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22 Feb, 8 tweets, 2 min read


🤍okay water signs rn we are very imbalanced arent we? This week you’re juggling balance and trying to get back on top and maintain it the moment it feels it’s here. It’s okay to feel unbalanced at times, but just
remember, just like air signs, that you are in control and balance is on the way

🤍a lot of you will be receiving messages from someone that youve been waiting to receive, things being confirmed and I almost feel warm so it could be either very good news and/or a romantic person
🤍I think that some announcements will be made possibly for school or work or financially that will be affecting you directly and it may set you on the course of indecision or for example not wanting to return. Try to not let this ruin your week as it is very small tbh
🤍Im also seeing that a lot of you may feel prone to paranoia. You could be creating a lot of bad scenarios in your head. Spirit wants you to notice when u do this and turn it into a good scenario and see how it changes your mood

🤍you’re bold and powerful. If you have felt weak
it’s time to get back into that mindset of ‘I’m powerful. I can have anything I want if I put my mind to it. I am a great manifester’ etc. Because it’s all true. You ARE the statement

🤍important song:
holding onto you - twenty one pilots

you guys are seriously gaining back
the will to live. You recently could really be struggling but you’re putting your foot down. No it may not get better over night, but it also may, and the important thing is you’ve made the decision that you want it to get better and you’ll do everything you can in ur power.
🤍important things:
Tigers, stripes, mugs, pottery/clay, flags, professionals, pearls, bunnies/fluffy white pets, 444
🤍if this resonated feel free to follow/RT and/or tip below! I am free for personal readings, info in pinned, dm to book!

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21 Feb


🤍 oh babies. we aint so good are we:( i feel like you all need big hugs. okay let’s get into the messages

you feel trapped, stuck, anxious, fearful, afraid, worried, paranoid... the list goes on doesn’t it? But
what you don’t realise is that you’re actually currently blinded and oblivious to what’s actually happening. Everything feels this way and is going this way right now for you to actually get to the good stuff. And I know that sounds so general and it sounds like fake positivity -
but actually, it’s just a part of the plane for you. And it sounds so painful and feels painful too, but this time WILL pass.

🤍 sleep. You guys NEED it. Some things could be keeping you up whether your own mental turmoil or something more physical even if that’s scrolling on
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21 Feb


🤍hello earth signs how are we doing? My first message for you is that you been a bit silly recently HAVENT ya ahaha. If you’ve been getting very drunk/intoxicated recently it is time to slow down just a little bit-
And enjoy some time doing things alone, having fun with the hobbies that you have, etc. Its okay to have all this fun but it’s also important to stay safe

🤍another message is that you almost feel like, for some of you, you could feel on this kind of high in life, not even that-
it’s positive, but that that things are going on and it’s chaotic and a bit crazy. It’s okay to slow down and rest and to let these things just happen and pass. Especially if you’re getting overwhelmed

🤍 in terms of finance and career it remains an important theme for you earth
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20 Feb
okay wait I promise I’m going somewhere w this
not my hands shaking sir calm down
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9 Oct 20

🕯where to start: get a piece of paper or a journal and a pen. i use any colour pen but people like to use specific colours depending on what colour links to what they’re manifesting (green, money, etc)

🕯decide clearly what -
- it is you want. Figure out every detail in your mind so that when you go to write, you leave nothing out.

🕯set up your space. do what you need to do to feel your best; cleanse your space, grab your crystals, play some manifesting frequencies, whatever it is.

🕯scripting -
- is the technique of writing about an event that has happened in complete detail as if it has ALREADY HAPPENED. not happening, or will happen, but as if it had already occurred.

🕯you must, as always, stick to visualising all details you write down and FEELING what you want -
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