A bit of history, both new and familiar:

Year 955. Fears of the millenarian apocalypse looms over the Western world. Almost 1,000 years since Christ’s birth signals the end of days.

Heathen forces from the East have been gathering their strength on the carpathian plain...
Their raids into christendom are brutal and devastating. Unlike previous incursions on horseback, a massive invasion force of conquest has launched with siege engines and battering rams. Their target is a southern stronghold weakened by internecine war. The situation is dire.
The defense of the city is lead by an elder seer, a bishop with a long white beard dressed in white ecclesiastical robes. He rides around on his horse and his only weapon is a crucifix. Survival depends on aid from the north, from the embattled Saxon king of western lands.
The king possesses an ancient spear of power, a lost holy relic that pierced the side of Christ. The bishop rallies the garrisons to hold off the advancing horde of darkness. The invading force must be stopped or it will be the end of Christendom. They call on the king for rescue
The siege begins. At one point, the eastern gate is smashed by the battering ram. As the attackers pour in, the white bishop stands in the pass with his cross held high. The defenders are able to repel the attack and close the breach. But they cannot hold off much longer.
The defenses begin to falter under the waves of attack. Just when it seems the city is about to fall, the people hear the sound of battle horns over the horizon. They look up the hill, and there they see the Saxon king and his heavy cavalry, brandishing his holy spear of power.
He charges down the plain and shatters the heathen hordes who greatly outnumber his army. The enemy is trampled down and utterly wiped out. Christendom is saved. That evening, amidst the bodies of the fallen and cries of the dying, the king is hailed by his troops as Imperator.
Six years later, the king is in Rome where he is crowned the new emperor of the revived Roman Empire. It is the Return of the Imperator.

Battle of Lechfeld = Battle of the Pelennor Fields
Otto the Great = Aragorn
Spear of Destiny = Andúril
Bishop Ulrich = Gandalf
Magyars = Sauron/orcs

• • •

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