Spacedogs AU 🥺

cw/ pseudo-incest

Adam has been in an orphanage for the last 16 years, going on 17 years. Pretty much since birth. He’s hard working and has dreams of going to college and getting a degree, getting a job, and living his life. By this point, hes accepted that
no one is going to adopt him. No one comes to an orphanage to adopt a 16 year old. At least... Adam doesn’t think so.

But then a man, Nigel, starts coming to the orphanage. Adam pays him no mind. Nigel isn’t here to adopt someone of his age anyway. Still, Nigel is kind to him,
like he is to the other children.

Nigel comes by multiple times a week. Apparently, he’s a huge donor to the orphanage. Still, Adam doesn’t pay him much attention. They talk when Nigel visits, but for the most part, Adam focuses on studying. Nigel spends quite a lot of time
with him, but Adam doesn’t let himself get attached. After almost having been adopted so many times before, hes learnt to expect disappointment. And he expects it to continue like that.

Until one day, Nigel asks if he’s interested in having a forever home.

With him.
Of course, Adam can’t say no.

Nigel knows that it won’t be long before Adam will be an adult, and he’ll be out on his own again, and he wants to give him a taste of having a family, at least. Even if it’s just the two of them.

Adam is undeniably cute. He gets attached quickly
as soon as he moves in. They get along well, but Nigel begins to notice that Adam slowly becomes more reserved and on edge.

“Adam? Are you alright?” Nigel asks one morning when Adam comes down the stairs, uncharacteristically quiet. Adam smiles stiffly and nods.

“Yes.” He
assures. “Good morning, Nigel.”
That evening, Nigel is awake late doing some work. He can hear noises coming from Adam’s room— as if he’s having a nightmare.

Nigel opens the door. “Adam?”

Adam is curled under the blanket in a ball, a soft whimper tumbling from his lips.
“Nigel...” he whispers softly, lifting his head from the covers as Nigel comes in and perches on the edge of the bed.

“Are you alright?” Nigel asks, sitting on the bed beside him. Adam immediately turns over, curling his arms around Nigel’s waist, clutching as hard as possible.
“Don’t... don’t leave me.” Adam croaks, and god, it breaks Nigel’s heart.

“Why would I leave you, darling?” Nigel asks, running his hand through soft curls. Adam sniffles as he buries his face in Nigel’s side. He tries to speak, but no words come out.

And Nigel realises that
Adam has been abandoned multiple times before. Once from his birth parents, and likely more than once by people who had adopted him and returned him like he was a faulty item.

Nigel sighs sadly and shuffles down the bed, scooping his boy into his arms.

“Oh, baby...” he
murmurs. “I promised you a forever home.”
Adam clings to Nigel like he’s afraid to let go.

“Where are you going?” Adam asks one day.

“I umm... I have a date, Darlin’.” Nigel says. “I thought I mentioned this.”

“You didn’t.” Adam frowns. “I don’t want you to go.” Adam’s
brow creases, his eyes big and pleading.

“But baby—“

“Please.” Mumbles Adam. “Please... don’t leave me...” and Nigel finds himself unable to deny his sweet boy. So he smiles and kicks off his shoes.

“Shall we spend the evening together, then?” Asks Nigel sweetly. “You can
be my date instead.” Adam lights up and nods. His smile is infectious, and Nigel sits down on the couch, inviting Adam to sit beside him.

Adam curls up beside him, his head on Nigel’s lap as he turns to bury his face in Nigel’s stomach, hand gripping his shirt. Nigel’s hand
gently cards through Adam’s hair, sweetly smiling at his boy.

“You smell nice.” Adam mumbles, much to Nigel’s amusement.

“I do?” Adam nods. “Must be the cologne.”

“You should wear it more often.”

“You tellin’ me I stink?” Nigel chuckles teasingly. Adam lets out a mumble
and then a pleased noise at the feel of Nigel’s hand in his hair.


“Yes, baby?”


“Are you sure?” Asks Nigel. Adam is silent for a moment.

“Love you, Nigel.” Nigel glows inside. It’s the first time Adam has said that too him in the three months since
he was adopted.

“I love you too, baby.” Those words make Adam’s fingers dig harder into Nigel as he holds him close.


“Yes, baby?”

“I don’t want you to have a date.” Nigel smiles, amused.


“I want you for myself.” Adam timidly says.Nigel isn’t surprised.
Adam has spent so long abandoned and unwanted and finally, someone wants him. It’s no wonder Adam has grown so clingy and possessive.

“You’ll still have me?” Adam lets out a displeased grunt. “You want all of me?” Adam nods. “Then you can have all of me, baby.”

“Really.” Adam lifts his head and smiles tenderly. “Come up here.” Adam sits up and Nigel tugs him into his lap, curling his arms around his waist and bringing his forehead to Adam’s. “I promised you a loving, fulfilling home, didn’t I?” Adam nods. “So If want me to have only you
then I’ll have only you.” Adam smiles, reassured as he nods. Leaning in, Adam kisses Nigel’s lips, soft and chaste, his cheeks tinted pink.

“Love you, Nigel.” He says again.

“I love you too, Darlin’.”

//end but I might add more to this//

• • •

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Tw/ death

An AU where Will is a doctor. He has a child under his care, and a very worried father, Lucas. Just short of Christmas Day, Lucas’ son passes away under Will’s care. Will’s heart breaks when he sees Lucas crying, grieving the loss of his son, and it ruins his entire
Christmas season.

Until on the evening of Christmas Day, there’s a knock at his door. He opens the door, and it’s Lucas, holding a roasting dish with a turkey and some vegetables in it.

“I made dinner.” He says. “To thank you for taking care of Marcus.” The smile on his face
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