🔞cw // canon a/b/o, biting

trans alpha tae who knows he's close to rut when seeing the pretty pale slope of jm's bare shoulder turns him absolutely Feral.

he loves cuddling & scenting too, but when his vision whites out at the sight of jm's shoulder, that's when he /knows/.
he can't explain why. the other alphas in the group don't have the same issue. tae & jm aren't even together! (but have maybe fooled around before)

but after transitioning, the hungry fixation on jm's shoulder when his t-shirt or jacket slips down becomes a real pre-rut symptom.
tae tells jm about it bc he adores & trusts jm, but also bc there have been a couple close calls already where tae's found himself leaning in, teeth aching with the urge to sink into jm's shoulder.

jm just tilts his head, smiles a knowing little smile & says, "ah. well you can."
"i-- what."

"you can bite if you want. at least i can cover a bite mark on my shoulder..."

"but i can't just." tae blinks, fumbles helplessly for the right words. "i can't just bite you!"

"but you already do? taehyung-ah. you bite all of us already."

tae huffs. how to explain
that it's different? that it would mean more, bc he's an alpha & jm is an omega.

it's different when he's playing with jk, another alpha, or nipping at jin's fingers when he's hungry. how to explain that the fixation comes with a dark, shameful heat that tightens in tae's belly.
not that any member of the group has ever let their presentation dictate how they interact - it's part of what makes them stand out as a group - and jm certainly has no problem roughhousing with alphas.

but tae's instincts are what they are. his instincts have /always/ been like
this, stayed the same even through his scent and body transitioning, through his heats stopping & his ruts starting.

he's as close to jm as any two people can be close, but there are certain lines he can't cross without it feeling like more. and pre-rut biting is one of them.
tae tries to avoid jm, embarrassed & sulky that his soulmate doesn't understand, confused why jm would be so okay w/ it.

it's not until tae crawls into jm's bed one morning under the guise of waking him up that the urge hits him so hard he feels like he's not in control anymore.
it's just a loud roar in his ears, an instinctual pull to bury his face into that warm curve of smooth skin where jm's t-shirt has slid down.

jm's lips are pouted in sleep, hair dark & messy, legs curled up so he's just a small lump under the blanket & tae--

whimpers. loudly.
jm rolls over immediately, eyes squinting, voice rough with sleep when he slurs out tae's name.

"sorry," tae whispers, burying his face against jm's back.

"baby," jm says, voice still rough. tae shivers. "you smell like you're rutting, are you--?"

tae's voice comes out small &
miserable when he says, "i want to bite you. i almost did, just now."

"oh." jm coughs a little & then sits up, rubbing sleep out of his eyes, bare shoulder still on display. sometimes tae's sense of smell is a little off, bc of his medication, but right now jm smells /heavenly/.
"it's-- the pre-rut thing you told me about, right? you wanting to bite."

tae nods. there's a pillow crease on jm's cheek & tae wants to kiss it.

"would it help if i bit you too?"

for whatever reason, the suggestion makes tae's stomach clench. "what?"

"would it bother you,
as an alpha, if i bit you after you bit me? that way you don't have to feel so guilty about it. taehyung-ah. i see how much you've been holding back getting close to me because of this." jm's voice is raspy but it's soft, too. vulnerable. "i miss you. and i want you to bite me."
"you're just saying that--"

jm huffs out a laugh, slides down the bed & pulls at tae's shoulders until he's on top of jm, blinking down at him.

"can't you smell it? i'm already kind of wet, thinking about it. i want it, dummy."

tae closes his eyes & breathes in. he shudders.
jm's normally mild floral scent has gone all syrupy-sweet like honey, thick with his arousal. tae wonders if his own scent gets thicker in response, bc jm's nostrils flare, his short fingers squeezing around tae's shoulders.

"bite me, alpha."

the loud roar is back. tae growls.
he doesn't ask again, bc jm tilts his head to the side, exposes the pretty stretch of his neck that slopes down into his shoulder, bare skin & his sweet scent, and tae just. gives in.

he goes for the shoulder just above jm's collarbone, sinks his teeth into the skin there &
moans at how satisfying it is, instincts lit up with the animal bliss of it, the way jm's scent blooms sweeter.

he doesn't bite hard. he would never break skin, but he knows his teeth will leave marks & his muffled groan gets louder, he's practically drooling over jm's skin now.
the fog in his mind starts to clear enough to hear jm murmuring praises, to feel the hand petting through his hair, & tae pulls away with a gasp just to lick over the marks left by his teeth, feeling jm's shiver.

"can i?" jm asks, breathless. "can i bite, oh, please say yes--"
"bite me, omega," tae says, meaning to tease by echoing jm's words from earlier.

he isn't expecting jm to moan brokenly, isn't expecting how fucking good it feels when jm drags his body close & sinks sharp little teeth into tae's shoulder at the base of his neck.

tae cries out.
stars explode behind his eyelids. the pleasure is unreal, the actual physical sensation & then the deeper, instinctual part of him that takes jm's bite as a claim.

jm doesn't bite long, but when he pulls back he's panting, nuzzling up to tae's scent gland like he can't help it.
jm purrs out his name, laps at the side of tae's neck with his hot little tongue & grabs at tae to try to pull their bodies as close as they can be, jm even arching off the bed until their hips line up.

tae gasps, dick jerking in his shorts. "jm-ah--"

"i want you," jm whines.
"i know you're worried about it, about me being an omega and you being an alpha, but tae, i /want/ you. it felt so good when you bit me, did it-- when i bit you, did it--"

"yes," tae groans out. he lets himself grind down with jm now, drops his face to the side of jm's neck to
scent him back. jm smells so aroused, tae is dizzy wondering how much of that is the scent of his slick. "of course it felt good. fuck, i think you bit harder than i did."

jm laughs brightly, the sound cutting off w/ a moan when tae's hips push down with jm's more purposefully.
"jm-ah," tae says with a sigh, lips trailing gentle, apologetic kisses over the bite mark. "what you said, it just-- it can't be that easy."



"oh." jm grabs tae's face btwn his hands & forces tae to meet his smiling eyes. "baby. it's us. of course it's that easy."
tae's lip wobbles a little. jm notices but doesn't tease him, just leans in & kisses him slowly. it feels too natural for something they very rarely do.

"ask me," jm whispers against tae's lips.

"ask you what?"

"ask me to spend your rut with you."

tae's breath hitches. "jm--"
"do you want that?" jm asks gently. "you bit me, and it was so good, and we're fine, taehyung-ah. we're still us. you're still my beautiful alpha. so ask me."

"you're going to say yes."

"you don't know that until you ask."

tae's lips twitch. "jm-ah. will you go out with me?"
jm blinks in surprise. tae realizes he now has an excuse to kiss the pillow mark on jm's cheek, & so he does. "that wasn't what--"

"will you?" tae asks.

jm groans out loud. "yes! of course! i'm in love with you!"

tae feels giddy, his chest light with it. "you sound kind of
pissed off about that."

"you made me confess out of order, ah, i swear your scent is messing with my head right now. tell me you love me back."

"you know i do," tae says, kissing jm's ear just to feel him shiver.

"yeah but tell me, though."

"i'm in love with you, park jimin."
tae is dragged down into a hard kiss as soon as the words leave his mouth. he presses into jm's kisses with just as much passion, years of pent-up feelings & guilty thoughts, wild hormones. their kisses start hungry & get bite-y, wet & open, and jm pulls away to laugh so sweetly.
"i'm so glad you finally bit me. i was starting to associate my shoulder being cold with you being in pre-rut."

tae's eyes widen. "you were doing it on /purpose/?"

jm doesn't look a bit ashamed. "i mean, a little bit for army too. but around the dorm, yes, it was just for you."
"you absolute minx--" tae starts to say, as impressed as he is betrayed, and jm just throws his head back & laughs.

"mm, it's not like i made you want to bite me. that was all you, alpha. i just helped... put the thought in your head."

they stare at each other for a moment,
tae quietly re-learning every detail of jm's features under the new label of 'boyfriend' & jm staring back so fondly, so warmly. tae leans down to brush a kiss over jm's plump lips.

"do you want to finish, you know." tae swallows. "getting off?" he grinds down. "like this?"
jm nods. "yeah, please, i do. but--"

"mm?" tae hums, gasping out a happy noise when jm arches underneath him, his gut already clenching with new heat, jm's aroused scent filling his nose.

"but i can't wait for your rut," jm says. "can't wait to have your fat little knot in me."
the growl spills out of tae's throat before he can think to stop it, heat pouring down his spine at jm's words.

"fuck," tae breathes out, "am i even going to survive my rut if i spend it with you, jm-ah?"

jm's grin might look smug but tae can see the tenderness in his gaze.
"i dunno. there's only one way to find out, isn't there?"

tae growls again, but this time it's intentional, low & full of affection. more of a puppy growl. "good. great. can't wait."

jm throws his head back & laughs.


end!! 💕 link to top ⇩

• • •

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