It sucks that most people value comfort over freedom. Oh well. Them’s the brakes. If your idea of freedom relies on them it isn’t freedom at all. Do what you can to be free, regardless of the protracted conflict with the State. Now. There are plenty of solutions.
“But the State mandates X so I can’t be free!”

The entire essence of freedom is that it doesn’t fucking matter what the State “mandates”. Get creative and have fun doing so. Emancipate yourself from the illusion of authority.
Of course manage risk, but that is true of any choice in life. Stop viewing the State as the vendor of freedom, even in the negative sense. It is not. It would love for you to think it is, though.
Every uninhibited gathering is freedom. Every off-books transaction is freedom. Every necessity reclaimed is freedom. Stop bitching about the state of your world and act now to rectify it, regardless of what anybody else is doing — including the State.

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23 Feb
Fear is the world’s reserve currency and those who operate outside of its limitations already command an extreme level of freedom experienced by very few. Do not neglect to appreciate this fact.
Those who have freed themselves of the nearly total paralyzing fear of death and all its second-order descendants are operating in this world on an entirely different plane. It is almost a superpower.
See, once you overcome that King of Fear, all other fears dissolve. Is being put in a camp your biggest fear? You can rest easy because you can always force the guard to pull the fucking trigger if you want. You are in total control from that point forward.
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23 Feb
Theory doesn’t work for the masses. Cries of tyranny doesn’t work. The only thing that does work is the display of a working alternative that provides more upside. It’s up to the early adopters to create that product, irrespective of the current mass consensus.
The goal is not an ephemeral “when enough people wake up the system will collapse into something better.” The goal is the creation of something better along the fringes. To develop it to the point where the lower-risk average Joe’s are persuaded to join.
This stage is a job for those with a higher risk profile. Those willing to buck the status quo in whatever capacity they are capable, no matter how small. It is a cumulative game and every action counts to shift the risk-reward profile away from centralized dominion.
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22 Feb
If you’re waiting for everyone else to recognize the value of freedom before you consider yourself free, how is that freedom?

Freedom is necessarily an independent choice. You can live it whenever, though the calculations of risk may differ over time.
The aforementioned calculations of risk do not diminish freedom. They are life. They are present in any decision. Freedom is that the choice is yours whenever and wherever and it does not ultimately matter what the rest of the world is doing. You still have that choice.
Say you live in the woods. There is a risk of a bear attack. Are you then not free because you could be mailed by a bear? No. You incorporate the threat into your decisions but the bear is not your “ruler”. Same goes for any concept, like the State.
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21 Feb
To continue my musings on how it is far superior to not hedge any conviction (else it isn’t conviction), I think every single drug should be “legal”. Every single one.

First of all, all illegality does is make criminals rich. Second of all, you’re a fucking adult. You don’t need
Daddy government telling you what is moronic to consume.
“X is bad” is a stupid fucking reason to enlist the State for help. It never helps and always makes the landscape worse.
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20 Feb
Paradoxically, I’ve gotten the most annoying pushback when I hedge my principles by granting exceptions. When I finally acknowledged that no speech whatsoever should be the purview of the government, or that freedom is entirely more important than everyone on the planet dying,
People all of the sudden don’t know how to respond at all.
People only know how to argue with folks that fit into defined political tribes. They themselves are the definition of incomplete convictions.

My convictions are beyond the political and that’s alien to many.
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18 Feb
People dying, people getting cancer, divorces. We have been taught to crave those things.

They happen in life, but we seek it out on our screens.
Wars, calamity, destruction. You don’t think those things deep into the collective unconscious and condition it as normal?
Then when someone wants to start a war, people are all like, “well that’s just the way of the world.”

Engineered normality manifests whatever spell is cast.
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