Almost got lynched by the KKK a while back during Work n Travel.
Okay imma cut some details to keep this shit as short as possible. So in the 4 years I've been on the Work n Travel program, i always went back to the same company. Twas a mobile amusement company. Every week for 4 months we go to different towns and set up carnival rides.
Bout 30 to 50 employee at a time n 25 to 40 rides sometimes. Most of the employees were either ex con white people or Mexicans. They took foreign exchange students from all over. Common thing to see Swastika tatts on ya coworkers and dem tryna refer to you as "boy" all da time.
Anyways, we traveled around 4 states. Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. VA and West VA got some of the most racist and stuck-in-time towns. Like people still dressed like da 60s, 1 black person in a town if any, rampant incest, ...
parents tryna sell their daughters to us n KKK buildings. Towns where under no circumstances, you should drink da tap water or you or your offspring will develop deformities due to experiments ran in those towns back in the day on their soil and water. Mi nah ask. A wa mi see.
Ok too much details n endless tales so lemme get back to this particular 1 in Buchanan, VA. So 1 night after work we went to this biker bar. Copper something was it's name. Aint no parties in these country towns so bar it was. It was always awkward going there.
You can feel the looks n hear the chatter. We always went with the white ex cons though, just so the bikers see we're with them. This night we just got paid and went a lil earlier, just the black Jamaicans.
Twas like 12 of us so we saying "we a bad bumboclaat man". Heh. Everybody in their doing their thing the we start hear all kinda "fucking niggers in here every got damn night" n all dem other niggerific shit you hear in da movies. So I'm looking to see who n him arguing.
Apparently he been mad we been in town all week n invading their bars n stealing their wimenz i guess. All of a sudden, fight bruck out, bottles breaking, bikes being pushed over. These the words i be getting... "You fucking nigger piece of shit.
We're gonna string your fucking asses up boy. I'm gon tie you to the back of my truck and drag you through the field." They start holding on to the Jamaicans and start dragging em out enuh. You know who aint riding a bike got a pickup truck outside. They went to the back of the
truck n took out chains bredda. We have all kinda "what i would do" plans for scenarios you hear but not this shit. I was shook n neva know what to do really. Luckily, one of the yutes made it outside the bar before it got extra hot and ran across the lot where our trailers were
stationed to get the boss and the other coworkers. So it's them i see blazing to the bar with guns loaded to save our black asses. The white ex cons didn't do much caz dey some racist bitches too. The boss fucking racist too but he can't really have headlines saying "foreign
exchange students lynched" while employed to his company.

They always warned us, whether day or night, never walk in these towns alone and stay away from these bars. Buy yo alcohol at walmart n take yo ass to yo trailers if it aint a civilized town.
Some of the bikers were actual KKK members and some were just regular fucking racists. At this point, it wasn't my first run in with them but this was very movie-like n traumatic. I actually went back to that town 3 more times after. Stayed inside though.
Also, the following day, i experienced my first tornado. Metal bending and ride destroying howling winds. People died. A story for another time maybe.

• • •

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