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22 Feb, 16 tweets, 10 min read
Social media is a little weird, and especially causes a rather problematic illusion - that in general, the world moves along in a way that you want it to. If you like or subscribe, the system will work harder and harder to ensure you see even more that you seem to like.
But when it veers off, into a different direction, it will sometimes give you a glance under and put you into direct facing with a world you maybe, perhaps, didn't want to see.

This is how I found out about B.Relaxed.
B. Relaxed can be defined, roughly, as an alternative medicine believer. He is very anti-vaccine, very much into what he calls nutrient-dense food, and mostly promotes the idea of a life free from what he considers a corrupt, broken healthcare and medicine industry.
He speaks in a lot of Q-ish language, about bursting outside the paradigm of forced thought and crawling out of Plato's cave, i.e. ignoring all media, reports, news, and statements that promote what he thinks is bad.

He uses a variety of backgrounds to speak like this.
You'll note that he pushes his ideas wearing hospital garb, in medical facilities, and in front of hospitals. This is not unintentional. Bradley (his name is Bradley) wants you to feel the weight of the medical establishment as he indicates it as corrupt.
One side note: He is big into Chemtrails. I don't have time to go into his other stuff, but he's big into a lot of other stuff besides the medical establishment, but again, no time.
At the bottom of all of this stuff is a pitch, of course. Most people don't have an overriding urge to speak for literal hours and hours about a problem unless they conveniently have a solution, usually at a price.

His is essential oils and supplements.
I get it, everyone's gotta hustle to get by. Bradley Jay, I mean, Bradley Hanselman, has a hustle to tell people that eating fruits, vegetables, and buying his side-business oils is the key to happiness, and that everyone, I mean, absolutely everyone else, is out to kill you.
But, you see, those long discussions from Bradley on Instagram about how corrupt the emergency rooms are, and how the doctors are incompetent, and people are literally being killed by a terrible medical system?

He's doing it at his X-Ray job at McLaren Macomb Medical Center.
Again, I have dealt with a lot of people at medical facilities who, given a few seconds alone with me, have gone into a quiet, reserved rant about the medical versions of Kennedy Was Killed By Aliens. It happens. Hospitals are made of people. But I think this goes a bit beyond.
At some point, you have to ask if @McLarenMacEM and @McLarenHealth consider it sound policy to let someone espouse conspiracy theories and medical declarations from inside the building, wearing the uniform. At some point, I have to say, it seems like endorsement.
Now, why am I picking on poor Mr. Hanselman? Like I said, social media put him into my face, and he has a huge social media presence. He's not 121 followers and a few hundred on Insta. He's tens of thousands:


Facebook has more:
I am a fan of kooks. I am definitely a smiling observer at people who howl at the wind and yell from their trees about the sounds they hear in the music of the spheres. I appreciate a good yarn.

But for some reason, I'm offended about this.
It's probably that when I see an institution's years, decades of effort, reputation, pomp and dress used as a platform to guide people who are afraid away from health and away from knowing, for a sake of a few dollars, it makes me very mad.

@McLarenHealth might think otherwise.
And that's all I have to say.
Sorry, one more thing.

Yes, Bradley Hanselman was a meat carver before an X-Ray tech. We all go through many different jobs. I've served drinks with future doctors and lifted boxes with future CEOs. I'd ask folks not to concentrate on Bradley's path, just where that path led.

• • •

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18 Feb
When I need to be reminded about dwarf-star levels of character consolidation in spoken lines, I listen to @nolan_north as the defective turret in Portal 2

I can't imagine people need context, but this is a consolidation of all the lines the character can speak in all situations, situations being:

- Being ruled defective and rejected
- Firing at you and failing
- Being carried around
I'm a complete sucker for having to put an entire situation into a half-dozen words or so.

"Put me back in the game coach"
"Nope... still can't see"
"If anyone asks, tell them I killed you"
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16 Feb
A 26.99% variable rate? See, THAT'S how you get me to own a ceedit card again after 20 years

Stop drilling, you already struck oil boys
I am vaguely concerned any one of my followers would look at this and say "Well, what? That sounds OK, as long as you keep up the payments and don't get struck by the interest"
I'm not going to go off on a multi-page rant this (for me) start of the work week but will simply say that, for example, the interest is compound, and calculated daily. That means they DON'T add 26.99% after 30 days. They add 26.99% / 30 every day, and the next day includes it.
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16 Feb
My brain is trying to process this level of coolness. A cable cut in the Northwest corner of Washington due to heavy flooding, cutting off a few towns, is tracked down and handled by Bell Telephone engineers over 35 hours. In November 1955. And the conversation is RECORDED.
21! years! later! In 1976, a best-of tape is put together to capture the heroic deeds of the day. The best-of tape is described and put with the tape. It is in the estate of Bell System repeaterman Charles Allen, who leaves us in 1992.
The contents of this tape, including a recorded introduction to the event (!) is now playable here, for you.

Hear engineers fight through the night to bring back telecommunications, 66 years ago.

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15 Feb
Boy, I just spent quite some time researching "Hey, how is book scanning to the edge these days." This is a rabbit hole I do to myself every once in a while when the opportunity comes to scan a magazine or book with tiny tiny tiny margins on the inner fold.
Usually, my journey alights at the first stop - Plustek scanners. But while everything looks great, Plusteks put a 6mm margin in, which sounds really small, but isn't with magazines, where it matters.
Somewhere along, I find myself with Scannx (Rebranded Xeroxes), which MIGHT have smaller margins but probably don't.
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Would you like to see some books coming into the Archive? This isn't all of them, but it's a good set of them.


"Show me items uploaded in by a scanning associate, using a camera, sorted by date."
A few standard books, then a LOT of spanish drama books. Guess we took in a huge donation of them.
Then a lot, I mean a gargantuan amount of Seed Catalogs and List from Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection at the National Agricultural Library.
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Folks, it is officially too hard to keep up with every single thread related to the scanner/scribe video @internetarchive put up. Since 90% of the responses seem to be speculation on a "better way" to do it, and concern for the nice lady in the video.......
Please direct them to the various threads where I or others have explained out the nature of book scanning as we've done it through millions of books, and that the job of book scanning is a service level job worse than others, better than others. Thanks! My fingers/time bless you
Thread where I talk about "why u no use robot"

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