The Curious Case of Felix Sater -
The Long research thread

The number one question I am repeatedly asked is why did you research Felix Sater so much?

The number two question is are you a Russian troll? 🙄

What a journey it has been since early 2017. ➡️⬆️⬇️🔀↩️⤴️↖️👀
Over the next few days while I’m off, this rolling thread will become the entire written Felix Sater story on Twitter to the best of my knowledge based on hard core research, determination to find truth, and a stubborn open mindedness some of you love and some of you hate.
In no time during these yrs of research have I once assumed Felix was the mobster he’s been made out to be, and frankly everyone should regard each other w/the same level of civility and presumed innocence. Sadly, this isn’t reality. But you should read what I have found. ⬇️
Felix’s family was born in the Soviet Union. Both his father and mother’s father were killed by Soviets. Felix doesn’t speak highly of his brief 6 years there. It’s unlikely he even remembers much, as young as he was at the time. When they left, it was for a better life.
A few months in Israel, then arriving in America by age 7, NYC by age 8. For what would be the majority of his childhood and the rest of his adult life, America is who rewarded him. Bright lights, big city, and the thrills of Wall St in the mid-to-late 80s.
Casting aside college, Felix recognized early on where the money and excitement was to be found and he worked his way up, nice house, clothes, vacays, and the start of his family. He would marry a beautiful woman, and seem to have it all. One night changed everything.
His temper mixed with alcohol resulted in a bar fight; even though the assault victim was willing to drop charges in exchange for pain and suffering compensation, Felix found himself in a tight spot because the police were aware by now of who his father was.
Felix’s story becomes curious even this far back ‘91-92. In ‘19, being interviewed by Isikoff/Corn, Sater hints around at pressure being put on him even then bcuz his father was mob. (Sater would on record be assisting Def Intel Agcy by 1997, his father not until yrs later.)
While officially Sater began cooperating with FBI in Dec 1998 after having already helped DIA+CIA for months to a year by this point from Moscow, it also would mean that even after 1991 bar fight, their knowledge of his father, their pressure on him...
he still did not cooperate for years and went on to participate in a stock fraud scam for almost 3yrs.

So they didn’t watch him after 1991? Or his father?

He was just free to commit add’l (and worse) crimes? 🤷🏻‍♀️

What’s this all about? 🔀↩️⤴️
Acc. to records, he was in prison for bar fight during middle of stock scam. June ‘93 to Sept ‘94.

Stock scam acc. to later indictment (2000) took place 1993-96.

Oddly, only reason FBI could bring charges years later was because Sater explained it all to them.
It’s made clear in Sater’s pre-sentencing letter from late 2009 FBI could not make sense of the docs on offshore accts until he sat with them hundreds of hours explaining their stock scam and how others were doing the same. They certainly weren’t the only ones.
But I’ve gotten ahead of myself. So Sater bar fight, Sater pressure from NY LE, Sater’s dad is Russian mob doing some racketeering mostly, and for the record it seems clear he didn’t want Felix to have the Mafia life. Somewhere btwn 1991, start of stock scam w/3 others,
Felix loses his appeal from orig. bar fight sentencing, enters prison, stock scam continues while Sater’s in prison, Sater gets released, co. moves and renames itself. Coincidentally, they had moved to a Trump-owned bldg: 40 Wall St.
In mid2000s a book was published about the stock scam and these mid90s yrs. It’s stated Sal Lauria, Felix’s then partner (and his partner also later at Bayrock👀), told Sater to shred the very docs later found when storage locker was opened.
So here’s Felix, no stockbroker license because he’s a convicted felon BUT he’s able to leave prison, assumably be on parole for at least a few mos., goes to work at a stock co., then in the book Sal writes they were hearing FBI was planning crack down on Wall St.
Their company is being hit by other naked short sellers by early ‘96 acc. to Scorpion and Frog:High Times and High Crimes book, they realize it’s getting hot, but Felix keeps the docs, doesn’t tell his partners, puts them in storage rental, and goes to Russia.
He’s told, er, asked to go check into an AT&T deal in Russia and somehow can be an AT&T contractor with his bar fight record. He’s supposed to find out what he can but at the same time manages to raise the eyebrows of a DIA asset there by the name of Milton Blane.
Blane died in 2016 so he cannot corroborate this part of the story. Perhaps if other docs are unsealed in the future, it will be confirmed. But for now, I wanted to point this out.

Obviously Sater was no ordinary guy in Moscow.
What needs context here is this was a period of time in Russia where it was described as like the Wild Wild West. Sater enters the country as an American businessman who knows finance, speaks perfect Russian, born smooth-talker, grew up in NYC, street smarts, the whole 9...
Milton sees him getting close to guys they could never get close to, at a period in time where the US undoubtedly needed guys like Sater to obtain intel, and he’s going to the Russian baths and singing songs w/ these guys.
Think of Moscow like Hollywood, or like Silicon Valley, or any close-knit circle of power. He’s getting in close and personal quarters with the Russian elite. Blane tests Sater to go get intel on defense system. Unsealed records prove Sater did.
Let’s back track a couple min. This book makes it apparent Sater had connections and protection in Moscow through his existing relationship with Gennady Klotsman. This guy had already earned his respect in Moscow by being there and fighting alongside them for freedom,
acc. to the book, and had established ties to Yeltsin family.

Fully understand that *before* Sater “forgot” about the rental fees for the locker resulting to it being opened, and Felix even remotely being aware he could be in trouble back home,
he was already helping Blane/DIA obtain intel on this Soviet defense system, built before the SU ended, risking his neck if he got caught, and had established these relationships in Moscow.

He already also knew a guy named Evgeny Shmykov from his life in NY, not Moscow.
Evgeny will become important soon, as will later another Evgeny, but before I get to all of that, I want to make a few things clear before I get too far into this.

- most of this is sourced on my website w/links
- writing this on memory alone because it’s easier
- will help w/ source links when I finish thread—just ask
- try to reserve judgments until you’ve read it all
- history should record the entire truth, and if truth is we disgraced a hero, our country should apologize
Many already recognize Trump deserves one.

Carter Page.

Michael Flynn.

But what about Felix Sater?

Do we owe him one?
Going back briefly to why I spent all of this time trying to sort this all out, at first it was curiosity. Concern for my country. Then it was wait — what? How did this guy get bin Laden’s phone #’s to by late 2019, after so much coming together so quickly, a lot of anger.
Feeling betrayed. Lied to. Sater’s unsealed files and Mueller Report not matching; too many media articles which were lies, spin, and propaganda after careful analysis.
Not only that, one would have to be a total dunce to read this much and not pick up on all of the “Russian American” and “Jewish” descriptors being used by woke journalists. Felix was never Russian, he’s been American since a young boy.
And why are Christians and Catholics not labeled in media articles?
So woke, right?

It’s morphed from curiosity to just anger and defiance. I’m doing this because at least one person should.
I’m also curious why he’s dropped off the media radar so quickly.
You’d think they’d still be concerned about this Russian mobster spy trickster who worked with DIA CIA FBI and SS for 2 decades and sent emails about putting Trump in the White House, beholden to Putin for 4 years, right? 🙄
Anyway, back to Felix’s life story which is so wild no one believes it even when it’s documented in government records and they gave him the code name “Quarterback.” lol

So he’s in Russia, he’s given Blane the info, and later gets the call from the FBI. Agent Taddeo.
Here enters Evgeny Shmykov. The Soviet-Afghan war was over but Shmykov had established a relationship with the leader of the Northern Alliance, Ahmad Shah Massoud. Thru these connections, Sater obtained bin Laden numbers.
There’s a hunt for Stinger missiles in there, too, but gist of it is Sater pulled out this intel so he could come back to the US and negotiate his fate.

Here’s where the facts get more interesting. After late 1998 FBI cooperation,
we know Bayrock comes along by 2000. Sater testified he met Arif at a school Halloween event. They were neighbors. Arif has his own connections I’ll touch on, but notice the media framed this Sater-Trump-Arif connection negatively.
Somewhere in between 1998-2000 Sater traveled through parts of Afghanistan and Central Asia gathering intel but there’s also the documented hundreds of hrs spent w/FBI explaining stock scams including his own, to them during this time period.
It’s amusing but also sad journos continuously portray Arif-Bayrock-Sater relationship in a nefarious light, never calling attention to the fact FBI had to know Sater worked there and whom he worked with. This idea they have an asset w/biz+finance skills ...
who not that long ago had dropped them bin Laden’s number but lost track of where he was working is an absolutely ridiculous one. He was thinking of selling Trump-branded real estate before 9/11 and you can bet the FBI was aware.
By 2001, Sater is employed at Bayrock, his stock scam and files have been sealed by the FBI, he’s introduced himself to Trump, is working w/ Tevfik Arif (I’ll get to him later, promise), FBI has indicted others in stock scam at this point, and then 9/11 happened.
Sater is documented as having turned Mulla Omar into an asset (he didn’t realize this was where his info was indirectly coming from until later) and had bank account info, weapon locations, and lots more. It was a gold mine of intel.
His intel is on the record as likely saving many US soldiers lives. So yeah, all that happened.

Bayrock is still happening.

The media want you to believe the FBI was oblivious to Bayrock for years.
The facts show an altogether different story likely remains to be told.

While Bayrock was selling Trump-licensed real estate deals, where was the money coming from? This remains an open question. Was all the funding legitimate? Not proven or disproven.
But it would need to be assumed FBI ignored or was oblivious to shady Bayrock funding sources when Sater was their asset at the time, which is another unproven and unspoken accusation. Whitey Bulger references when there’s no valid comparison.
Bulger was accused of multiple murders and he definitely didn’t go to the lengths Sater went to in order to help save lives or just gather intel for US IC. Bulger wasn’t a gold mine of intel on Al Qaeda post-9/11. This was also an apparent form of media manipulation.
@DawsonSField @KohanimKnew @justforfun1328 @AWeissmann_ lol @RealJudasGoat @SpicyNoodles2
this is what many of you have waited on. I’m making myself do it in entirety, but it’s going to end up being so long. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Women change their minds often. We are notorious for it. After some thought, I have recognized if I plan to have this thread summarize the entirety of known Felix Sater research in chronological order, sources should be provided throughout. Expecting others to search website
seeking sources for any of this seems silly. So I apologize. I was trying to save myself time and being lazy. I'm not far enough into his story yet to not backtrack and show all of sources touched on so far. I will use sources throughout the remainder of this entire thread.
Sater Mueller transcript detailed his testimony regarding his age leaving the Soviet Union and arriving in the US, which many media articles listed incorrectly as age 8 often. But he was 7.…
/49 Image
Skullduggery podcast interview
Sater reference to grandfathers' deaths in Soviet Union and his dislike for communism, socialism. More is discussed in this podcast which will be referenced later in thread. Only posting this link once. Worth a listen.…
Sater's Wall St employment history -
I will be going into Wall St in more detail later, but am choosing to loop it in once we get to late 2000s in timeline and Patrick Byrne. Byrne's website Deep Capture noted Sater a few times. Another curious thing.…
/51 Image
Direct quote from Skullduggery podcast interview with Isikoff and Corn for those who lack the time to listen to it in full. This link directs you to the website page outlining these earlier years for anyone interested in more detail.…
/52 Image
Link above will also provide anyone interested with copied records of the bar fight assault in 1991. It is unclear how intoxicated Felix actually was and if he was in any way acting in self defense. Judge did not agree.
From podcast interview regarding the DA wanted to put pressure on Sater's dad after arrest from his 1991 bar fight. Per Sater, the guy whose face got slashed did not want to press charges. The DA wanted to make sure charges were pressed.
/54 Image
Stock scam indictment link
White Rock and State Street stock fraud took place between 1993-96…
Sater prison records, NY June'94 to Sept'95…
/55 ImageImageImageImage
Link to where you can read Scorpion Frog book for free. There's a handy search feature, also. Online rental site, free account. I believe I wrote above this book was published '04, but it was '03 (👇+back story by author)……
/56 ImageImageImage
Acc. to the book and indictment which wouldn't come down until 2000, here's where Sal, Felix's partner in the stock scam who later joined him at Bayrock, described to the book's author in his voice what FBI+WallSt were like these yrs, and when their co. collapsed (Aug 1996).
/57 Image
Contrast that w/ Sater's prison + parole dates above and assume he went to Russia by Sept/Oct of 1996. It's unclear to me what the state of his parole was during this time period, or if it is normal he was able to leave for Russia given the 1997 and 1998 dates listed.
/58 Image
Which is why I noted it is curious he was able to, approx. a year following his release from Edgecombe Prison, able to obtain a job as an AT&T contractor to go to Russia to look at a deal involving leasing a fiber cable to then get recruited by the DIA (link below).🤔
/59 Image
My sincerest apologies again for not just starting off with all of these sources. It's now tedious going back through to add them all in, but once we get through this headache, we'll start back where we left off.
"2000." In 2018 interview, Felix said "we formed a company in 2000 to do real estate development."
"We were in Trump Tower."

What did Leslie Caldwell write in her letter to the judge before Sater's sentencing in'09?

The Curious Case of Felix Sater.🧐…
/62 ImageImage
"Dear Judge Glasser" ...

"unique and extraordinary"

"...who pled guilty nearly 11 years ago, to a term of no jail and no probation."

Huh? Does this mean he pled guilty but his term would've been no jail or probation regardless?

I've never understood what this meant.
/63 Image
But you can see she made it clear above, Felix worked "under supervision of various FBI" on wide-ranging areas of investigation so when media continues to insinuate criminal activity at Bayrock, they are making the very FBI they defended thru muh Russia seem dumb.
Is it NOT curious the media now has public records indicating not only was Sater an asset for FBI by late '98, but also by 2000 shortly after grg bin Laden's phone #'s, he had formed Bayrock with plan to license Trump-brand real estate development? And these ...
are the very people who want you to believe Sater was working for the Mogilevich network, as was Trump by this time, yet FBI had to be aware?

Yet they're fine FBI and Mueller team did SC investigation? We can't forget Sater had relationships w/many of Mueller team.
Anyone else confused why the media+left who have insinuated and accused and name-called and said hateful things for years are not up in arms (where's Pelosi?) that Weissmann, Mueller both knew Sater, the guy they have labeled Russian mobster+say "got Trump elected" for Putin?
/67 Image
Buzzfeed News is the source reporting for above screenshot. These details they reported in Spring 2018 were later confirmed when both Sater's 5k1 sentencing letter, Caldwell's letter, and Sater transcript were made public over a year later.…
/68 ImageImageImageImage
I haven't documented all of the sources I could have to catch us up to '98-'01 period, but these should be sufficient enough to show any sources I do miss along the way, I will find for you and provide. I am in no way, shape, or form, trying to pass along bad info.
What I have consistently encountered over the last 18 mos. is a resistance to this information because of so much media manipulation. It will be up to you as the reader to judge for yourself if you deem prior media reporting more credible than unsealed USG docs.
A great source to understand the context of the time period in which Sater supplied bin Laden's # can be found here which goes into detail re: Operation Infinite Reach, made possible by Felix Sater's intel and even before he cooperated.…
/71 ImageImageImageImage
These are a few chosen screen shots of information. Specifically, Sater provided the information on where the missiles should be targeted when former President Bill Clinton activated Operation Infinite Reach which included targeted strikes in Khost, Afghanistan.
/72 ImageImageImageImage
In Slate Mar'18, they wrote about it this way. 👇 But it directly shows Sater provided this info before even signed the cooperation agreement w/ FBI in Dec 1998. He provided this info for a strike in Aug 1998, good intel obviously, and no agmt in hand.…
/73 Image
The media would love for you to continue to believe the guy who was providing this level of intel in the war on terror leading up to 9/11 and after started working at a company called Bayrock before 9/11 and that the FBI didn't know or didn't care.…
/74 Image
Evgeny Shymkov, former Russian intelligence officer, is who helped connect Sater to the Northern Alliance leader, Ahmad Shah Massoud, who provided bin Laden #'s.(He is also the same Shymkov who would later be involved in Trump Tower Moscow w/Sater.)…
/75 ImageImageImage
So Sater provides this intel (before he even signs a cooperation agmt w/ FBI), &helped the DIA before he even knows he is in trouble, and was getting highly valuable intel during a period of time when the war on terror was a huge deal,
and after March 2000 when everyone involved with the prior stock scam was indicted, what was Felix going to do? Where would he be the most useful to FBI? He had proven money laundering skills known from stock scam, & loopholes in real estate laws. He partners w/ Tevfik Arif.
Think it thru. Where is a guy like this going to be placed? If you think about it, the media has been trying to tell you that around 2002-2004 when the war on terror was arguably at a peak, they just were fine with having Felix Sater sell Trump-branded real estate?
Of course not. We know that while he was working Bayrock real estate deals selling the Trump brand that by 2004, he's helping FBI with investigating money laundering networks. It's unclear if both networks started in 2004.
/79 Image
Every American should view Bayrock through the lens at least 2FBI cooperators, both Felix Sater and Sal Lauria, were employed there. Recall Sal from the Scorpion Frog book was one of Sater's partners in the stock scam. He followed Sater to Bayrock. The FBI wasn't oblivious.
They should also realize that in this time period (9/11 hasn't yet happened and Bayrock is already in business) the FBI would have Felix enter back into the world where they need him: organized crime. Though it wasn't as well-known then as it is established now,
there's a clear nexus already building by this point in time where org crime and terrorists are finding common ground. While Sater has been linked to Mogilevich (which I will address later), Mogilevich is already a prime focus of FBI by then-FBI Dir. Louis Freeh.
After all, by Feb 2000 the NYT told the world the Mogilevich network was one motivation behind setting up post in Budapest. While Mogilevich is often described as Russian, he was reportedly born in Ukraine.…
/83 ImageImage
So when Bayrock is reported in the media (2015-2019) years following Sater leaving the company (2008) and finally facing sentencing (late 2009), in no way do they ever connect for the readers FBI never pressed charges against Bayrock ...
nor is there proof FBI ever investigated them during these yrs. Mueller FBI Dir. during major yrs Bayrock selling Trump-licensed RE ('02-'07) w/an asset having clear connects to org crime. In Sater deposition, he called Arif "the boss of all bosses."…
/85 Image
Sater is mentioned in the Senate Report Vol. 5 -479 times. This is one of those times detailing who Tevfik Arif is:
- "connections to Russia and Turkey"
- "information ... suggests he was involved in Russian organized crime, money laundering, and human trafficking ..."
/86 Image
So was it just a coincidence Sater met Arif w/ these org crime ties "dating back to at least 2000" around 2000, and Bayrock began only about a year following signing his FBI cooperation agmt? 🤔…
/87 ImageImage
By '02, he's provided intel on Powell assassination plot. By '03 or '04, Sater was trying to find a RE deal in Moscow. By 04, he's helping FBI w/ money laundering ntwk investigations. During this time period, he also provided intel planned assassinations Bush or Cheney.
/88 ImageImage
In 2005, Sater is trying to work a RE deal in Moscow, still helping FBI w/ money laundering investigations, and going undercover in Cyprus w/his handler, Leo Taddeo, to infiltrate cybercriminal ring. He was posing as a money launderer, false identity.…
/89 ImageImage
At same time of trying to work a deal in Moscow in 2005, going undercover for FBI in Cyprus, Felix was also an advisor for Rixos and Sembol Construction in Kazakhstan, where Tevfik Arif did a lot of business. This introduces a man by the name of Fettah Tamince to this story.
/90 ImageImage
Here's where I'm going to need to jump around a bit to supply some background context.

Fettah Tamince, Chairman and CEO of Rixos Hotels and Sembol Insaat, is later tied to Arif (and therefore Sater) through Football Leaks. (More on this soon.)
(Quick side note: Later, it will become important to understand there's more than one Bayrock.

Bayrock Group, LLC
Bayrock Group, Inc.

This caused a few media retractions over last few years.…)
/92 ImageImage
Felix Sater's LinkedIn profile (one of several) showing this work for Rixos and Sembol began in 2005 and lasted 5 years even past his FBI sentencing in late 2009.(In 2010, coincidentally or not when Arif is arrested, Sater turns back up on Trump Org, but we're not there yet.)
/93 Image
So what did the later Football Papers leak tell the world about the connections between Tevfik Arif, Sater's partner in Bayrock, and Fettah Tamince, the Chairman of Rixos Sater was an advisor for 5 years? Some, but it's unclear what is accurate/inaccurate. Keep this in mind.
Doyen Sports - Arifs, prostitution…
/95 ImageImage
It's unclear what Felix Sater did in his "advisor" role but we do know he's a skilled money launderer and by 2005, already posing as one for the FBI to infiltrate the previously mentioned cybercriminal ring. While also working for/with Arif +Tammince.…
/96 ImageImageImageImage
(cont.) This also ties in Boris Berezovsky, who died or maybe even was murdered by 2013, only several years later. His other name was Platon Elenin and is shown in these leaked docs below (also shown in that Football Papers link above).
/97 ImageImageImage
Fettah Tamince was a Gulen supporter up until 2013, so during the 2000s while Sater was acting as an advisor for Rixos and Sembol, Tevfik and Tamince had this hidden relationship, he did support Gulen. (Recall Gulen comes into play later w/ Michael Flynn.)
/98 ImageImage
While all of that was going on in 2005, by 2006 we have the infamous trip where Sater arranged for Ivanka to take a spin in Putin's chair. The left had a freaking fit over this fact. It was arranged through connects Arif had, acc. to Sater testimony.

Again, if Sater was an asset for US IC and working with people allegedly linked to org crime and free to travel around world and being asked to watch over Trump kids in Moscow, the left acting as if FBI was oblivious to all of this is nonsense. He was likely debriefed often.
Tamince Rixos hotel was used in 2017 for Syria talks, as reported on this site.

I have not found a secondary source yet for this info, so keep this in mind.…
/101 ImageImage
I haven’t dug enough into geopolitics of this to understand Gulen movement during 2005-10, Turkey role in fighting terrorism, basically everything which would factor in here. Or 2017 mtg at Rixos hotel.

Also: 👇🏼
Everyone trying to understand the Felix Sater story needs to also come to terms with Org crime + war on terror growing nexus during Bush admin vs Obama admin Russia Reset with Sec State Clinton by 2009.

Big changes there.
You also have to realize complete FBI refocus happened after 9/11. Under Dir. Freeh when Sater is giving bin Laden #’s, Freeh focus is Russian Org crime.

After 9/11, Dir. Mueller, refocus is terrorism and org crime. Many FBI agents were reassigned.
When Sater left Bayrock in 2008, he still kept a Bayrock co. he could use internationally. He’s still through 2008 “critical” to 2 int’l money laundering investigations orig. from Russia (per records not unsealed until 2019).
And another big shift may have happened during the Russia Reset. We know RUS spies caught 2010 were laughed over by now President Biden on TV; he even took note of how hot one of the spies was. Comparing it to “Russia collusion” media hysteria, it was a total🤡 show.
That little show took place months following Sater finally being sentenced in late 2009, and months into the Russia Reset.

But we of course now know he continued to cooperate as an asset for the US IC for another~10yrs
No explanation at all has been provided on this bizarre Yahoo reporting from Sept 2019. Not long after was Ukr impeachment and then covid. I’m still not sure what to make of it.…
/107 ImageImage
When reading Sater’s story if you lose this context, this back n forth of how an asset with his bkgrd and connections might be used and changed every 4-8 yrs despite which party was in office, it might affect your perspective. I’d keep it in mind.
An example would be to read this part of the Yahoo reporting from a month after Sater’s files were unsealed and question if he was ever out at risk much earlier, along with others. It also prompts many other ?s but I’ll leave it at that.
/109 ImageImage
Many people act like CIs or assets or whatever you call them — criminal records or just Americans abroad acting as sources — are disposable or don’t matter. But some in history died and we don’t remember their names, so I disagree. How do you counter anything without intel?
Before moving on, a couple things I missed:

- Sater’s father’s court records show mid 2000 cooperation which would be almost 2yrs after Sater intel was used for Operation Infinite Reach…
/111 Image

• • •

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Why about a lot of things.
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Watch a movie. Eat something you shouldn’t. Drink if it helps numb the pain, but don’t be stupid. Don’t do anything to further hurt this country or divide this country. Who knows if what took place at the Capital changed everything for Trump. It feels like that, anyway.
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19 Jan
Luke is happy to report this from Comey with no evidence just like he’s happy to ignore the facts/timeline of Felix Sater detailed in 5K1 letter because he can continue this Russia charade, ruin more lives and make more MONEY. That’s all it is about for him.

F*** You Both.
If Luke even wants a critical thinking person like myself to buy anything he’s selling, he must first(at very least)attempt to explain how Sater was helping USG w/money laundering ntwks during Bayrock yrs w/ Trump, yet never targeting Trump. Ever. Govt who spends $$$$ on nat sec.
Because don’t forget — Harding has never pushed that Russia only compromised Trump in 2013. He’s pushed, using circumstantial facts and magic to paint narrative he knew would sell, that Trump has been a Putin asset for DECADES.
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