These are 3 states which guide human action- Saathvic, Rajasik and Thamasik.

All the three are present in any human being. What is important is the ratio in which these three are present at any given point in his life.

The ratio keeps on changing during ones lifetime. 1/n
In the Saathvik state, the mind is intent upon goodness and truth, wisdom and love.

This condition leads to the evolution of the higher order thoughts and behaviour, that is mostly idealistic and based on highest level of ethics. 2/n
An example can be wanting to go to Himalayas and spend some time meditating, away from the madding crowd. Clear the mind and rejuvenate oneself

Or Think of Building or Renovating a Siva Temple (which is my Saathvik thought currently) 3/n
In the Rajasik State, the person is highly energetic and goes out of the way to acquire objects of sense, knowledge, fame, power, ambition, social benefit, etc.

The behaviour is aggressive, full of energy and highly action oriented. 4/n
Example of himalayas - Get the car ready, have a co driver, service the car, start ASAP, arrange accommodation and just get going after tweeting to everyone you are going😃

As for Siva Temple, look for land, thanthri, architect, sculptor, raise funds, likeminded people 5/n
In the Thamasik state the mind is sluggish, unaroused, stupid, ignorant and without zest .

This condition leads to the evolution of the desires, passions, and appetites - mainly animal feelings. 6/n
In the case of Siva Temple, allow things to drift, get petty with others in the team, look for personal benefits than the greater good. 7/n
According to Manu,

Sathva (goodness) has the form of knowledge, and induces a deep calm full of bliss, and a pure light. 7/n
Rajas (activity) has the form of love and hatred, and induces pain and dissatisfaction, and an activity difficult to conquer, which draws embodied souls to the objects of sense. 8/n
Thamas (darkness) has the form of ignorance, and is coupled with delusion unfathomed by reasoning. 9/n
We, the common people, should move out from our Thamasik state on matters pertaining to life and pursue a more Rajasik style of behaviour. This will ultimately lead to a state of Sath. 10/n
'Asathoma Sath Gamaya
Thamassoma Jyothir Gamaya
Mrithyoma Amritham Gamaya
Ohm Santhi! Santhi! Santhi!'11/n
We need to attain Santhi.

For that let us push ourself to move from Asath to Sath, Thamass to Jyothi and from Mrithyu to Amritham.

It is in our hands and no one else's 12/n
PS: Me wanting to share knowledge is Saathvik . Taking the pains to write long threads day in and day out, responding to notifications promptly is Rajasvik . Being rough with followers who violate my TL Rules, or who, in my opinion, comment rubbish is Thamassik.🤣 n/n

• • •

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21 Feb
There is much to learn from History.

The famous malayalam poet, Kunjunni Mash, had this to say 1/n
"ABCD il undoru thathvam, kalathin thathvam
AD kkullil kidappu BC"

loosely translated it means there is a philosophy of time in ABCD, and that is BC (past) is present in AD (current) 2/n
Hence the need to dwell into history.

According to Partha Bose, author of "Alexander the Great's Art of Strategy", modern executives can learn from Alexander's campaigns in three key areas. 3/n
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This is just my view.

People are free to have a different opinion based on scriptures and they could be right too

I have always been curious and try to find a logical answer for many of our age old practices. 1/n
Why are the deities in our temples face either East or West most of the time (there are exceptions where the Deity faces the North but they are few and far between)? 2/n
For finding the answer one may have to go to an era where there were no electric lights and even possibly no fire.

The deities were normally inside caves or other covered places. 3/n
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A poignant story from the Zen tradition.

"There was an old monk in China who practiced very hard meditation for many years.

He had a good mind, became very quiet, had good meditation, but was not able to relinquish "us," or "I" and "others." 1/n
He never got to that source of complete stillness or peace out of which genuine change can happen

He went to the Zen master and said, 2/n
"May I please have permission to go off and practice in the mountains? I've worked for years as a monk and there's nothing else I want but to understand this: the true nature of myself, of this world." 3/n
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17 Feb
Scenario 1

Suppose I am in a room where my colleagues are conspiring to rob a bank.

For some reasons, I keep quiet, though I am fully aware of the plan.

They go ahead with the plan and get caught. 1/n
The right thing for me to do would have been either to stop them or to intimate the police.

I didnt do both.

Am I guilty then, for being a mute spectator to the conspiracy?

You bet I am. 2/n
Scenario 2

You are a Senior Manager in an Organization with joint responsibility for creating a major policy that could generate revenue for the company. 3/n
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One of the key dharma in Hinduism is to be Truthful always.

There are many interpretations to this.

As a kid we are told that we should tell only truth, and nothing but the truth always. 1/n
As we grow older, there is a doubt as to how we can tell the truth always.

Some truths hurt people. Then is it wise to tell truth? 2/n
My Brother in Laws Mother is 90 now.

Since both her sons were abroad in 1990s, I used to visit her and mama frequently, do odd jobs for them, take them to Hospital, and even stayed with them a lot in Coimbatore 3/n
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10 Feb
I see lot of angst at PM appreciating the contribution of Gulam Nabi Azad who has been a MP, Minister and/or LOP for decades

PM is a person who highlights the positive side of everything

Twitterattis who wake up to find only negative sides wont ever understand him 1/4
We hear only about the shouting/boycotts in Parliament. These happen mostly during Question Hours. Parliament does substantive work in other times

There are many an occasion when bipartisan cooperation happens 2/4
Twitterattis dont have any details of all these

Their prejudisms come to the fore and irresponsible comments are made

Keralas N K Premachandran used to come very well prepared for any debate and was highly respected 3/4
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