lived, which absolutely destroyed any chance for him to get a good sleep most of the time. Gide has dealt with many things in his life as a soldier, but that was a thing of the past now and-- well, loud sudden noises was a /very/ big no no. He tried to endure it for as long as
he could, but snapping and stomping upstairs to bitch out whoever was the guardian of the children was always inevitable.

When he started to, of course, he ended up making Sakura and Shinji cry because he was so tall, large, and intimidating and could probably snap them like
raw spaghetti-- so that went as well as anyone could expect. He was the one who ended up apologizing, but, well, their guardian was /Oda Sakunosuke/ who was surprisingly good at diffusing situations.

Oda might have been built similarly to Gide, but there was no denying the
baby fat he still had.

He was still in his early twenties when they first met, and now he's twenty-seven.

Gide doesn't live in the shoddy apartment anymore, but he does visit when he can to see the children he ended up becoming attached to as his friendship was formed with
Oda. Sometimes, if Oda was too busy with his own plethora of jobs, he would ask Gide to watch over them, and no matter how exhausted he was, Gide would always agree.

Nowadays that hasn't happened though, on the account of Oda having a girlfriend. She's sweet. Real honest.
Naturally he can't help but ask.

"How's Mizuki lately?"

"She's alright, just tired. Her boss has given her quite the new job-- she's stressing over ensuring it's done perfectly," Oda frowns lightly. "You know her boss, don't you?"

"... If you're asking me to pull some
strings, there's no way I can do that."

Even if he knows him, that's only because he's the husband of the Lady, which is /his/ boss. Gide does not need that kind of heat, thank you very much.

"Sorry. You're right, that's asking too much," the redhead sighs. "I don't even know
/how/ you even know him to begin with."

"We're not that close, unfortunately..."

Obviously he was not going to tell someone like Oda who had kids around 24/7 that he became people's filthy bdsm dom dream for money. He's not an animal.
"When's the date? I'll need to tell my boss ahead of time to get the day off."

"Two months from now."

Gide raises a brow. "Preparing pretty early, aren't we?"

"I won't... have much money around that time, so I figured I may as well do it now while I can."

This stupid,
stubborn man--

"Then I'll buy the gifts," Gide grumbles, folding his arms with a frown. Oda gives him a look, but he's quick to add, "And don't tell me not to, or that you owe me. We're friends, Sakunosuke, and I like those children just as much as you do. Let rich people do
what they do best and spend money, alright?"

"Gide, I couldn't--"

"I'm not giving you a choice." Gide punches his friend in the shoulder. "Now come on, who are we buying for first?"

Oda sighs. "You're so stubborn."

"Look in a mirror some time, will you? I know you haven't,
you've yet to do something with that obnoxious stubble of yours."

"My stubble is /fine/."

"For Mizuki's sake, I'm just saying that a smooth face would make certain things more enj-"

"For a single man, you sure are bold to use my girlfriend as leverage."

"Okay, shutting up."
Gide is fine with being single, of course. Given his job, having a significant other was out of the question. There weren't many people who were fine with having a boyfriend who had sex with other people for a living, often falling prey to their own insecurities and the fear
they would be cheated on and abandoned.

Gide doesn't think he's capable of trying out the dating scene anymore anyway, and really, who would be interested in someone like him beyond the physical connection? He just doesn't see it.

He's not going to bother to hope for
something like that.

In his jacket pocket, he feels his phone buzz, which immediately catches his attention because-- he doesn't get any texts or calls unless it's from Oda or work.

So there's only one option here.

He pulls the device out, sliding his thumb to unlock the

He has one message from Katai, who's in charge of keeping a detailed account of business transactions, managing the website, and updating it as needed.

[KATAI:] your last client reserved you again for next friday, same time and location as before.

He's used to return clients, mind you. It's an important job of maintaining business, but they don't usually make another transaction a literal /day/ after their first one. If it was a longtime client, sure, that happens from time to time, not--

Someone like Nakahara Chuuya.
He's a very /normal/ person who just got roped into a situation as a joke by his friend. Dazai might've been a regular for a good while before he latched onto Ranpo, but he was still an obnoxious pain who liked to play around too much.
[GIDE:] why?
[KATAI:] .... idk????
[GIDE:] what the fuck does the lady pay you for then. you need to give me more information than that, i'm confused. it hasn't even been a day.
[KATAI:] arghhh okay hold on.

"Work?" Oda asks when Gide runs a hand down his face.
"Something like that. Nothing that requires me in person, at least, so we're still continuing with our plans."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive, Sakunosuke. You have /no/ idea how much I needed this."

Katai messages him again then.
[KATAI:] not sure what you expected me to find, gide-san, but the only thing different is that it looks like he paid additional funds for you to stay for two days instead of just the night

Gide rubs his chin.

... It was the shower thing, wasn't it.
Younger clients really can't help themselves when their curiosity is piqued.

Gide can't help but /snort/, shaking his head with a smile.

[GIDE:] i get it now. don't worry about it. thanks for telling me.

He shoves his phone back into his pocket, trying to ignore the
suspicious stare Oda is giving him.

"One of these days you're going to need to tell me what your job is, you know."

"I'm sure. But that isn't today, so don't look at me like that," Gide offers a reassuring look to his friend. "Let's get Sakura's gift first, hm?"

"You need to
be fair with your gifts. Don't spoil one more than the others."

"I know, I know-- give me some credit, will you?"

'Don't spoil one more than the others', he said.

Little did Oda know how much such a saying really applied to Gide.

As it turns out, giving himself time alone to think is actually a bad idea.

The fact Chuuya has very bad impulse control somehow slipped his mind, and he feels /very/ conflicted about the fact he somehow booked another meeting with Gide not even a day after he had his back
blown out by the man.

He still feels sore all over, so at least he wasn't so stupid enough as to book it anytime soon, but--

He can't help but wonder how that looks.

Chuuya sighs, raising his hands to rub at his face. Staring up at the ceiling while laying on his couch to
have an existential crisis isn't how he should be spending his mid-afternoon. Usually he would use this day to go out with his friends, but even though Ranpo did a flawless job with the concealer earlier... He still doesn't want to be seen.

Not out of shame, mind you. It's
more some pointless selfishness that says to savor these marks a little longer...

He needs some advice.

Ranpo is probably done with... whatever he planned to reward Dazai with, he's sure, so he picks up his phone resting on his chest to flick through his contacts.
Ranpo has stolen his phone before to edit his contact information, so his name is saved under 'Ranpo-sama πŸ˜˜πŸ’—' -- which Chuuya has changed back to simply just 'Ranpo' before, of course, but Ranpo would always notice eventually and 'fix it' so... He gave up.
He presses the call button, then raises the phone to his ear.

It rings for a bit longer than what's normal for Ranpo, so he's a little confused.

Ranpo /does/ pick up though with an obnoxious sucking sound -- obviously some sort of candy. "You're being awfully needy today,
Chuuya. It's not like you to want to talk to me so much in such a small time frame."

"We're friends, idiot, I can do what I want. It's not as if you're busy anymore with Dazai, right?"

Ranpo hums curtly. "Not at the moment. We're taking a break for a while -- Dazai dropped
too fast."

"... Dropped what?"

"Right, you haven't done that sort of thing," Ranpo mumbles something under his breath, exhaling a breath before continuing, "When a dominant and submissive are in a relationship, sometimes they go into 'drops'. It's way more common for subs,
but it happens to doms too sometimes. Basically what happens is, after an intense session that makes your emotions or endorphins skyrocket, you eventually need to come back down. Sometimes a sub drops too fast or too hard, and it affects them emotionally or physically."
That... admittedly sounds a little intimidating.

"How a sub acts when they drop depends on the person-- Dazai's prone to dissociation and depressive episodes on worse days. It's the job of the dom to ensure they come down easy, to take care of them. Ideally, you want to ensure
they deal with as little as possible when they drop."

"Oh. So that's what you're doing right now then. Are you sure you should be talking to me instead of paying attention to him?"

"He's sleeping on my lap. Want a picture? He's really cute--"


"Rude. Anyway, why are
you having a crisis now?"

"... I just wanted some advice."

"And I am the fountain of wisdom. Yes, I'm glad we're on the same page. Go on."

"I booked Gide again."

"I had a feeling you would. Doing it not even /half a day/ since he blasted your ass is super funny. The
desperation is cute, though I'm sure it'll startle poor AndrΓ©. It can't be helped, though-- as if one night is enough to give you your fix. Your body has limits until you train it out of them."

Chuuya runs a thumb over his lip.

He knows that much. Maybe if he were more
aware of those limits, he wouldn't lose himself so goddamn much and barely remember all Gide did to him.

Really, that's what's bothering him the most.

He couldn't properly /savor it/. All he has is a ghost as a reminder, phantom pain that makes his throat ache for more.
"Well, how do I extend those limits?"

"Come on, Chuuya, you're a martial artist. The answer is obvious. You just keep doing it so your body gets used to taking more. /Dazai/ can last longer than you, and he's a twig," Before Chuuya can bark something in annoyance, Ranpo adds
cheerfully, "The longest he's gone is five hours. Such a good boy, isn't he~? We're aiming for six."

Chuuya sits upright. "You're telling me that, since you left and took him home, you've been at it?"

"Exactly! Now you're catching on. Three hours is pretty standard for us
anyway. I mean, before you end up coming at me later for giving unsafe advice or something, you /do/ need to take breaks and stay hydrated-- oh, hey baby. Finally back, are we?"

Chuuya hears incoherent noises from the other end of the phone, rustling and mumbling, and then
soft, warm laughter.

And admittedly, Chuuya feels... envious of the tenderness that bleeds from every sound Ranpo makes. The soft mumbling, the sound of a kiss pressed against a forehead, it makes something in him throb.
While here's Chuuya, struggling to even come to terms with a silly appointment he made himself.

He's starting to think that maybe the source of his tension is loneliness but--

Well, he's not going to address that anytime soon, thank you.

"Anyway... what was I saying?"
Ranpo muses. "Right, right... it's just a matter of practice. One night never settles months worth of desperately needed tension, so I'm not surprised. AndrΓ© can easily help with that, but he's still just a service. You should invest in some toys for when you can't be split in
two by his--"

"Hey, how long are you going to talk to Chuuya?" Dazai pouts from Ranpo's end of the phone. "I'm right here you know. We can go back to what we were doing now--"

"Wait." Ranpo orders, tone firm.

Dazai huffs, and Chuuya assumes he leans in closer to the phone
because his voice is a littler clearer as he adds, "Ranpo-san is trying to say no matter how much you fuck AndrΓ©, that alone isn't gonna fix your problems."

"I don't have any problems!"

"Yes you do. You just don't wanna think about it. Hey, Ranpo-san, isn't that enough?
Let's go back to what we were doingggg--"

Ranpo sighs. "Well, I suppose Dazai explained the gist of it. If you'll excuse me, I have a brat to put in place because he can't listen."

"Eh?! I didn't even do much--"

Chuuya hangs up to spare himself the headache.

β€’ β€’ β€’

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