This poor chap, @BharadwajSpeaks stayed up all night to craft abuse & bluster. For all his fury and performance anxiety, he has not countered a single refutation I had made.
Mediocrity sells and lies sell even better, but you can’t fool all the people, all the time!
The prolific use of Islamophobic terms such as “Madarsa-chhaap”, “desert-cult” and “Taqiyya” in this context, may appeal to lumpen minds. But they are no substitute for historiographical method and knowledge. The latter rely on facts and a correct interpretation of those facts.
So let us see the evasive, not to mention cut-paste jobs this syndicated-pamphleteer indulges in.
That Shivaji’s civil service numbered a mere 200 officers is a bad joke. It ignores the extent and structure of Maratha administration and the inter-operable roles of it’s officers.
By excluding several layers of Maratha bureaucracy, to posit his claims, @BharadwajSpeaks completely ignores the structure of the Ashta Pradhan, or Ruling Council of 8, each with elaborate and large secretariats of officers; civil and military.
Read this!…
In a bid to outshout historiographical facts, he makes loud claims such as these below. Besides the fact that the original argument was not about periods/timings of service, but service itself!
But shifting goalposts is a giveaway. The next tweet demolishes this claim however!
While @BharadwajSpeaks makes special mention of Daraya Sarang while simultaneously claiming all Shivaji’s Muslim officers had been dismissed by 1660, historical evidence proves this is not the case. Take the example of Sarang himself!

Not only this; Siddi Hilal and his son Siddi Wahwah, Muslim commanders who led both infantry and cavalry divisions at different times were present at the siege of Panhala, in 1664.
Hilal was in fact serving Shivaji until his death in 1674, fighting Adil Shahi forces at Nesari.
Much was made of my use of newspaper articles as sources. This happens when you are not familiar with the difference between citation and quotation.
I merely quoted that Hindutva icon, “Guruji” Golwalkar as cited in @the_hindu, and do so again. The source is Golwalkars own book!
This brings us to the question of that ‘red-herring’ Madari Mehtar. In a rush to bull-doze facts @BharadwajSpeaks has ignored the source I have quoted (note:QUOTED), as cited in a published article.
That source is no less than Golwalkar; Hindutva’s founder, from his own book.
Kazi Haider was Shivaji’s Munshi (secretary). Following Shivaji’s death in 1680, several Maratha chieftains including Shivaji’s kinsmen joined Mughal service. Haider did so in 1683, as did Shivaji’s son-in-law Achloji Raje Mahadik. Others like Kanhoji Shirke did as well.
As far as the “secularisation” of Shivaji is concerned, I had merely said, “Shivaji’s successors continued his secular policy of recruitment and appointment in both civil and military positions.”
It seems this was enough to rile up the imbeciles!
Read up and learn.
In his fascinating book, “Rebel Sultans”, @UnamPillai makes a sound conclusion, reproduced below.
And this tallies with the historiographical view that Shivaji used all the means at his disposal to wage both diplomacy and war.
Religious bias was not an end in his world-view.
And finally, nothing could be more complimentary for me than abusive tirades coming from the likes of @BharadwajSpeaks.
Once more, I appeal to all genuinely interested parties to never be intimidated by two-a-penny pamphleteers.
Always inform yourself and do learning a service.

• • •

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21 Feb
Shameless lie indeed, but not from the first time from @BharadwajSpeaks. Now let us dissect his claims in a thread based on historical facts - singularly addressing the points he has made in this moment of excitement.
@AbdurRahman_IPS @Captain_of_caps @SamKhan999
1. “Shivaji had 200 officers in civil administration”.
Incorrect. The number is far higher. Under Shivaji, the Marathas held more than 200 forts.
Each fort had (a minimum) of 2 civil officers classified as Karkhanis.
Besides, Karkuns, Subehdars, Havaldars performed civic duties.
At least 2 Hawaldars/Sarhawaldars of Pune, In 1654 and 1655 were Muslim.
Besides, other military officers such as Shama Khan, Qazi Hyder, Siddi Ambar regularly performed both civic as well as military duties.
For more details refer to Govind Pansare’s work on the subject.
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18 Jan
In this thread I respond to a thread questioning the authenticity of Emperor #Aurangzeb’s (RA) farman relating to Benaras that I tweeted about earlier.
I also seek to explain how pamphleteers - with the aid of garden variety trolls - try and discredit anyone not of their own ilk.
While Hindutva required scant evidence for the Emperor Babur having razed a temple to build the Babri Masjid, its adherents label any historical evidence that is remotely critical of their world view as “a forgery”, “unreliable”, “questionable” etc.
So be it; here’s the evidence.
1. What is known as the “Benaras Farman” has been cited by no less a historian than Sir Jadunath Sarkar - whom many latter day “Nationalists” admire glowingly - as authentic. Apart from that, historians from DC Phillott to Richard Eaton have affirmed its authenticity.
Read 8 tweets
12 Dec 20
Mughal Quotes:

“Do not fail to make the most of an opportunity that presents itself. Indolence and luxury do not suit kingship. Conquest tolerates not inaction; the world is his who hastens most.”

Emperor #Babur in a letter to his son Humayun 1527.
The Baburnāma. Sec 348.

“Let not difference of religion interfere with policy, and be not violent in inflicting retribution”

Emperor #Akbar in his letter to Prince Murad on the latter’s taking charge of Malwa.
Akbarnāma. Vol III. 598
Written in 1591.

“The time of permanency passes away like the wind in the desert. Misery and happiness, beauty and ugliness, pass away. Everything in the world perishes...”

Emperor #Aurangzeb in a letter to his grandson, Bidār Bakht.
Ruqa’āt-i-Alamgiri, Letter LXXIX

Read 4 tweets
12 Dec 20
Read the thread by @SamKhan999.
It is an elaborate waste of time because:
1. No tangible data to back the claims.
2. Does not address majority of Muslims labelled “Ganga-Jamuni”, who are practising Sunni Hanafis, (like myself).
3. No standard definition of “Ganga-Jamuni”.
4. If by “ghetto” it is meant Muslim localities, then too the definition fails as a standard: most of us live in ancestral localities/villages that have existed for centuries, based around a central mosque (s).
5. Political networks are seldom confined to one party.
6. A very large section of India’s Muslims are the progeny of mixed, inter-faith marriages; historically.
Nor is that dynamic confined to UP or India but is a natural, global phenomenon; as would be expected for a global faith.
Hence to use that as a parameter is erroneous.
Read 10 tweets
2 Dec 20
A compilation about the ongoing #Farmers protest against the new Farm Laws passed by the Union Government and how some government affiliated (private) media channels have diverted attention from what the farmers are actually demanding, and why.
A thread.

In the course of any protest against government policy, certain news channels have sought to follow a directive principle of forming a first line of defence on behalf of the government to discredit, damage and debunk genuine public fears and anxieties.
It took a farmers movement to spell out the grave danger that these news channels pose to a healthy, free and democratic society. One which is legally in its rights to hold governments responsible for hurriedly passed legislation.
Read 24 tweets
21 Nov 20
Vile, false but predictable propaganda by the Far-Right, pertaining to actions committed by the former Vice-President, Shri Hamid Ansari find sporadic utterance every once in a while.
This thread examines and demolishes the lies specifically made below.

Hamid Ansari is a member of the Yusufpur-Mohammadabad branch of the Ansari family and a grand-nephew of former AICC President, Dr. MA Ansari as well as of Brigadier Mohammad Usman, (Mahavir Chakra), popularly known as “The Lion of Nowshera”.
Many people erroneously claim Hamid Ansari was/is a member of @INCIndia. This is incorrect.
Hamid Ansari (born in 1937), joined the Indian Foreign Services (IFS) in 1961 and held numerous critical positions in government until becoming Vice President of India in 2007.
Read 10 tweets

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