Got the 1st #CovishieldVaccine vaccine from Lunawa & this will detail my experience

Spoiler alert:
I haven't seen this bad of a clusterfuck since GoT Season 8

Also, it's gonna be a long thread, so buckle up
Firstly there wasn't any announcement of sorts about the vaccination.
People just got to know through the grapevine via Facebook.

There's a dedicated group for Moratuwa residents that broadcast messages like this
We went in @ 11:20am
At that point, the queue extended beyond the hospital grounds and spilled onto the street.

Queue jumpers were rampant and they became bolder the closer we got to the gate.

Some were skipping the queue entirely and going in.
We noticed that vehicles with Dr. passes were constantly moving in and out of the hospital.
Inside they were loaded to the gills with what I presume are family members.

Since there was nobody to man the gate, it became a free-for-all.
Soon tuks were also going in
Eventually, we made our way in.
A nurse was handing out a document which happened to be a consent form.
Let's call it A

She was warning that vaccine stocks are low and that this was it.

This naturally put everyone on edge.
The lady returned with small tokens who didn't receive A so they can get a copy once they're ready.

The first fight broke out when the guy who'd gone out to get photocopies tried to play hero.
Instead of letting the nurse distribute bugger decides to hand over copies to his friends leading everyone else to pile on and start grabbing.
People with tokens ended up not getting copies.

A mini fight broke when some skipped the line amidst the chaos.
The document processing was performed on the patio of the vaccination center.
It was warm, humid, and cramped as all hell.

Social distancing could've been measured in nanometers
There are no guidelines, boards or barriers.
If you don't ask, you are very well on your own.

Despite so many Dr. rolling in their cars there might've been maybe 1-2 of them for the 300 odd people that were present.
At one point there were 0, but more on that later.
The Dr. asked if I had any health conditions, allergies etc. and wrote down the gibberish atop A.

Then after wasting time in a non-moving queue we were directed actual queue which was a ways away.
This was the 2nd stage
The second queue was supposed to give the verification card (we'll call "B").

However, you'll notice that this is not a card but a regular paper.
That's cuz they ran out of cards while we were waiting.

The second fight broke out when someone again came to redistribute photocopies and tried to play hero

Thankfully a nurse intervened & got copies to her *only* her table.
This resulted in a mad rush as other queues also came crashing into ours.

They note down your age in B.
However, those under 20 were turned away.

After a gruelling 4 hours @ around 3:15pm, we were finally allowed in.
The actual vaccination took less than 5 seconds.

They administer it and ask us to wait about 15 mins to see if there are any immediate side effects.
When we're ready, we can freely walkout.

As for the docs, you can keep B but they retain A.
1. The 30-60 group is null and void now. Literally, anyone can get it
2. Don't cut the line
3. If others cut the line get ready to throw hands
4. Be ready to be hot, sweaty and spend about 4 hours standing


• • •

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