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22 Feb, 4 tweets, 2 min read
Hey, witches. This is a crucial short thread.

The launch of our new #DontFundRape campaign will occur (hopefully) tomoz, not today as prev stated. It will target companies who pay political “donations” to the LNP, which can now be seen as an org. which covers up rape.

This short delay in rolling out #DontFundRape is due (as usual) to a lack of finances to pay workers. We try to pay all those who do the work to organise lists. It might seem like a quick task, but it takes hundreds of hours each month to organise & operate our campaigns.

The most valuable thing you can do today is donate to help us get this started. A 1-off amount, or (preferably) a recurring payment each month. This could be $5, $10, $20 or more/month, depending on your anger & income. Donations can be made via here:

If you’re furious about the cover-up of terrible crimes by this awful govt please fund our labour. We can then all force every LNP donor to #StopFundingRape.

Please pay women so we can help other women.

It’s concrete, it’s crucial, & (most importantly) it works.



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22 Feb

Short thread. If you disclose sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape within a group where the perpetrator is known to others in that group (which could be a family, work or social setting), here’s some of what you can expect to happen to you in the aftermath:

A few people may treat you v. well, but many people will:
A. Express surprise & horror but keep socialising & happily working with the perp.
B. Tell you they want to help but “can’t get involved” & “don’t want to get mixed up in anything unsavoury”.
C. Start to subtly ...

... or not subtly) distance themselves from you.
D. Inform you the perp couldn’t possibly be a danger to anyone else in the office/social group/family.
E. Privately talk with each other (& whisper to you) about whether you have motives for making the incident up.
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18 Feb
In case you don’t know, here’s a short thread on why @Facebook is doing this & why they won’t back down. Pls RT.

Apart from the fairness (which is #NewsCorpse blackmailing FB into paying them when it should be the other way around), be aware FB can’t do anything else.

If they give in on this, other countries will bring in similar laws, & FB will be forced to pay many billions for something that was never fair or reasonable.

For FB, it’s a simple economic proposition. They either lose Australians (who make up only 4% of their market) ...

... or they lose a far higher percentage of their income if other countries follow suit. Economically, they would easily choose to lose Australia.

This is why people closing accounts is so stupid: THEY DON’T CARE. They already knew you’d do this & they’ve factored it in.

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28 Jan
I will vote for anyone leading the Labor Party at the next federal election. & I won’t talk against that leader as altho I know I can vote for other progressive parties & still preference LNP last, ppl who see what I say may not know how to do that.

Short thread.

Which means anything I say against Labor or their leader will negatively influence their chance of winning that election. This doesn’t mean I think Labor is perfect, or even great. It means I think voting Labor is the ONLY chance AUS has of being a slightly better place.

Once it is a slightly better place, then ppl will see their lives improving & momentum will build to make it even better still. This is currently the ONLY way to make a better world. Yep, it’s really hard, & made harder by lying media (which is why we’re working on them).

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14 Jan
Here’s a thread about the media, prompted by many people seeming to not understand what’s going on RN.

15 years ago I worked for a training org. At one point the @theheraldsun, owned of course by #NewsCorpse, wanted to run a feature on the type of training we were doing.

They asked the company I worked for to design a quiz, to test people on what they knew about the specific skill set our company trained for.

We were, of course, happy to help. It would not only highlight many important safety issues, but would promote our services, too.

After doing preliminary work, the young journo working with us to plan the double-page spread sent an email saying it was cancelled.

The reason? One of @theheraldsun’s biggest advertisers weren’t happy about running the quiz. Reasons for their objection were complex ...

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16 Nov 20
A. Witches, this is a thread based on extensive criticism we’ve had this afternoon that we’re a “vigilante group” hell-bent on “taking down people for one mistake” becos of Pete Evans.

It’s been put to us that ppl are “scared to say anything” in case “the witches attack them”.
B. While in our opinion many of these comments vastly over-estimate our power, we’ll briefly address the main issues raised.

Firstly, here’s a list of people we witches believe we’ve had removed from positions of influence (or helped achieve this) in the past year or so:

Alan Jones
Sam Newman
Pauline Hanson
Pete Evans

What do these people have in common? Well, they’re all constant, unrelenting and contemptible offenders. They all lie and/or engage in overt racism, sexism, climate-denial, #COVID19-denial or other forms of hate repeatedly.
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13 Nov 20
1. Okay, witches, short thread.

We’ve spent today fielding dozens of messages from angry Aussies.

The gifting of ANOTHER 10 million $$ to #NewsCorpse is the last straw for many.

While old hands know what we witches do, there are new ppl all the time who want to get on board.
2. So: who are we?

We’re a group of about 75% women & 25% men, & call ourselves the witches. Our name comes from a text message Peter Dutton sent the wrong person 5 years ago.

Our first big campaign was to get Alan Jones sacked, by asking his advertisers to boycott his show.
3. After Jones was sacked, we were instrumental in getting both Sam Newman & Pauline Hanson sacked from Channel 9, both for outrageous racism.

Our next target was #NewsCorpse. Like you, we’re furious about the lies, denial of science, & disgraceful corruption enabled by him.
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