do...
2/get fined for not wearing a mask outside. She said she also has not seen studies to support masking kids in schools or out of doors. She said that the mandate to wear masks came from the state Dept of Health/Gov, and that no science was submitted to support that. She does not..
3/know if the mandate by Gov Baker (who still hasn't replied to me, it's been 2 weeks) is legally binding or not but that citizens can hire counsel to ask. And she believe that we will be wearing masks and distancing in spite of
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16 Feb
OMG OMG MUST-READ. Gates funded "public health modeling" U of WA institute that overstated risks of pandemic, that drove closures of states, which then led people to be desperate to take the vaccines that Gates also funded...that per Moderna, turn your body into Gates' new OS.
2/ Gates and Moderna and mRNA technology: modernatx.com/ecosystem/stra…
3/ Gates Foundation made a 20 million grant to Moderna for the mRNA technology in which Gates is also invested. Gates also funded the major news media that drove the push for everyone on the planet to get this mRNA tech in them drugdiscoverynews.com/gates-foundati…
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